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Top 20 Places to have Biryani in Bangalore

Born in the Muslim households of India, Biryani is the ‘BAE’ of Indian dishes. It is made up of mixing curry with Indian spices, and if it’s a non- vegetarian preparation, meat is mixed...
Top 20 Affordable Restaurants in Bangalore

Top 20 Affordable Restaurants in Bangalore

1ChaatwalaA casual feeding outlet in Koramangala that serves food for fewer than Rs. 100  and lunch combos for seventy greenbacks may be a relief to plenty of individuals preferring a cushy feeding choice, largely comprising...

Top 20 Places To Eat In Koramangla

1 Punjab GrillAre you looking for a bit of exiting North Indian non-vegetarian food? Come to Punjab Grill. Even as I just see Punjab and grill in the same sentence, all spicy food and...
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Top 20 Best Restaurants In Bengaluru

1 Tao TeraccesThis place combines really good music and the restaurant serving up house with Asian style. Regular customers enjoy the music and ambience of this place. For good quality of food, sometimes you...
20 Within Budget Places To Eat In Bangalore

20 Within Budget Places To Eat In Bangalore

1  GraminGramin is one of those cozy places where the interiors are given a "villagy" touch. This place offers you north Indian cuisine at its best. A treat for all the pure vegetarians out...

Top 20 Places For South Indian Fans In Bangalore

Bangalore is a metropolitan city, with many types of people living. Some for their work, some are students from other cities, and some people who are born and brought up over there. Bangalore is...

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