Top 20 Delicious Desserts To Add To Your Dinner


“Stressed spelled backward in Desserts” You love Desserts, do I, and so does the world. We all love Desserts a lot. They are actual stress relievers. These days desserts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are small as ants and big as dinosaurs. Taste-wise, they have overtaken many other foods. You can have dessert for every occasion of your life. Hence, today we will discuss the top 20 Desserts to add to your Dinner. These desserts add taste to your Dinner and joy to your life. I hope you would love to try making some yourself by the end of the article.


I would not let any other Dessert take the number one position in this article. Rasgulla is my favorite dessert. It comes from the great Bengali tradition. You can make it from milk, Paneer. Nowadays, people everywhere make Rasgulla from Bread which might not be a good idea.

Indian Rasgulla or dry Rosogulla dessert/sweet served in a bowl

2.Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is a sister to Rasgulla. It is sweet, delicious, mouth-watering, and healthy. The sugar syrup of Gulab Jamun has multiple health benefits. One can make Murammba out of Sugar Syrup. People love both of these dishes from the bottom of their hearts.

Bowl filled with fresh Gulab Jamun Jaipur, India


Not much of the Indian tradition has Donuts. However, they are very much in trend. Today, many places serve good quality and flavor Donuts over India. They have many themes and flavors of donuts. People love to eat donuts with tea. However, children eat donuts after their meals.

Box of doughnuts.


You will see Brownies at every dining table in the Western royal family. Brownies usually have chocolate in them. They are neither dry nor wet. Only a few masters can make Brownie well. Making it at home requires lots of practice and patience. It needs to have a good Brownie texture.



Does Pudding come from China? Not sure. It is a creamy-flavored ice cream kind of dessert. Pudding comes in Strawberry, Mango, and my favorite Lichee flavor. Furthermore, they have other flavors too. It is a cold dessert giving lots of freshness.



The tart is famous these days. They come in different flavors and sizes. One can make a chocolate tart or a tiny strawberry tart. Mostly, they are bite-sized. They are cute in looks and delicious in taste. One can make them healthy by adding more fruits and cream cheese.



You must be eating Lotto Choco Pie. Other pie includes apple pie, mango pie, pineapple pie, and strawberry pie. They have a crunchy crust below them and cute designs above them. Generally, you can give them any design you want. Making a pie at home can be the funniest experience to have. One should include this in their to-do list.



Jalebi is a traditional street food in India. Luckily, it is not only limited to India anymore. Majorly, it comes in 2 colors. Orange and Yellow. These colors don’t have to do much with the flavor. They are sweet and crunchy and an excellent after-dinner dessert.


9.Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwiches might take a little bit more effort. It is an ice cream between two cookies. It is again crunchy from out creamy from inside type. Ice Cream Sandwich has everything you will ever require in your after-dinner desserts. You must be able to hold the ice cream between the cookies.


10.Lava Cake

Who doesn’t love Lava Cake? It is one of the best desserts to have. It gives joy to the world. The melting chocolate in the lava cake has magic. Furthermore, Lava cake has an excellent taste and texture to make anyone happy. Majorly, these cakes are present at weddings.

Lava Cake


Smoothies are not majorly present after huge meals. However, many parties and functions have Smoothies. A strawberry smoothie is something I love the most. Many smoothies are healthy and delicious. Recently, smoothies is excellent in bodybuilding and weight management.



Caramel and Custard. How do you name it? Both are different, with different textures and tastes. Both can be present in after dinner desserts list. Caramel is like a pudding cake. Whereas Custard is like a fruit salad with condensed milk. Do correct me if I am wrong in the comment sections.



Bombay streets have a big craze for Falooda. Many people roam Bombay at night after Dinner to experience the coldness of Falooda. It is a tasty and healthy dessert to have. The major serving is the Falooda on the streets. It has a different taste as compared to the one in 5-star restaurants.



Yes, Lasagne. Who said Lasagne just be spicy? It can be anything you want. The Chocolate or Strawberry Lasagne gives a different vibe than the spicy one. Hence, from today you can eat a sweet Lasagne after eating a spicy one.


15.Cinnamon Rolls

Did you hear about Cinnamon rolls with Strawberry jello? It is a great combination. Another great combination is Cinnamon rolls with Chili. This combination will fulfill your desire to eat something sweet and spicy in one go. Hence, Cinnamon rolls are a perfect dessert for your spicy dinner.



Sorbet is another form of Ice cream. You can make Sorbet from anything. It is cold Ice cream-like paste. You can serve it with many fruit toppings. Plus, you can include syrups to it to give it more taste. It is a cold, heart-warming dessert.


17.Sweet Bagel Sandwich

Bagel is a type of Bread. Many sandwiches have Bagels as their hero ingredient. A bagel can make sweet sandwiches too. You can put some cream cheese and fruit on it. This addition will make an excellent sweet bagel sandwich. Furthermore, you can add syrups for garnishing.

Sweet Bagel Sandwich


Choco Truffles came into the market a long time back. It can give you health benefits too. They have peanuts, coconut, and chocolate. People make something call as protein balls too. They are a healthier version of truffles. You can try making them at your home.



Yes, you can have Milkshakes and Lassi after a huge dinner. They are excellent for digestion. Lassi can bring many memories along with giving lots of good health benefits. People have strawberry and mango lassi too. You can make your version of Lassi and share the story with us.


20.Maple Beacon Donut

Here we end the list of the top 20 delicious deserts. Maple Beacon Donut is the ultimate dish you can wrap your day with. It is a light, tasty and satisfying dessert. You can try Beacon Donut with choco syrup. This technique will increase your delight.

Maple Beacon Donut