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Top 20 Sweets for Diwali

Diwali the festival of lights. It is celebrated throughout the India with a joy of enthusiasm. The festival is not celebrated with crackers but also sweets.The sweets are distributed to relatives , friends and...
top 19 home foods for vinayak chaturti

Top 19 Home Foods For Vinayak Chaturthi

1 ModakIt is made in India during the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. People who don’t like oil and ghee will enjoy it. Its ingredients are rice flour, raw coconut, jaggery, desi ghee, poppy seeds,...

Top 20 Dishes You Can Make In An Oven

1Gajar HalwaWhat’s better in life than a tasty gajar halwa? The colour, the aroma, the rush of saliva is just amazing, as your nose signals its arrival. And when you finally take a bite...
Top 20 Popular Sweets in India

Top 20 Popular Sweets in India.

We Indians are known to have a sweet tooth. All of us have a great love towards the varieties of sweets.  From auspicious occasion to festivals, sweets is the most important part of our...
20 Famous Desserts of Orrisa

20 Famous Desserts of Orrisa

1Chenna PodaIn Orrisa,Chenna Poda is among most famous desserts.This is made out of dried cottage cheese and is baked until the colour of the surface becomes brown. It has proven to be one of...
Desserts In Delhi

Top 20 Delicious Desserts In Delhi

When we talk about India, mostly we talk about its culture, tradition and after that, it comes to food. Therefore, we Indians are famous by the name of foodies; the food is incomplete without...
20 Diwali Treats To Enjoy This Festive Season

20 Diwali Treats To Enjoy This Festive Season

DIWALI OR DEEPAWALI, the Hindu festival of lights is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm. In this festival, children burn firecrackers, people light-up their houses; worship Lord Ganesha for good health and welfare,...
20 Classic Food Items To Try These Winters

20 Classic Food Items To Try These Winters

Winter is the most beautiful season of the year. It is accompanied by cold long nights, warm quilt, warm clothes, a heater in the room and snowfall outside. Most of the festivals, the most...
20 Indian Dishes You Should Try Before Dying

20 Indian Dishes You Should Try Before Dying

1. Chole BhatureNorth Indians serve great dishes since I don’t know when, but I really like Chole Bhature from the menu. Chole Bhature is a combination of spicy chickpea and Bhatura made from wheat...
20 Popular Indian Sweet Dishes

20 Popular Indian Sweet Dishes

1.RasgullaMade from Chenna (Indian cottage cheese) and semolina flour. Rasgulla is perhaps the most loved and popular sweet of India and thus deserves the number one spot. Although the origins of the dish is...

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