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Tag: Bhel Puri

top 20 delhi street food items

Top 20 Delhi Street Food Items

I’m back with another post, and unlike the previous, it’s about the best places for street food that you can find in Delhi. Be assured that it lists all the popular joints that give...

Top 20 Lip-smacking Street Food Items For Vegans

1Litti chokha (Bihar)The mouthwatering oomph of Litti Chokha of Bihar,  which is savored by all, needs no introduction.This relishing delicacy consists of  balls of wheat flour and ghee baked on coal stoves, served with...

Top 20 Most Delectable Street Food Items of Mumbai

1 Misal Pav This is a full-flavored mouthwatering dish, which is made with the help of sprouted beans and eaten with the Indian bread, which mushroom its taste. You can reach out to your...
Top Street Food for Chennai Teens

Top 20 Street Food for Chennai Teens

1 Pani Poori“Pani Puri “ is the name where ‘Pani’ refers to water and ‘ Puri’ is a fried crispy ball. It is the most respectable food among all other street food items  and...
Top Street Foods At Juhu Beach

Top 20 Street Food To Enjoy At Juhu Beach

1 Pav BhajiThe fast food dish consisting of a thick vegetable curry usually served with butter and bread (Pav) is the much-loved fast food of the Mumbaikars. It is a dish which is available...

Top 20 Three-Minute Recipes

1 Chatpati Papdi Ingredients: Namkeen papdi Curd Mint paste Chopped onions Namkeen bhujiaProcedure-This is a dry dish and all you have to do is take a namkeen papdi and apply a layer of curd over...

Top 20 Famous Street Foods To Try In Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a city of foodies. So if you ever find yourself in Chandigarh and want to explore its street food options here are 20 of the best street foods to try in Chandigarh....

Top 20 Items To Chill On The Streets Of Jaipur

When we think about Jaipur, the first thing that comes to our minds is the tradition and culture. And Rajasthan is very rich in its Folk Art and Culture. The local food is also...
Top 20 Things You Can Pair Up With Your Evening Chai

Top 20 Things You Can Pair Up With Your Evening Chai

Who doesn't love chai?! In India, we are all so obsessed with that fresh cup of tea to start our evenings. We like it so much that one evening without it is a nightmare!...
Top 20 Type Of Dishes You Should Have In Winters On Streets

Top 20 Type Of Dishes You Should Have In Winters On Streets

1 Oats Meal The healthiest dish which can be eaten anytime and anywhere. The dish is made up of different types of Oats, and it is a perfect meal for everybody. The dish is very...

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