20 Ingredients With Medicinal Properties


As humans, we tend to fall ill, but is it ok to visit the hospital even on the tiniest sneeze? We’re not advocating avoiding going to the doctor, but on the other side, maintaining balance. It reminds me of a famous quote by Maimonides, “No disease that can be treated by diet, it should be treated with any other means.” We can use many ingredients in our environment daily and for illness to benefit from their numerous medicinal properties. How? Let’s sneak in! No pills, chill!

1. Turmeric

It deserves to be 1st on the list! We all have witnessed our mothers and grannies running behind us with a glass of Haldi Doodh. Be it cough and cold or day-long tiredness; turmeric vanishes it. Even when the skin is bleeding, sprinkle turmeric to stop the blood.

2. Asafetida

Commonly, it is known as Hing. Widely available in households, the one with a strong smell, remember? Generally used for giving Tadka or Choka but very helpful in digestion issues. If your stomach is upset, heat asafoetida and pour it into the navel. Believe me, it works! Not limited to digestion problems, it can aid in kidney stones, asthma, and such diseases

3. Cabbage

Woohoo, chilly season and fresh cabbage, what could be more fantastic? Delicious cabbage dishes such as Sweet Pakoras and Parathas savor taste buds. Their medicinal benefits uplift the intestine, so no pills, chill. The risk of breast cancer is also said to be reduced by cabbage.

4. Garlic

Another famous ingredient that we include in our daily food. Garlic is tasty and infused with medicinal properties. Consuming garlic can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. This garlic indirectly reduces the danger of a heart attack. Dear readers, it deals with hair fall too.

5. Ginger

Did you know Adrak Ki Chai and tension are old rivals? Jokes apart! Yes, ginger is the secret to curing silent illnesses, including flu, nausea, and vomiting. These days, ginger is available in many different forms, including dried, powdered, and even chewable toffee. Ginger is nothing less than a wizard when it comes to mending body systems and ties.

6. Cacao

You must have consumed cocoa in some form. Cacao is the raw form of cocoa. Processing cacao into cocoa leads to losing a few of its qualities. Therefore, finding a raw one is preferable. It helps to improve brain-to-heart blood circulation and reduces blood pressure too. It surely deserves to stand under the top ten on the list.

7. Berries

Stressful days? Try Berries! Well, it can’t help with all kinds of tension but aptly deals with oxidative stress like memory loss, wrinkles, fatigue, joint pain, etc. Smartly mix in smoothie and oatmeal to have the advantage of vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber, etc. When you have berries nearby, don’t take any pills; instead, chill.

8. Green Tea

Green Tea is rapidly gaining fame due to its hidden health treasure. People consume majorly to make their bodies look fit. But it has several other benefits too. Drinking Green Tea sharpens mind alertness, smooths the digestive system, and cures headaches and cancer. These are a few of many. The list is long.

9. Olive Oil

Agreed that olive oil is expensive comparatively but worth the penny. A tablespoon of olive oil enriches the food and ourselves too. It fights against stroke, migraine, constipation, cholesterol, gallbladder, etc. In some countries, residents drink olive oil daily juice.

10. Cloves

Tooth Problem? Long (clove) is here for a strong and long-life tooth. You must have noticed even toothpaste is available in clove flavor. With oral health, it also takes care of blood sugar, liver, and cancer issues. Cloves can also chop down bacteria which reduces the risk of food poisoning.

11. Honey

I clearly remember my childhood days. Mom mixed honey with some ingredients to cure the cough. Yes, it’s an old method, however effective. Honey traditionally works for vision problems, stress, vomiting, hangovers, and obesity. Many branded products use honey in the product-making process.

12. Seaweed

Seaweed or Sea Vegetables is an ancient Chinese herb. You can use seaweed in salads, soups, juices, and garnishing. Traditionally, sea vegetables were cures for diseases such as cancer, wounds, rashes, diabetes, burns, etc. Henceforth, they provide a wealth of minerals, amino acids, and vitamins.

13. Flaxseed

Flaxseed is also known as Alsi, often used as Mukhwas. Who knew timepass munching would direct you to a healthy destination? A spoonful of flaxseeds is a remedy for cholesterol, arthritis, neurological diseases, etc. Though don’t overdose, it leads to gas. A little secret, it helps growing kids to grow tall.

14. Mushroom

Mushrooms and their medicinal properties are simply endless. A study reveals that it has more than 100 features. Mushrooms are available in different varieties across the globe. Similarly, their characteristics also differ. It hydrates skin, and drugs to diabetic patients, viral infection, cancer, and parasitic diseases.

15. Ginseng

Chinese plant Ginseng is a popular drink that boosts the immune system. Indian Ginseng is called Ashwagandha. Ginseng treats erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and mental alertness, releases stress, wall to cancer, and blood sugar. It is primarily used as a powder in baking, cooking rice, and stir fry foods.

16. Fenugreek

While it may taste sour to the mouth, it will be delicious to the body, a domestic cure targeted at women and girls. It addresses menstrual cramps. Additionally, it may be possible to fix the breastfeeding problem brought on by insufficient milk. Other than that, Fenugreek is helpful for libido, sugar levels, and cholesterol patients.

17. Fennel

Most households and restaurants provide Saunf or Badi Saunf after meals. There is a scientific justification for this. Fennel prevents heartburn, bloating, and gas when we consume too much hot food. It appears on the seventeenth number in the list. Infants who are suffering from Colic can have this too.

18. Broccoli

Broccoli originated from the eastern Mediterranean part and slowly started attracting attention overseas. It unquestionably contains vitamins, iron, calcium, and riboflavin. Other than that, it also treats weight loss, inflammation, weak bones, and digestion. Good for cancer, diabetes, liver, and heart issues too.

19. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is famously known as Dalchini in Indian spice boxes. The ingredient with an intense aroma and slightly sweet cum spicy taste. Widely used in Chai Masala, Garam Masala, Dal, Coffee, Chocolate, and whatnot. It has a punch of antioxidants and aids in healing cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, lipid-lowering, and other concerns from the infinite era.

20. Avocado

You can find Avocado fruit throughout the year. Over buttery and nutty taste is its identity. These foods are rich in magnesium, niacin, potassium, and vitamins. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels, head up periods flow, and augment sexual desire. For the treatment of osteoarthritis, even avocado oil is worth using. Do you not believe that remedies are all around us now that you have read this article? Yes, all we need to do is have faith.