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Top 20 Baking Tips For Beginners

1 Cake MixIf you are a complete beginner with no experience in baking, then use store bought Cake mix. When you get used to the packaged stuff, try baking with proper ingredients. Make sure...

Top 20 Food Items that Will Help In Increasing Brain Power

1 AvocadoStart every day with a blend of great protein and gainful fats to assemble the establishment for an empowered day. Avocado with fried eggs gives both, and the monounsaturated fat enables blood to...
20 Foods And Drinks That Will Clean Your Arteries Naturally

20 Foods And Drinks That Will Clean Your Arteries Naturally

1 SalmonSalmon is a type of fish found in Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. It has a list of benefit factors which is why doctors always suggest their patients to eat Salmon to lead...
20 Best Foods To Boost Your Memory

20 Best Foods To Boost Your Memory

1  FishFishes like Sardine, Herring, Alaskan Salmon, and Mackerel contain Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for improving the health of our body. It also helps in keeping our skin fit and boosting...
20 Foods that Burn Fat

20 Foods that Burn Fat

Heart-broken to acknowledge that the dress you once flaunted is now stacked somewhere in your wardrobe because your figure doesn’t permit you to wear it? Here is a list of 20 food items that...
20 Natural Foods to Prevent Heart Diseases

20 Natural Foods to Prevent Heart Diseases

1 Basil LeavesBasi is one of the herbs which is healthy for the heart as it is capable of lowering the cholesterol levels in the body.It prevents any cardiac weakness or strokes and is...

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