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Top 20 Onam Dishes

1 RiceRice is a must have dish on Onam festival. This should be in plate while serving dishes at onam because without rice meal is incomplete. There are so many types of rice, each...

Top 20 Best Dishes Of Kerala

1SadhyaSadhya is known as the traditional vegetarian feast of Keralites. Sadhya consists of a multi- course meal that includes many vegetarian curries which can be eaten with rice. After all the tasty food stuff...
20 Restaurants For South Indian Food Lovers In Bangalore

20 Restaurants For South Indian Food Lovers In Bangalore

1 Taaza ThindiTaaza Thindi is one of the best rated restaurants to have South Indian breakfast in Bangalore. Service is quick and the more popular dishes are the Masala Dosa and the Plain Dosa....

Top 20 Must Visit Food Places In Chennai

 1  DakshinAuthentic south Indian food with a slight Chettinad influence, this place is the perfect must go.You can either opt for the buffet or place your order from the variety in the menu. The few...
Delicious Food Recipes Prepared During Onam Fest

25 Delicacies Prepared During The Festival Of Onam

1UpperiUpperi is a delicious snack item which is made from Banana. It is known as Banana chips. It is tasty and everyone, from kids to adults, likes eating it. It is easily available in...
Top 20 North Indian Restaurants In Agra

 Top 20 North Indian Restaurants In Agra

Best North Indian Restaurants In AgraTop North Indian Restaurants in Agra information and their corresponding addresses are collected and presented here: 1 Dasaprakash RestaurantAddress of Restaurant: Meher Cinema Complex, Gwalior Road, Rakabganj, AgraIt is very famous...
20 Dishes You Should Not Miss From Tamil Nadu

20 Dishes You Should Not Miss From Tamil Nadu

Most common things that come to our mind when we think of Tamil Nadu are dosas and idlis. But there’s a lot more to the cuisine of this state, right from tangy tamarind, to...
20 Ways To Use Jeera

20 Ways To Use Jeera

Indian food has lots of spices for flavour. No food is complete without spices in them. Even Indian delicacies are famous worldwide for their robust use of spices/ masala. The enchanted taste and aroma...

Top 20 Unforgettable Memories Of South Indian Dish-List

1 Mango PickleWhen it comes to raw mangoes, age doesn't matter. Old aged to children, all are fond of mangoes. If this is the case, imagine the combination of spices along with raw slices....
Top 20 South Indian Dishes

Top 20 South Indian Dishes

The South Indian Food includes the cuisines of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. These cuisines are  different from each other but with a few similarities like rice, coconut, red chilies and...

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