20 Easy Recipes for Beginners


Never cooked? Start here, with these 20 easy recipes for beginners.

“No one is born a great cook; one learns by doing” – Julia Child.

If you have decided to step forward and take the plunge to try out cooking for the first time, then step up your cooking game with these beginner recipes from various cuisines which are easy to make with these basic ingredients which are definitely worth giving a shot and will make you want to pat yourself on the back once done. Cooking for the first time can be quite intimidating but some of the best dishes out there are those that are simple. Check these recipe ideas out which are perfect for a beginner cook that will turn you into a pro in no time and also are totally Instagram-worthy!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab that pan and let the cooking commence!

1.Jeera Rice / Cumin Rice

An easy yet flavourful recipe that goes perfectly well with any side dish or can be eaten as it is. It is cumin-infused basmati rice that is pretty popular in north India. All you need for this recipe is some Rice, Cumin seeds, oil, chilies, and some coriander which are the basics found in your pantry. Get these ready, and you are good to go on a flavourful journey.

jeera rice

2.Paneer Tikka Kebab

Crisp yet soft paneer that melts in your mouth with seasoned vegetables alongside infusing the flavors as you savor it. It is a typical appetizer in India  usually served with a mint/green chutney, but you can switch it up and have it in wraps, with rice and whatnot. Get that paneer, marinate it, grill it along with the veggies are your mouth is ready for a delicious ride.


3.One Pan-Roasted Chicken With Veggies

It is more of a western dish that is super healthy yet tasty at the same time. Chop up some carrots, onions, and any other veggies of your choice, place them on a baking tray along with slightly roasted chicken pieces, and bake it in the oven. Add any seasonings of your choice and it’s ready with less effort and barely any dishes to do!


 4.Bread Pizza

My personal favorite that hardly takes 10 minutes to prepare yet satisfies that pizza craving. Chop up your tomatoes, onions, and capsicum, add it on the bread base, pop some chicken pieces for extra fun, put a cheese slice on there, and put it in the oven. Wait until the cheese melts, and the aroma will start the temptations already!


5.Mayo Sandwich

A perfect and healthy go-to breakfast or a snack that you can make within no time. Whip up some mayo on both sides of that bread, add in some freshly chopped up vegetables like tomato, cucumber, and onions. Press the slices with the veggies in between together, and you are ready for a refreshing dish on the go!


6.Firecracker Chicken With Rice

Firecracker is the name of the game. A classic and yummy dish in any house, marinate and fry up those tender chicken pieces with sauces and spices. Add it to a bowl of rice seasoned with some spring onions, and sesame seeds, and reap this reward when your stomach growls.


7.Maggi Noodles Fry

A very popular must try and the most basic dish you must have come across in your home or almost every street of India. But let’s spice things up with the Maggi noodles. Boil the noodles, put them in a pan, and fry it along with some veggies and the Maggi masala, and you are done. Have it as a breakfast or a snack to have while binge-watching that favorite show!


8.Veggie And Mayo Salad

Are you looking for something without carbs, light, colorful, yummy, and picture-worthy? Well, here it is. A simple and safe option that you can never go wrong with! Chop any veggies of your choice, add them to a bowl, and dress the salad with some mayo, and bits of cheese and that’s it! An affordable and filling salad is all done.


9.Rice Bowl With Curried Lentils, Carrot, And Yogurt

This type of rice bowl is prevalent in most parts of western countries and in India too. Are you bored of the same old dal and rice? Well, you can make a whole meal with it. Add some dal to a rice bowl and top it off with some roasted carrot peels, and some yummy yogurt on the side.


10.Scrambled Eggs

An “Egg”cellent recipe that you can master in no time. Eggs are a prevalent food in every part of the world. Why not make it a little different and delicious? Crack up those eggs in a pan with oil and scramble it as much as you want, add some spices and veggies and you just made yourself a dish that tastes as good as it looks!


11.Cheese Nachos

Who knew making a plateful of deliciousness could be this easy? Cheese nachos are a perfect snack for any occasion, and are better than the regular ones indeed. Put in some nachos on a plate and add on some chopped onions, jalapenos, any sauce and top it off with lots of grated cheese. You are in for a pizza-nacho feast!


12.Roasted/Fried Corn

One of my favorites from my grandmother’s recipes. All you need to do is put in some tender corn in that pan and stir fry while adding chili powder, and salt and bam! You just made yourself a plate full of spicy and crunchy corn that is a perfect side dish and can be paired up with any beverage and tastes just as good as it smells.


13.Veg Patty/Cutlet

Veg patty/cutlets are pretty common in almost every household. A dish that is highly filling and is rich in fiber. Here is a simple recipe that is a one-stop to your cravings. Boil in some chopped veggies like peas, carrot, etc, and mash it thoroughly. Press them down into thin circles, and fry both sides on a flat pan with oil and you have one of the most amazing snacks ready!


14.Veg Fried Rice

Here is another one-pot rice pilaf which is super easy and quick to make. It can be made with mixed veggies or just a single veggie and would be perfect for lunch or any other meal. Cook some rice as you usually would, and stir fry it in a pan with oil, veggies, and spices, and it’s all done! The pungent aroma would itself fill you with temptation.


15.Tomato Rice / Bath

You definitely must have heard of this recipe. Tomato rice is quite a famous dish in many parts of India like Tamil Nadu, etc. It is a great dish to make when you are on a quick run yet want something delicious, and filling. All you need to prepare is onions, tomatoes, herbs, and some rice and you are good to go to make this dish in under 30 mins.


16.Aloo Paratha

This is one of the most popular flatbread in north India that is stuffed mashed potato. Not complicated and worth for beginners to try and give it a shot with a bit of help. As a massive fan of this dish, I am sure that you will enjoy each bite of this yummiest and tempting aloo paratha. Get some flour, mashed potato and butter and you are off to go. Have this dish with any sauce, pickle or yogurt or just go plain!



Another popular and the most comforting, soothing and tasty soup that you will ever come across. It is very light on the stomach and is made with spices and herbs as a side dish with rice and veggies. Get some spices, chilies, curry leaves, and veggies, and you can proceed to make one of the best dishes out there!



Don’t these absolutely look mouth-watering? Well as much as you want to eat them, they are actually easy to make. Pakodas are one of the most popular snack items in India and are an amazing combination with the monsoons. All you need is some flour mixed into a flowy consistency along with spices, just dip some onion slices in the mixture, and deep fry it in the oil, and there you have a crispy and yummy snack!


19.Gajar Ka Halwa

Let’s finish off this list with the most famous desserts. Gajar ka halwa also known as carrot ka halwa is a slow-cooked traditional Indian dessert made with tender carrots, and milk. A great end to a meal is right here! Get your hands on some simmering carrots and milk and get ready to satisfy that sweet tooth.


20.Semiya Payasam

One of the quickest and easiest to make, south Indian dessert. It is made with vermicelli, milk, sugar, ghee, raisins and nuts. A calcium-rich sweet to perfectly finish off that meal. It is called by different names across India and made in different ways. Choose any recipe to fulfill your sweet craving without any occasion!