Top 20 Famous Street Food Of Udaipur

Top 20 Famous Street Food Of Udaipur

Be it Delhi or Udaipur; we don’t want to miss the mouthwatering street food wherever we go. From Dal Baati Churma to Bread Pakoras Udaipur has a lot for you. If you are visiting Udaipur and you are a foodie, then here are the top 20 famous street food of Udaipur that you must not miss.

1.Dal Baati Churma

Visited Udaipur and didn’t have Dal Baati Churma? Not happening. Dal Baati Churma is the most authentic and famous traditional and street food of the entire Rajasthan. Hence it is a must-have. You can have the delicious dish at Manoj Prakash Centre near Lake Palace Road, Gulab Bagh.


2.Dal Poori

Dal Poori is another famous food you can have at any local place in Udaipur. However, the Dal Poori at Manoj Prakash Centre is renowned. The mouthwatering Dal is prepared with the tadka of garlic, fried chilies, and authentic spices giving it a delicious taste and aroma. The Dal is then served with freshly fried poori garnished with fresh onions and coriander.


3.Gatte Ki Sabzi

Gatte Ki Sabzi is another delicious traditional food of Rajasthan. Gatte ki Sabzi is an authentic Besan (Gram flour) recipe. It is then served with Paratha or Roti. You can have it at any restaurant in Udaipur.



It doesn’t matter whether you have a sweet tooth or not. This delicious famous dessert is a must-have in Udaipur. It is a disc-shaped sweet prepared with all-purpose flour, soaked in sugar syrup, and then garnished with dry fruits. It has different varieties, including Malai Ghewar and Mawa Ghewar.



Poha is one of the most famous snacks in all cities of Rajasthan, including Udaipur. You can have delicious Poha at Jain Nashta Centre, famous for its mouthwatering poha served with bhajia. The Poha is made with fresh vegetables and garnished with coriander.



Along with Rajasthani food, you’ll also get a variety of Mumbai cuisine. Dabeli is one of Mumbai’s delicious street food. Dabeli is a steamed Pav filled with fried vegetables and spices. It is then served with Tamarind chutney or coriander chutney. Dabeli is known to be Udaipur’s most delicious and famous street food. You can enjoy this tasty snack at Shankar Ji’s stall, Panchwati.



Samosa is a famous street food in Udaipur. You can have it at any local eatery at a meager price, and the taste you get could be more appealing. The triangle-shaped snack is stuffed with mashed potatoes and spices and then deep-fried. It is then served with imli chutney and green coriander chutney.



Mirchi Vada is another famous street food of Udaipur. If you want to have the best Mirchi Vada, then you must visit Manak Balaji. Mirchi Vada is a giant green chili stuffed with mashed potatoes and spices, dipped in gram flour paste, and deep fried. If you are a foodie traveling to Udaipur, you must not miss Manak Balaji’s mirchi vadas.


9.Kulhad Coffee

Talking about the street food of Udaipur and didn’t try kulhad Coffee? Not a chance! Freshly brewed hot Coffee in a kulhad, along with chocolate sauce and garnished with coffee powder, is one of the best beverages you need to try. Vinod Fast Food and Krishna Ice Cream Parlour are two famous places to have the best Kulhad Coffee.


10.Boiled Egg Bhurji

The Egg Curry Stand, near Chetak Stand, serves the best Boiled Egg Bhurji you’ll have. You must try it once if you are a resident of Udaipur or visiting the city for a trip. Scrambled eggs, freshly fried veggies, and the flavor of authentic spices make it more delicious.


11.Bread Pakora

Just imagine it’s raining in Udaipur, and then you smell the aroma of something delicious being deep-fried. Sounds delicious, right? That’s what Bread Pakora’s at Fatehsagar is all about. Slices of bread stuffed with mashed potatoes, spices, and onions, deep fried, and served with fried chilies and chutney is all you need to have at Fatehsagar. These mouthwatering slices of deep-fried bread in Besan mixture will remind you what heaven feels like.



We all have to agree, be it breakfast or lunch, kachoris are our all-time favorite snack. Kachori’s not only famous street food of Udaipur but all over Rajasthan. If you want the best one, Jain Nashta Center is your destination. The Kachori are served hot with chutney or curd and are made with authentic spices and deep-fried. Various Kachori are served, including Dal Kachori and Pyaaz Kachori.


13.Vada Pav

Another dish from Mumbai is Vada Pav, a famous street food in Udaipur. Vada Pav is a crispy Aloo Patty inside a Pav stuffed with mouthwatering Garlic and Chilli chutney that will blow your mind. The Vada Pav is served with spicy coriander chutney you would not want to miss.


14.Pav Bhaji

We bet everyone would have tasted Pav Bhaji once. If you visit Udaipur, you must try Pandit Pav Bhaji near the town hall once. The delicious buttery Pav Bhaji will melt your heart for sure. Prepared with mashed boiled vegetables, it is then mixed with spices and a curry-like thick mixture known as bhaji. It is then served with the Pav and butter.



Imagine a hot summer day in Udaipur during your trip, and you need something relaxed and chilled. Then you need to try the mouthwatering Falooda. Prepared with vermicelli, flavored syrups, ice cream, and sabja seeds, this dessert is a total treat to your tastebuds. We bet you’ll not be satisfied with just having it once. You can get one of the best Falooda desserts at Sindhi Falooda. Make sure you head to the shop before 9 pm to grab it before it is sold out.


16.Paani Puri

Who doesn’t love Pani Puri? Paani Puri is not only the favorite street food of us Indians but also quite famous among foreigners. The list of Udaipur’s street food is always incomplete without Pani Puri. Sanwariya Chat Bhandaar, located near Ashok Nagar Main Road, serves the best Pani Puri of Udaipur that you need to try. The puris are filled with mashed potatoes, tamarind and coriander water, and the delicious imli chutney.



Jalebi has to be the best street food in Udaipur. Udaipur might be famous for its spicy and tangy street food, but you have missed a lot if you haven’t tasted the Jalebi from Bhole Mishthan Bhandar. Dipped in sugar and cardamom and deep fried in desi ghee, these Jalebi’s would leave you stunned. It doesn’t matters if you have a sweet tooth or not. You need to try this tasty dessert at least once.


18.Hari Mirch Chai Shot

After the Kulhad Coffee, here comes the most demanded beverage of Udaipur. Hari Mirch Chai shot is something very different that is served at Cafeteria. It is pretty famous among the visitors. Along with Hari Mirch Chai shot, Cafeteria serves 16 kinds of Chai. Amazing right? If you are a fan of tea, then you need to visit this place once.


19.Maggie And Sandwich

You can’t have a whole thali or main course every time during lunch or breakfast, especially during the summer days when your appetite demands something light. At that time, Maggie or Sandwiches can be your best options. Moreover, we Indians have a softer side for Maggie and can have it anytime and any day. You can the delicious and best plates of Maggi and Sandwiches at Bajrang Bali Sandwich, Panchwati Road. You not only get just Maggie or Sandwich here but a lot and lot of cheese stuffed inside your Sandwich and Maggie garnished with it.



Momos are just not any street food. Momos can also be called the king of street food, and Delhites would agree. No matter wherever we go, we can smell the aroma of the Momos. You can have them at any corner of the city. However, Fatehsagar serves one of the lip-smacking plates of Momos. You can have a variety of Momos here, be it vegetarian, fried, steamed, non-vegetarian, or gravy momos.