Top 20 Lip-Smacking South Indian Desserts And Foods.

Top 20 Lip-Smacking South Indian Desserts And Foods

Indian cuisine is much more than butter chicken, naan, and other roast dishes. These North Indian food dishes are found at all restaurants. They can be considered a tip of an iceberg only as compared to the various flavors available in India. In the south, food is cooked using coconut oil. Rice, chili, lentils, and coconut are considered as staple items. Tamarind is used most like sambar powder. Dried curry leaves are also used a lot above all. The smell of wada, the great sound of spluttering seeds, the taste of hot sambhar made using fresh tamarind, and soft feather-like idlis are just the best, a great sense of Indian food.Following are the best South Indian dishes that you should try :

1. Hyderabadi Biryani

Vegetables, meat, onion, spices, saffron, lemon, and basmati rice offer delicious flavor. The herbs and the way of cooking will make this dish wonderful and healthy.


2. Payasam

This dish is quite famous and eaten by many irrespective of age. The term itself means ambrosia or nectar. This dish gets top place during and. Traditional payasam used to contain coconut milk, jaggery over dairy milk, and sugar.


3. Mysore Pak

This is on the top list of sweet lovers. The proper amount of sugar, ghee, gram flour, and fragrant cardamom is added. People have also been giving a lovely position to this sweet.


4. Boorelu

This sweet dish is famous in Andhra Pradesh. Sweet balls are just friends to enjoy festivities. The filling is prepared with jaggery, sugar, coconut, Bengal gram, and cardamom powder. Later on, this ball is dipped in rice and Bengal gram batter. Balls are then deep-fried till the color changes to golden brown.


5. Kozhukattai

This famous dish is made from rice flour. The filling is prepared by using coconut and jaggery. It is also quite similar to modak made in other parts of India. You can eat them for breakfast or with a cup of tea. Adding dry fruits can also bring extra crunch.


6. Sweet Idli Or Paniyaram

You can easily prepare this from leftover idli batter. These idlis are fluffy and soft. The batter is done by using jaggery, and cardamom, coconut powder. The best quick snack that you can make for sweet cravings. First, just add chopped bananas.


7. Maa Ladoo Or Maladu

Tirunelveli has discovered this fabulous maa ladoo dish. This dish is best prepared in 15 minutes with less than six ingredients. They will not only melt in your mouth but are also delicious at the same time.


8. Unni Appam

This dish is quite similar to soft spongy gulab jamun. It is easy to prepare this dish from banana, jaggery, rice, cardamom powder, roasted sesame seeds, and count pieces. Only 20 mins time is required to prepare this dish giving both creaminess and crunchiness.


9. Rava Kesari With Milk

Like sooji halwa, rava is the best combination with the best toasting and creamy taste. To make it more delicious can add fruits like mangoes, pineapples, and many others to enjoy more. The Saffron addition is also exciting.


10. Paal Poli

Semolina puri is soaked into the sweet saffron milk. Many times this desert dish is considered highly authentic above all.


11. Appam

Best healthy Kerala dish that is easy to make and also quite famous. The middle part is soft, and the edges and side parts are crispy in taste. Not many ingredients are required to prepare it can be served with a mix of vegetables and other chutneys.


12. Tamarind Rice

Busy people can prepare this quick dish. You are required to have boiled rice. Later, you can decorate it with curry leaves, jaggery, turmeric, cumin, black gram, mustard seeds, coriander leaves, and peanuts. Tamarind juice is a must in this rice.


13. Ven Pongal

This is also known as a South Indian ghee khichdi. This dish is served as breakfast in many South Indian houses. At the same time, this dish is also served hot with sambar or chutney.


14. Onion Uthappam

This is just another variety of dosa. You have to prepare dosa and then sprinkle fried pieces of onion. Be ready to serve it with sambar or chutney. To have the best taste add green chilies and tomatoes. Cook vegetables by turning the dosa upside down.


15. Chakkarai Pongal

Newly harvested rice is used to make this. Sugar, cashew nuts are added to make this dish sweet. You require 15 minutes to prepare things and 20 minutes to cook. This dish is made during the Pongal four-day festival.


16. Kanchipuram Idli

This is just another variety of idli that one can prepare. You have to just prepare this idly like a normal idly. You just have to add curry leaves, Kaju, and other spices to it.


17. Vegetable Semiya

Green chili, vermicelli, and other vegetables are used to prepare this dish. Best South Indian breakfast dish which you can have any time. It is also easy to make and eat anytime.


18. Potato Fry

Quick and delicious to prepare are the identities of this dish. You have to boil potatoes and chop them into pieces. Later on, add some spices along with curry leaves in it. You can best serve this dish with papad and rasam.


19. Malabar Fish Curry

Fish is the prime and chief food of Kerala. Other varieties of curries are also there to prepare. The main ingredients used in this curry are red chilies and fish for all types of curry. It is best prescribed to eat this fish with bread and rice.


20. Rasam

This is considered one of the mandatory dishes in South India. Tamarind pulp is used to prepare this dish. Different spices and curry leaves are added for taste purposes. One can easily consume this food with soup and rice separately.