Top 20 Places For South Indian Fans In Bangalore


Bangalore is a metropolitan city, with many types of people living. Some for their work, some are students from other cities, and some people who are born and brought up over there. Bangalore is one of the beautiful cities in India and attract a large amount of tourist.Bangalore is known as to be the heart of Karnataka with lots of south Indians around. And when we reside somewhere their food becomes a part of our culture.People have a strange thinking, when you say south Indian food, the only thing comes to their mind is dosa and idli.But south India food is just not limited to that, there is lot more. Hence south Indian food is a part of Banglorean culture, so here are some of the best place in Bangalore.


Szechuan Dragon

Its located in Basavanagudi, the place is affordable and the charges are reasonable. It sells one of the best south Indian dishes with a Chinese twist and touch to it. One who loves spicy food this just the right place to be visited. The idli chilli is the most famous here, along with all the other dishes. The service is good and the staff is friendly, the place has a good ambiance too. The illuminating lights with the classy tables around gives good vibes and peaceful feeling.



It’s a small place with village like setting, its located in koranangala. The place has wonderful cuisines they serve the best of madu vada. Among all the foods there medu vada is most famous. The place brings back all the memories of native place and being residing in city people tend to miss their native place. Then this is the place to visit, it also serves north Indian food. The setting is wonderful with brick walls, the staff is good and the charges for the food is also average.


Shree Sagar (ctr)

It is the best place to taste the ‘golli bajhi’it’s a pakoda kind of thing which tastes amazing. It’s the most famous dish of Bangalore, it is served with the green chutney which is made up of corriender and mint. The whole dish just taste amazing and it is mouth watering. Shree sagar is located in malleshwaram, it’s the most crowded place in the area. Because of the food it serves, if ever want to taste authentic Bangalorean dishes then this is just the place to visit.


Om Pure Veg

This is a place where you will get all the types of food but pure veg. The hotel is located in infantry road. It’s the place where you will find the ghar ka khana within your budget. The cost charged for food is  average and the service is astonishing. The food is of good quality along with quantity, they even have north Indianthallis and other Indian dishes. The sabidana khichdi is very well known. Its not like regular khichdis its made of in a similar manner but it is a bit sweet. The place is a must visit to explore food in bangalore.


Vasudev Adigaa’s

It is the place which serves the best sambhar, this place will make you come back again and again just to taste that sambhar. Its located in indhiranagar, the place serves one of the best south Indian thali. With the rice, salad, and the veggies made with coconut milk, even the big roti- just like the south Indians like. Everything precise and perfectly placed. The cost is affordable and the staff is welcoming. Its a homely place to visit.


Taaza Thindi

The place is best known for its dosa, located in jayanagar. It’s a small restaurant with cozy settings, and a wonderful and welcoming staff and surrounding. The price is affordable, the dosa is a must try if you visit the place. The place is well-known for its maintenance and their food quality.It’s always clean and neat and their food and the dishes are extremely hygienic. The dosas are perfectly crisp and juicy, the idlis are soft and fluffy and the chutney and sambhar are not to be forgotten they are just exceptional.


Kabab Magic

Karnataka is located near sea cost and thatmakes sense when we say they are hard core fish and meat consumer. In the costal areas the food they consume is rice and fish, hence the sea foods are an important part of south Indian cuisines. Kabab magic is located in jayanagar, and they sell the best of kababs. They have various kinds of kababs not just chicken kababs but also fish and prawn kababs, they have kababs made of different seafood’s. It’s just delightful to taste those kababs, the price is average and the ambiance is good and even the staff.


New Modern Hotel

It is one of the place which will gives the fastest service, located in basavanagudi. The place is basically a decade old. The place is easy on pockets.The food served is fresh and hygienic.The dosa is served on the banana leaf as the traditional pattern of eating in south India. The dosa are large and thin, they are crisp and they taste wonders. All the other foods are also amazing at the same time.



It is the place which is known to every local person in basavanagudi. The people will only recommend you this place if you tend to ask for any recommendation, the place is famous for its crispy masala dosa and sambhar. And the complimenting chutney is not to be forgotten, their would be no bangaloreans who wouldn’t have tasted food from here for once. The poori sabzi is very popular along the crowd, along with the idli sambhar and the special dish is the pineapple sheera, its nothing but a mouthwatering dish.


Maiyas Restaurant

They have a unique way of providing the south Indian meal, they serve it with the all time favorite drink of south Indians, that’s the coffee. Though the place provides a delicious range of north Indian food but it has no match to the south Indian thalli consisting of 24 items. The place is located in jayanagar, it has a great ambiance and peaceful surrounding. The cost is affordable and the staff is friendly and welcoming.


South Thindies

It’s a restaurant but it doesn’t have seats, so basically no one has to wait for seats even if it’s crowded as hell. The place is in basavanagudi, there are counters just like we have in bar booths.The dish is served directly and freshly when it is made and you can see your order being prepared in front of you. Even though there is no seats, the people visiting are more than comfortable and enjoy there meal standing. The place is always crowded and is popular among the people. The price is average and the service is great.



This is the place which is a local restaurant but is known for its interior decor, most of the restaurants in Bangalore are normal with not much interior, unless its a big 5star. But Tayyabs is one of the place located in Indira nagar, this place is very charming and attractive. People enjoy the treat of being in a big restaurant in an average price, the staff is cordial and welcoming. The food is as wonderful as there decor.  Apart from the unique setting the place is popular for its foods, they serve great south Indian food along with some unique dishes like beda rotis and rolls.


Manjit Ka Dhaba

It sounds like a Punjabi restaurant and it basically is one, its owned by Punjabis. They have settled in Bangalore for a long time now, and it was started for the people there to have some taste and try some of Punjabi food and hence it’s the only dhaba in frazer town. But along with the Punjabi food they serve best south Indian foos in the frazer town, the butter dosa is not gone unnoticed by the local crowd there. It is loved by all the people, there masala dosa is unique, they serve it with the Punjabi filling which gives a Punjabi twist to the south Indian dish.



It is the best place to taste some delicious seafood, located in HSR the place is sheer majic when it comes to its food. The pomfret polichattu and the Malabar fish are the top dishes to be tatsed, the fish is perfectly done, juicy and crispy. They serve not just bangalorean food but also Kerela and Tamil food.They are delight to try, the kerela parotta and the roast chicken with appams. It’s a good experience to be there. The price is average and the service is good.



Want a typical traditional south Indian experience of eating on a banana leaf? Then this is the place to be visited. The food is spicy, juicy and perfect.In every sense it makes the true south Indian dishes. They have a chetinadu style of food, special non veg meals, sura putta and the viral fish fry. The crab soup is a must try and last but not the least the paper dosa. It literally looks like a paper. The ambiance is good the place is welcoming and homely. The cost and the staff is average and great too.



Its locate in Indira nagar and a perfect place for dining with friends and family. They have buffets, veg buffets to be precise. They have some unique dishes like the biscuit sandwich, the food is great.Also they have fruits served as compliment. The ambiance is good, the staff is helpful and the charges are also considerably low. Their dosa and the medu vada grab attention.They are popular among the customers. The southindies are also known for there presentation and serving style.The food is decorated and served in a very good manner. The hygiene is maintained very well, the tables and plates are always clean and the place always have a good fragrance in the air.


Brahmins Coffee Bar

It is located in one of the food hub of the city, basavanagudi. This is a must visit place in Bangalore, according to the local people there. The place will make you fall in love with idlis and vadas even if you don’t like them, just visit here and try it once you will surely like it. It’s a neat and tidy place, it is rated as one of the best places for having breakfast and snacks. They sell the best filter coffee and the best of idli. The staff is very welcoming and the place has a great surrounding.They charge minimal compared to their services. It’s a place to become a fan and come again and again.


Veena Stores

It’s a classic south Indian joint, located in malleshwaram. The place is almost always crowded, they have a traditional south Indian Brahmin menu. The must tries are the puliyogare, kesari baath, coffee and idli vada. The idlisare fresh, soft and fluffy.The kesari bhaat is the sweet dish like sheera.It’s the best one can ever taste. They are been serving now for over a decade but the quality has never decreased, its always been growing just like the customers.


Mavalli Tiffin Room

MTR as it is known is located in basavanagudi, the place is classic with black and white photos hanging and the entrance showing the pictures of the kings and nobles of the olden ages. It’s like a film set, but is very peaceful and welcoming. It’s one of the oldest places here, it’s a typical south Indian joint, just like it is in the native places. With the normal tables and plastic chairs and an adjoining kitchen. It’s just like another canteen, but the food is magic. Once eaten cannot be forgotten. It’s a must visit place, if you visit basavangudi.


Big Brewsky

They are known for their romantic setting, located in sarajpur road. It’s an amazing place to visit and to have party with friends and family, they habe the pool and even a bar. It’s an impressive experience and the place is not that much expensive. It’s perfect for the lazy Sunday south Indian brunch, the food is amazing and the service is at its best. The place is even more delight at the night dining they have live music, nightlights and even outdoor seating. They serve different kinds of foods along with south Indian dishes, but the south Indian dishes are the most popular once among there customer.