Top 20 Foods Without The Use Of Fire


For many people, cooking is equal to cooking food on fire. But is cooking just that? No, the art of cooking considers the principle of making food edible. On a larger scale, it’s all about making food tastier over time. It’s a widespread belief that food without fire can never deliver the flavors that food cooked on fire can. Well, we are here to bust that myth with recipes that require little to no fire to cook but are as delicious as ever.

1.Vegetable Salad

Coming in strong in the first place is the good old vegetable salad. This dish is as versatile in its components as it is with toppings. With a wide variety of dressing choices and alterations of veggies, it’s a new dish every time. With the right amount of spices and dressings, it’s a delicious, healthy, and filling meal.

Vegetable Salad

2.Chicken, Mango, And Noodles

In the second place, we have something sophisticated. It’s hard to tell it’s a no-cook dish. This dish focuses more on assembling. Serve and top it with tangy lime and paired with sweet mangos, it has a mouth-watering taste. It’s high in protein and low in fat and carbs, so it’s pretty healthy too.

Chicken, Mango, And Noodles

3.Rolls Of Rice Paper

Craving something simple but flavorful? Try rice paper rolls. This simple dish’s flavors are going to blow your mind. It’s a Vietnamese staple that requires assembling simple ingredients, and you’re good to go. Pair it with your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy a simple yet flavorful dish.

Rolls Of Rice Paper

4.Balls Of Peanut Butter

Need something sweet, crunchy, and hassle-free? Well, try peanut butter balls. It’s a delectable treat for your taste buds. It’s quick and easy to prepare. One big batch can last you for months. It’s going to make your sweet tooth happy.

Balls Of Peanut Butter

5.Acai Bowls

It’s earthy, creamy, and so delicious that it’s almost dreamy. Yeah, it’s an acai bowl. It has mashed acai fruits. This creamy bowl of goodness goes well with crunchy toppings. This bowl is highly versatile and customizable. As a bonus, it’s a hassle-free treat.

Acai Bowls

6.Pinwheel Sandwiches

Pinwheel sandwiches are as customizable as they are hassle and fire-free. The desired fillings wrapped up in tortillas with your favorite spreads is an easy peasy tasty dish. Pinwheel sandwiches are known for their versatility and popularity among children. This splendid dish takes only a couple of minutes to assemble but will quench your cravings just right

Pinwheel Sandwiches


We all love sweet milkshakes once in a while. This goodness is as healthy as it is hassle-free. Choose your favorite flavors, toppings, and type of milk and blend them. Add the desired toppings and amount of ice and you are good to go.



Want something crunchy and savory but tangy? Well, add some melted cheese to nachos, top them off with your favorite toppings and enjoy your new favorite dish. As easy as it is versatile, as you get to play with the toppings as much as you can, you can never go wrong with nachos.


9.Fruit Salad

Want to sneak loads of fruits into your diet but don’t want to eat them all? Well, then chop it off and mix it. Yes, it’s as easy as that. With the addition of some flavored or nonflavored salt and cinnamon powder, you can make your fruits as tasty as you want.

Fruit Salad

10.Watermelon Popsicle

One watermelon goes a long way. But it over-ripens easily over time, and storing it in edible form becomes a hell of a task. What’s the solution? Well, make popsicles. Making puree and freezing it is as easy a solution as it gets. As a bonus, add some cinnamon sugar on the top and enjoy your treat.

Watermelon Popsicle

11 Smoothie Bowl

A smoothie bowl is the hidden beauty of quick blending. Your favorite frozen fruits combined with your favorite milk create a bowl you’ll want to wake up. It takes a quick blend. Also, you can customize it with your toppings and enjoy. Smoothie Bowl is a quick and healthy but delicious recipe.

Smoothie Bowl

12 Veggie Sandwich

What if there was a sandwich that didn’t need any cooking? Well, it exists. Properly dressed vegetables go with a mashed potato base and your choice of bread; it’s that simple. It’s healthy and needs no fire, yet it’s a delicious quick dish.

Veggie Sandwich

13 Cucumber Soup

Now we know it sounds absurd, but trust us, cucumber soup is worth a try.  Cucumber soup is creamy and cool, great for summer days. It with has Greek yogurt and herbs, so it’s a perfect burst of flavors in your mouth. Once you try this soup, it will take ages to get over it.

Cucumber Soup

14 A Creamy Canapé

Canapés are flavorful in themselves. But to give them a splendid flavor zing, they come with many customizations. The most well-known of these is cream cheese or hung curd with toppings of your choice. It shines brighter than the lights at parties, something to impress your soul and guests.

A Creamy Canapé

15 Strawberry Crackers

This dish is as easy and tasty as it sounds. A treat to satisfy your sweet tooth is your favorite cracker spread with your favorite cream and topped with sliced strawberries and dry fruits. It’s an easy-to-assemble quick dish to light up parties and even your bad days at times.

Strawberry Crackers

16 Sprout Salad

It’s crunchy and healthy, with added spices that will make you crave more. Even overnight sprouts with simple Spice and a squeeze of lemon can brighten your day. If you can add some tofu or veggies of your choice, this dish is something to relish forever.

Sprout Salad

17 Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs deserve special mention because this quick and easy recipe is good enough to be a totally filling meal. Hard-boiled egg wedges sprinkled with the desired spices and herbs Served with Greek yogurt or mayonnaise, it is a quick and delicious entree.

Deviled Eggs

18 Cinnamon Pear

This dish is as easy as it sounds. Pear wedges sprinkled with a dash of cinnamon and spices are just the snack you need. It’s a quick and easy recipe that people of any age will love. You can also play with the ingredients and customize them to your taste.

Cinnamon Pear

19 Coconut Ladoo

We all love Ladoos, but making them can be quite a hassle. No one wants to spend hours standing in front of the gas flames. So, how to quench the Ladoo cravings? Coconut Ladoos are here to the rescue. Coconut shavings rolled into balls with sugar syrup or jaggery. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

Coconut Ladoo

20 Bhel Puri

Last but never least, Bhel Puri, hailing from the streets of India, is a versatile queen. Bhel needs the right combination of ingredients. You have a burst of flavors and complementing textures that people of every age will love. It’s spicy, tangy, nutty, and everything you could ask.

Bhel Pur