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20 Best Breakfast Ideas for your Guests

Guests can visit your home without giving notice. I know it is a tense situation when uninvited guests visit your home. The main problem arises when you have to prepare a quick breakfast to...

Top 20 Dishes in Pushkar

Pushkar, a beautiful town in the North-East Rajasthan has a heritage of its own. A town whose name means “The Blue Lotus” attracts an immense number of people throughout out the year due to...


1Hyderabadi Biryani: Pride of Andhra PradeshBiryani is a multi-linguistic dish which can savor the taste bud of every kind. It is like a split-personality of a rice dish existing in multiple forms, each having...
Dishes From North Indian

Top 20 Dishes From North Indian That Definitely Leave You Salivating

1Kashmiri Rogan Josh‘Rogan Josh’ is a predominant Kashmiri cuisine, is also one among the unusual delicacies of the Kashmiri multi-course meal. This dish which was originally brought to Kashmir by the Mughals later had...

Top 20 Ways To Make Simple Breakfast Recipes

1Oats IdliIngredients: 1/2 cup, quick cooking rolled oats flour 1/2 cup, rawa 1/2 cup, fresh dahi ½ tsp mustard seeds 2 tsp ghee 1 tsp jeera ½ tsp hing 1/2 tsp grated ginger 2...
Simple And Easy Dishes For Bachelors

Simple And Easy Dishes For Bachelors

Gone are the days when cooking is confined to the parameters of womanhood. With the growth of migration, a bachelor living in the hustle of a new city cannot survive if he prefers his...
top 20 breakfast ideas for indian food junkie

Top 22 Breakfast Ideas For The Indian Food Junkie.

How many times have you heard the quote: “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like pauper”? How many (or in the case of most us, few) times have you followed...

Top 20 Lip-smacking Street Food Items For Vegans

1Litti chokha (Bihar)The mouthwatering oomph of Litti Chokha of Bihar,  which is savored by all, needs no introduction.This relishing delicacy consists of  balls of wheat flour and ghee baked on coal stoves, served with...
Top 20 Easy To Make Breakfast Dishes

Top 20 Easy To Make Breakfast Dishes

1 Vegetable SandwichSandwiches are the easiest thing anyone can make without disturbing the rush in their life. They do not require much time and knowledge about cooking. Further, they are healthier and delicious in...
20 Easy Dishes To Make In Hostel

20 Easy Dishes To Make In Hostel

Cooking on your own when you are in a hostel gives a one a great excuse to escape from the bland mess food which always somehow has rotis that are like leather, watery dal...

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