Top 20 Foods For Good Joint Health

Top 20 Foods For Good Joint Health

Are your joints making noise too? Well, mine are not. Joint health is something that we have neglected for a long time in our life. We don’t bother to give them attention until they cause pain and start making noise. If you are one of those, let me tell you taking care of joints has become easy now. You can give your joints a warm oil massage. They will last long in healthy condition for many more years. With that, you can start eating a few foods to support joint health. Today, we will discuss the same. We will discuss the top 20 foods for good joint health.

1.Cod Liver Oil

Do you remember that biology class in the sixth standard? Our teacher taught us about cod. They taught us the benefits of cod liver oil. It is good to keep the spine healthy. The spine is one of the longest chain bones of our body. There are many joints attached.


2.Olive Oil

Another oil we have on the list is olive oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties. With that, it is rich in omega 3. Both properties are excellent for maintaining good joint health. You can replace the other oils you use for cooking with olive oil. Do give it a try and let us know.



Seeds like Chia, flax, or pumpkin are rich sources of omega 3. You can increase the intake of all three. They will help you maintain good joint health. Furthermore, they will contribute to protein supplementation in the body.

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We all know how rich peanuts are in protein. Also, they are rich in omega-3 and Glucose. Usually, people do consume peanuts here and there. You can eat spiced peanuts for more flavors. You can even eat protein bars for the same.

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Beans are something we have every alternate day. Honestly, one should have beans. It will be better if they can make bean salad and eat it. This salad will have more nutrients and minerals. It is a package to support overall health.

Top view of three bowls containing different types of beans


Indians love their lentils. There are different ways of many lentils in India. Precisely, each one is unique and makes the food more nutritious. Coming back to joint health, Lentils have protein and Omega 3. Some even provide calcium to the body.


7.Root Veggies

Don’t worry! We have a separate section for nonveg foods in the article. All the veggies are good for your health. Root veggies are high in fiber. They contain Fiber and anti-inflammatory properties. They will help you get good joint health.

Asparagus racemosus or medicinal Shatavari of Indian subcontinent

8.Whole Grains

Have you seen the diet of Punjabi people? I don’t want to be racist with regard to the diets of people. However, they have an excellent diet. They eat lots of different types of bread. These breads have whole grains in them. They are capable of reducing joint pains and inflammation. Plus, it will make your joints stronger too.


9.Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is the answer to many problems in life. It will help you deal with conditions like anxiety to joint pain. Cocoa has anti-oxidant properties. With that, it has ingredients to boost energy. Hence, one shall consume a little bit of chocolate every day.



Last, in the veg section, we have fruits. Many fruits deal with different conditions related to joint pain. Specialists know them to reduce inflammation and joint pains. You can eat pineapple. A pineapple will reduce joint pains too.


11.Canned Salmon

Now, we can stand with a few non-veg foods. We know salmon is rich in protein and omega-3. With that, it even has Calcium and Vitamin D. All these nutrients will help keep your joints and bones healthy. Do have a salmon every alternate day.

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Not many will agree with this fact. However, chicken helps in reducing joint pains. Plus, it is a great way to boost the protein and calcium intake. You can have chicken at least thrice a week. Make sure to cook it in olive oil to have more benefits.

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From childhood, people told us how great walnut is for our brain. Furthermore, it has many benefits for joint health too. They are rich in omega 3. Hence, you can use it to replace other unhealthy snacks. Just keep a limit on the consumption of walnut since it has a high amount of calorie.



Turmeric is the healthiest spice one can have. It deals with many health conditions and diseases. It has a few chemicals that soothe knee pain. This fact is scientifically proven. Hence, increase the amount of turmeric milk you take every day.



We have the superfood now. Kale is a superfood. It has Vitamin C, Beta carotene, and calcium. All three nutrients help in keeping bones healthy. Kale has them in high amounts. Furthermore, you can start including kale in your daily diet.



We know that egg is rich in proteins and calcium. Furthermore, it is an excellent option for hair, controlling bp, and reducing muscle pain. Doctors suggest eating one boiled egg every day. That helps to deal with many other health conditions.



Many fitness enthusiasts eat oatmeal every day. Oatmeal is a stomach-filling meal everyone can have at the start of the day. They reduce inflammation. Furthermore, you can start a few exercises to make the joints stronger. It is an excellent food item to include in your diet.


18.Red Peppers

We have discussed before how red peppers provide us with Vitamin C. It is a building block to keep bones healthy. You can have stuffed red peppers. Moreover, you can include red peppers in many other dishes to fulfill the vitamin C requirements of the body.

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Just like salmon, sardines are rich in omega-3. They come under the fatty fish category of the fish. One should increase their intake of fatty fish if they have arthritis. Furthermore, there are many dishes you can make out of it.

Sale at the port fish market of freshly caught mackerel . Wide photo.


The last nonveg food on the list is Mackerels. Mackerels come under fatty fish too. They are available around the world. You can make many dishes using Mackerels. There are traditions that use mackerels to make pickles too.

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