Top 20 Places To Eat In Koramangla


1. Punjab Grill

Are you looking for a bit of exiting North Indian non-vegetarian food? Come to Punjab Grill. Even as I just see Punjab and grill in the same sentence, all spicy food and specially kebabs come to my mind. Get the best from the most flavored state of India. Punjab Grill provides a chilled out environment where you can eat and drink in open space. They provide you parking space, and you know what, they have buffets too! See you there!


2. The Black Pearl

If you are someone who loves Pirates and if food is your best friend, come to The Black Pearl. It has arrangements for 250 people! Bring your gang or family and have the best time. It is one of the unique Pirate themed restaurants in India; The Black Pearl offers North Indian, Mediterranean and European cuisines. You get free Wi-Fi and a generous range of drinks to choose from. The rooftop and outdoor seating with live music make the experience overwhelming. Well, who is there behind you?


3. Sultans Of Spice

They say cooking is an art and Sultans of Spice takes it to a whole new level. Enjoy awe-inspiring dining experience here at Sultans of Spice which offers Mughlai and North Indian delicacies. Get royal experience as you devour the signature dishes in the midst of artistic ambience. If you are looking for a place for a royal wedding or reception party, then this is the perfect place to cater your needs. It offers vehicle parking space and has a very welcoming vibe. When Diwali is round the corner, we recommend this restaurant for a festive diner with family.


4. Little Italy

Little Italy brings a little bit of Italy’s ever green romance to Bangalore. It is downright vegetarian and unquestionably healthy. It was a small restaurant in Pune, known as La Pizzeria, grew over time and now has reached to 17 cities. It has given us our favorite dishes and we love it. Little Italy gives you the best food and wine that will inspire you for the week ahead and look forward in enthusiasm.


5. Gramin

Gramin fulfills our wish of a Dhaba in a metro city. It provides you with purely vegetarian North Indian dishes. It is a beautiful village themed restaurant whose food will definitely make you lick your fingers. You can also get home delivery of their best items! It is the perfect place for friends or family outing.


6. Momo Hut

Momo Hut fulfills your craving for Chinese and Tibetan delicacies. Enjoy your Thukpa with delicious Momos. It’s not at all costly so it won’t hurt you to grab some extras. Perfect place for a quick bite and birthday treats. It is a lovely little place to hang out and enjoy with friends.


7. The Great Indian Thali

It is a vegetarian restaurant which offers the best flavors in town. The Great Indian Thali is the best place to go on Diwali. You can have the most full-filling and pleasant dine out time with your family and friends. This restaurant offers elaborate vegetarian buffets that will satisfy your mind and soul.


8. Kritunga Restaurant

It is one of the sought out restaurants in the area which is known for its Andhra dishes and Hyderabadi Biryani. If you are giving a treat to your family, then this is the perfect place. It has diligent staff which will make your experience a memorable one. With quick service and friendly price list, you will want to come here often. We recommend Raggi Muddha and Chicken Biryani.


9. The Hole in the Wall Cafe

Planning to eat something nice and quick on your lazy Sunday brunch? The Hole in the Wall Café is here to provide you with best treats, which will perfectly fit on your mood. The rustic ambience and cozy environment will make you smile. It is an ideal place for a quiet eat out after a hectic week. The yummy waffles and pancakes are sure to tickle your taste buds.


10. Truffles

This place is the perfect combine of creativity and food. It gives you one of the best burgers in town, and you will agree with them once you try out one from their menu. With prompt service, Truffles is worth your money and time. You must also try their luscious desserts which are just yummy. We recommend Ferrero Rocher Shake.


11. Yana Sizzlers

Love Chinese food? Yana Sizzlers presents you with not just Chinese but Thai, Italian and sea food. If you are a big sizzler fan, this is your home. The décor is loved by the young and old. This food venture started in 2002 and has quickly reached the epitome of success with its quality and ever efficient service. Have a sizzling evening.


12. Oye Amritsar

This place has a refreshing theme of a Punjabi Dhaba. It’s a roof top restaurant which offers you the best North Indian buffets. Festivals call for feasts so why not try out this place. Bring in your loved ones and enjoy a gala time and drink as much as you want.


13. Over the Top

If you are making weekend plans make sure you keep Over The Top on your Sunday’s visiting list as they have Sunday brunch with just Rs 999 and tax for unlimited and food and Rs 555. Bond over with a game of pool or cocktail in their spacious lounge. Relax in the airy ambience and enjoy your meal.


14. Magnolia

Are you looking for a quick, tasty bite? Come over to Magnolia to devour over Chinese or Thai cuisines. As they say that we taste the aroma first, well you can’t disagree when you are at Magnolia as the aroma of Momos, Dim Sum and Chicken will make you crave for more. Chi de kai Xin!!


15. Berry’d Alive

A perfect place for desserts. Good food undoubtedly brings in the good mood. Berry’d Alive surely does that with its toothsome varieties. We recommend Hazelnut Crème Pot which is an impressive custard and also one of many demanded items. The place has a very colorful and joyous feel which will surely get onto you.


16. The Naga Chef

If you are from the North Eastern part of India, or you want to get a peek of their spicy food then you must visit The Naga Chef. It has the best pork dishes in the city and has a very cozy and traditional ambience. With pictures and music which depicts Naga culture, you will feel nostalgic. This place is for spicy food lovers.


17. Carrots

The restaurant‘s name depicts the dishes present in it i.e. healthy and tasty. It is an absolute place for vegan food lovers. The menu consists of Italian and North Indian cuisines too. The staffs are friendly and will explain you the importance of each item. It’s a pleasurable place for tea party with your beloved ones. Bon appetite!


18. Panch Phoron

Hunting for Bong food? Your search stops here. Panch Phoron serves you the best Bengali food. Bengali food consists of different fish cuisines, chicken and sweet curd. You will love what they have to offer. It has a homely atmosphere and amicable staff. We recommend Chingri Macher Malai Karri, Doi Mach and Kosha Mangsho with Jeera Rice. Mon bole erektu chai!


19. Cafe Thulp

This place has a very appealing and spellbinding décor. This place is for burger fans. We recommend you their beef burgers. Spend splendid time with friends as you play board games and talk your heart’s content out as you eat. The menu has an international feel, and the chef maintains the same with his art. As they say, we eat with our eyes first, mouth comes next.


20. Fenny’s Lounge and Kitchen

Located at a prime location, Fenny’s Lounge is aristocratically spacious. It offers Mediterranean, Continental, sea food and mouth watering pizzas. It has parking space and an elaborate pub. It makes dine out an experience to cherish. It is a must-try restaurant in town. We recommend Fenny’s spicy chicken pizza and red wine.