Top 20 Dishes To Test Your Spice Tolerance In Aligarh

Top 20 Dishes To Test Your Spice Tolerance In Aligarh

As you walk through the bustling streets of Aligarh, you wonder, ‘I am craving something spicy!’. Your friends, being brought up in Aligarh, say, ‘We know where to go!’. Immediately, they start brainstorming the different dishes they’ve encountered since childhood that have pushed them to reach out for that extra glass of water. From street vendor chaat to restaurant-style dishes, they know exactly where to take you to fulfill your spicy food craving. But what are the dishes that any Aligarian would suggest? This article is your best pick, as listed below are the top 20 dishes to test your spice tolerance in Aligarh!

1.Aloo Ke Barule

This dish consists of baby potatoes covered in a flavorful coating of gram flour, red chili powder, and other spices, usually fried in mustard oil. It is best served hot. We must warn you: this dish is not for the weaklings!



Samosas consists of spiced potatoes stuffed in a pastry. These triangular pieces of goodness are served with a red chutney that elevates the overall spice of the dish. The best part of them is that they are readily available in all nooks and crannies of Aligarh. From Dhabas to gourmet restaurants, you can never go wrong with samosas!


3.Vada Pav

Originally Mahrahstran, but served with love all over Aligarh! This dish consists of a deep-fried potato patty inside a pav, which is bread (but better when sliced into half just like in this dish!). What makes it spicy is the mix of green and red chutneys that are sure to make you tear up, especially if served hot.



Now entering Chinese territory but with a desi spin. This is a stir-fried dish with noodles, veggies, and sometimes chicken. Again, the spicy element lies in the mixtures of sauces and chopped green chilies.


5.Honey Chili Potato

You know a dish is spicy when it has the word ‘chili’ in it! These are potato fries drenched in a mixture of spicy sauces and fried veggies, topped with sesame seeds. The addition of honey is optional and is recommended for people with a low spice tolerance.


6.Pani Puri

This dish has many components. The puri, which is a deep-fried flatbread, serves as the ‘boat’ for the other component, Pani, which is a spicy, flavored water. Adding other items like chopped potatoes, onions, and lentils is optional. If you happen to stop by a street vendor, don’t forget to ask for the plain puri at the end to help cool the spice!



Originally a Nepali dish, it refers to dumplings that can either be vegetarian or non-vegetarian and either steamed or fried. Although the nature of the dish is not spicy, when served with a spicy gravy, it can force you to gulp down extra sips of water.


8.Aloo Tikki

Aloo tikki is a popular street food in India. It refers to a deep-fried potato patty that is topped with green and red chutney, chopped onions, and chilies. When it is freshly taken out of the hot pan, it can turn your ears red!


9.Peri-peri Fries

The famous fries in India have made it to our list. These french fries are served mostly at McDonald’s but are also available at other local restaurants. What makes them spicy is the addition of peri-peri masala. You can test your spice tolerance here, as there is no limit to the number of peri-peri packets you add. (At your own risk!)


10.Aloo Ki Sabzi

This dish is a staple breakfast in many homes and may not be spicy. But Aligarh serves this dish with a mouthwatering twist that challenges your taste buds. In this dish, there are pieces of potatoes mixed in a flavorful and savory curry. Usually, this dish is eaten with Puri, which is a type of deep-fried bread.



This is a highly enjoyed dish in Southeast Asia, and it can vary from being tolerable to highly spiced. Those with a weak spice tolerance can especially enjoy this moderately spicy dish. Biryani is a mix of spiced rice and meat, and the number of variations for this dish is what makes it special!


12.Aligarh Chili Chicken

Served specifically at Skydeck Lounge, this dish will leave you salivating! It consists of chicken pieces, capsicum, and green chilies drenched in hot and spicy sauces. The restaurant describes it as ‘Alighariya’s anger put into a chicken’.


13.Laal Maas

A mutton curry mixed with yogurt and hot spices like red chili sauce. This aromatic dish is perfect for people with moderate to high levels of spicy tolerance.


14.Paneer Hot Garlic Sauce Or Chili Paneer Dry

This is a dish that consists of cottage cheese prepared in spices; the first option is served in a spicy, flavorful garlic sauce, while the latter is for those who prefer finger foods. For all the vegetarians, we hear you! You must not miss this dish, which is especially available at Spice Food Restro Café or Sky Deck Restaurant, where it is named Aligaarhiya Style Chili Paneer.



This dish is a popular pick due to its flavorful outburst. This dish consists of puffed-up rice, onions, and other veggies tossed in a tamarind sauce. The spice level can vary from mild to moderate and can vary from place to place in Aligarh, but we recommend trying the ones from the local street vendors.


16.Bread Pakoda

This dish is a popular pick from street vendors in Aligarh, especially during work or school breaks, as it is affordable and packed with flavors. Bread pakora is a sandwich coated in gram flavor and stuffed with spiced potatoes. These are usually eaten with spicy sauces, and we recommend the same to give you the best bread pakora experience.


17.Chicken Achari Tikka

If you are craving a flavorful, spicy dinner, this dish is perfect. It has chicken pieces marinated in tangy and spicy sauces and masalas, eventually cooked in a tandoor. The spice level is moderate, perfect for a night out!


18.Chicken Kaali Mirch

Kaali mirch translates to black pepper. This dish has chicken pieces in a spicy, thick gravy with a generous amount of black pepper that is not overpowering. This can be eaten with Roti or rice.


19.Chicken Shezwan Noodles

If you’re leaning towards a fancy night out with friends, chicken shezwan noodles are our top pick! This dish consists of noodles with fried chicken pieces drenched in the ever-mouthwatering schezwan sauce. The dish is served mostly at restaurants, one of which is Hot Wok.


20.Chinese Rice Bowls

Chinese rice bowls have been recently introduced in Aligarh. This delicious dish is sure to fill your stomach and also satisfy your spice craving. There are many variations to these, some of them being vegetarian Manchurian rice bowls, chili mushroom rice bowls, and even chili chicken rice bowls. Whatever variation you choose, the dish is self-explanatory, with hot basmati rice and your choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian components. These dishes are available at Gobbler’s Rolls.