Top 20 Must-Have Street Food Of Vadodara

Top 20 Must-Have Street Food Of Vadodara

Gujarat is one of the cities with one of the most famous cultures in India. Be it Navratri or Rann Utsav, the dandiya shouldn’t stop. Along with the dandiya, the food of Gujarat is what you’ll crave. Want to know the best Street food in Vadodara? Don’t worry; we have a list of the Top 20 Street foods of Vadodara that you need to have during your visit to the city.


Not only Indians but even foreigners are familiar with this famous food of Gujarat. The delicious Jalebi-Fafda is the first thing you must have when in Vadodara. Sugar syrup dripping from the hot fried Jalebis would leave you licking your fingers. Enjoy the delicious Fafdas made with gram flour into long strips and served with chutney. Jalebi-Fafda is a deadly combination you must have in the streets of Vadodara.



Next is Khichu, another most famous Street food in Vadodara. Khichu is a dough with rice flour and other spices mixed to make papads. But because of its mouthwatering taste, it is also eaten as a side snack with tea. You can have this delicious Street food in Nav Bazaar.


3.Sev Usal

Sev Usal is one of the most delicious Street foods in Vadodara. Sev is a nankeen type prepared with gram flour and salt. Usal is a gravy curry prepared with green peas and other vegetables. Along with being a street food, it is also a healthy food because of the proteins in Usal. You can get a variety of Sev Usal in the streets of Vadodara and enjoy the lip-smacking dish.



Farsan refers to various snacks, including namkeens, sev, gathiya, etc. You can have these tasty and crunchy fried snacks on any local street in Vadodara.



A perfect combination of sweet and tangy tastes, Dhokla has to be the perfect snack in Vadodara. The best place to have Dhokla is the city’s local streets, as they’re prepared with the local spices and recipes, which gives the Dhokla an authentic taste and would leave you craving more for it.



Dabeli is the favourite street in the whole city. This mouthwatering dish is prepared with mashed potatoes mixed with various spices and then put into a wheat bun. It is then filled with other ingredients, such as Sev, and served with chutney. You can enjoy this delicious snack along with a cup of hot tea.


7.Vada Pav

Being the famous Street food of the city of dreams, Mumbai, Vada Pav is no less famous in Vadodara. It perfectly combines spices and potatoes, dipped in gram flour and then fried. The fried potatoes are then put into the Pav and served sizzling hot, along with green chillies. You would not want to miss the tasty Vada pav served in the streets of the city.


8.Pav Bhaji

Are you craving something hot, sizzling and spicy? Pav Bhaji is the perfect dish for you, then. The delicious bhaji is made with boiled and mashed vegetables and authentic spices. It is then served with Pav and butter on it.



Poha is one of the most loved breakfasts in the whole country. Be it Mumbai or Vadodara, everyone loves Poha. You can find the tasty poha in the streets of Vadodara served with Sev and a hot cup of tea.



Kachori is another delicious snack made with flour into balls and then fried into crunchy ones. It is then served with various chutneys such as tamarind chutney and garlic chutney, and in some places, it is even eaten with a spicy potato curry.

indori kachori

11.Egg Omelette

Omelette is another food item you’ll get to see on every other corner of the city’s streets. It is prepared with a wide variety of spices and ingredients and served sizzling hot, which would spice up your senses.



If you want something light to eat and not fried, Vadodara has one of the tastiest Sandwiches. Filled with creamy cheese and veggies, you will have more than one of these.


13.Cheese Golgappa

Every woman’s favourite, the Pani Puri or golgappa, has been taken to a different level in the city. Pani Puri is fried crunchy flour balls filled with spiced chickpeas and mashed potatoes and then with tamarind and coriander water. It is then eaten whole at once. Sounds fun, right? But here’s the twist: Sai Pani puri is garnished with a lot of cheese, making it a deadly combination. You need to try these Cheese Golgappa.


14.Samosa And Dal Vada

The delicious Samosa and Dal Vada in Vadodara’s streets will blow your mind. The Samosa is cut from the centre, filled with green chillies, tamarind chutney, and raw onions and served sizzling hot.


15.Chole Kulche

Chole Kulche in India is as famous as India’s favourite Chole Bhature. The kulcha is made with maida and then roasted with soft and delicious butter. The (chickpeas) are boiled, mixed with spices, and made into a thick, curry-like texture. The CholeBhak and Kulcha are served together, making a deadly combination.


16.Bhakarwadi And Leelo Chevdo

Bhakarwadi and Leelo Chevdo are some of the most famous Farsan in Vadodara. The Bhakarwadi is a spiral-shaped snack made of plain flour and spices. The flour is made into a dough and then into a small spiral-shaped snack, then deep fried. Leelo Chevdo is a mouthwatering nankeen or snack made with grated potato deep-fried into a crispy snack.


17.Ragda Patty

Ragda Patty is another famous food of Vadodara that is quite famous among tourists and locals. It is quite similar to Tikki. Ragda Patty is mashed potato tikki with chickpea curry made with authentic spices and is then garnished with coriander.



Want something cool and delicious to drink? Why not have Lassi? The famous Lassi (buttermilk) is deliciously served with spices or sweets to cool your senses and excite your taste buds. This delicious drink will make you crave more for it.



Khandvi is the most famous traditional food and the street food of Vadodara. Khandvi is made with gram flour and curd, made into thin slices and then rolled into small rolls. This mouthwatering savoury is a must-have in Vadodara.



Have you ever heard of Puff? This delicious snack is a crunchy patty filled with spiced boiled potato. You can have many Puffs at Mr. Puff in Vadodara and enjoy your trip to the fullest.