Top 20 Dishes To Share With Your Neighbor

Top 20 Dishes To Share With Your Neighbor

Sharing has been caring since childhood. We know that the very first conversation began due to food. We offer food whenever we see someone new coming the next door. Today, we will discuss a few such dishes. We will discuss the top 20 dishes to share with your neighbor. All these dishes are simple to make. Also, you can add your twist to it to make it more personalized. Furthermore, I am sure your new neighbor will love it. These dishes are excellent conversation initiators. Also, they can help you exchange your cuisine and taste with another person. Maybe, they will share their cuisine and taste with you. Do give it a try and let us know.


I am not talking about the nonveg dish. You never know when your neighbor turns out to be a Vegan. Hence, you can give them a homemade Veg Korma. It is a delicious dish. As well it reminds me of home and comfort. Furthermore, if they have completed their shifting recently, korma will be a good meal for them.

Delicious Mutton Handi Pakistani food

2.Dal Makhni

Dal Makhni is a traditional Indian dish. I don’t recall having anything better than it. It brings out the goodness of oneness. Also, if you make it delicious, the neighbor will ask about its recipe. It is a great conversation starter.



Pakora has been an honor to India for a long. It has everything one would like to have in a light snack. It will be a dish to share with any foreign neighbor. Also, you can make a couple of different Pakora with different ingredients. This variety will help you understand their taste better.



Some people love to have Kheema with Bread and rice. Luckily, you are safe if your neighbors like that too. Kheema is like Korma. One can use it as a meal after heavy work. I would suggest going with Egg Kheema first. Accordingly, you can increase or decrease the meat level later.


5.Rogan Josh

Another non-vegan option on the list is Rogan Josh. It is a Persian Lamb Curry. It is a perfect mix of spices. You can give it to your existing neighbor. It will bring a good impression if they haven’t tried it before. Also, it has all the nutritional ingredients.



I would love to have Rajma from my neighbor. It is a favorite dish for many people. You can give it to your neighbor like a complete meal. Pair Rajma with rice and pickle. You can add a piece of bread too. Pack all of it in an air-tight container. The easier it is, much better.

Rajma curry or rajma masala. Indian food curry.


People love to have Sambhar. Making a perfect Sambhar is hectic. However, few blessed people can make it easily. They add their magic and love to the dish. If you are one of those people, do not fall back. Make a sambhar and share it with your neighbor. They will be speechless.



Every Indian household makes Appam once a week. Give it to your neighbors and take their reviews on the same. Ask them what they would like to add to it. Being a culture-rich country, we should never stop improving our dishes. Maybe, your neighbor will help you make it more delicious.



I won’t recommend Upma personally. However, fifty percent of the world’s population like Upma. In case, your neighbor lies in those fifty percent, you are on the winning side. Keep the Upma simple. Add veggies, nuts and make it the best. Share it with your neighbor and share love.

Upma Indian Vegetarian Dish


Of all the foods, Biryani is the most worth sharing dish. Make a good chicken biryani with boiled eggs in it. Make sure it has a good aroma. Keep it a little spicy and tangy. Also, pair it with Achar. I am sure you will have word-of-mouth publicity from your neighbor.

A delicious, Spicy Chicken Biryani


We have seen Muslims share Sheer Khurma during Eid. In case you have goodness, give it with a bowl of Kheer. People love all types of Kheers. Add a number of nuts, milk, sweet spices, and flavors. Similar to Biryani, you can gain publicity with Kheer.



India is full of sweet dishes. If you are searching for a sweet dish to share with your neighbor; you are at the right place. We will further discuss only sweet dishes. Also, give Rasgulla your twist. You can include color. Homemade Rasgulla has a different flavor.

Indian Rasgulla or dry Rosogulla dessert/sweet served in a bowl

13.Gulab Jamun

Similar to Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun has a relation-making factor. People end up asking for recipes for dishes like this. It becomes a conversation initiator. Henceforth, food can make friends too. Just make it right and add your love to it.

Gulab jamuns - A popular indian desserts. selective focus


There is a famous scene in a movie. It is a sister sending Malpoa to her brother in the army. This scene shows you can share Malpoa with your neighbor too. Practically, few people know what Malpoa is. Hence, you can share it as much as you can. We are in an attempt to keep traditions alive. Malpoa is a tradition like no other. Hence, we have added to the list of the top 20 dishes you can share with your neighbor.



Not everyone knows to make Panna. If you know you are nothing less than blessed. Panna comes from a few Ayurvedic medicines. Moving further, everyone loves to drink this refreshing drink. It is better than many carbonated drinks on the market. Also, it keeps the tradition alive.

Panna Cottas and espresso on white plate

16.Ras Malai

Ras Malai is royal dish. Hence, sharing it will be like sharing royalty. You can give it your twist too. People love to have something with good looks. Ras Malai looks unique in itself. You can increase its taste with the ingredients of your preference. Try sharing it with your neighbor.


17.Ice cream

Indian Moms keep trying stuff. Trying Ice cream was my mom’s wish for a long time. Also, she loves to make flavored ice cream. You can share some homemade ice cream with your neighbor. It shows love towards each other.



Everyone cannot make a good Srikhand. If you can make it, do not hesitate. Share Srikhand with your neighbors. Ask them for reviews. Ask them if they would like any improvements. If the neighbors are elderly, you will always get advice from them. Be ready to learn something new.


19.Pooran Poli

My mom always shares Puran Poli. It is a form of love. It shows that we care for someone. There is no better way to make a Puran Poli. There is not much twist to add to it. Hence, keep it authentic. Let the neighbors enjoy the goodness of your traditions.

Egyptian Arab flatbreads - Aish Baladi top view. Close-up of Arabic tortilla

20.Pani Puri

Practically, you don’t want to share Pani Puri. If you do, that person means a lot to you. Do you make homemade pani puri? It is a feeling. People plan Pani Puri Gathering. Hence, you can surely share it with your neighbors. Arrange a neighborhood party. Do not forget to make friends.