20 Within Budget Places To Eat In Bangalore

20 Within Budget Places To Eat In Bangalore

1  Gramin

Gramin is one of those cozy places where the interiors are given a “villagy” touch. This place offers you north Indian cuisine at its best. A treat for all the pure vegetarians out there and even for those who follow ’no onion no garlic’ in their food, otherwise known as Jain food. It is located in 7th block, Kormanangala. All you need is ₹400 to have a satisfying meal for two. When you go there, do not leave without trying their amazing Thalis.


2 Kota Kachori

You have a weakness for the mouth watering Rajasthani cuisine; this is where you need to visit next time you head out for food. Located in the eye catchy location on the 6th block, Kormangala, it’s usually crowded with people who stop by to grab the varieties of kachori provided there. They also have this tummy filling and absolutely delicious Jaipuri thali, and mini malai ghevar, which is a must eat in this place. Don’t be surprised if you get a bill less than Rs.500/- even after the two of you filling your stomach to it’s full.


3 Vidyarthi Bhavan

Located in Basavangudi, this pre-independence food joint has been serving authentic south Indian food for bangloreans for ages and the legacy still lives. If you are a fan of the typical breakfast only and only available in south India and if you’ve not already visited this place, trust me you are missing out a lot. When you do go there, don’t forget to order a plate of Benne Masala Dosa. The way the waiters carry 20 odd plates of dosa is a show to watch. The whole meal for two would approximately cost you around Rs.150/.


4 Maiyas Restaurant

This newbie, located right on the 4th block of Jayanagar, has left all the age old hotels far behind in serving the people of Bangalore the tastiest traditional Karnataka cuisine. Though usually crowded with passers-by stopping to taste the delicacies they offer, the staff has never failed the in placing the hot food in front of you. They are very well known for their South Indian breakfasts. They also do serve north Indian cuisine, fast foods, and desserts. The cost for two would be around ₹250.


5 Khan Saheb Grills And Rolls

This particular food chain has multiple outlets in Bangalore. They serve quick bite, rolls and kebabs made right in front of you using those age old techniques of singra( small tandoor). The open kitchen shows the customers about the cleanliness of their kitchen and also a very dramatized view. And for approximately Rs.400/- you’ll get your meal of their most famous Baida rolls, Kheema rolls, and other chicken dishes.


6 Murli

This is located in Bellandur which provides the best comfort food for North Indians. Costing nearly Rs.500/- for two, this places offers a huge variety of North Indian, street food, and mithais. They are very popular for their North Indian Chhole and Aloo tikki.


7 Nagarjuna Chimney

You ever plan on wrapping up your evening with a content Andhra meal this is where you should head towards. Its located in Jayanagar and is very famous for its typical Andhra cuisine. They serve the best Andhra style chicken chilly and other dishes at an approximate cost for Rs.500/- for two. Trust me their quantity is insane.


8 Gud Dhani

Located in BTM Layout, this place feels like home for all those who love the Rajasthani cuisine. This place provides only vegetarian food with the desserts that make you feel like you’ve been transported to the Rajasthan itself. When you are done with your heavenly meal here of Rs.500/-, wash it down with their in-house Special Jaljeera.


9 Chetty’s Corner

They too own many outlets scattered across the whole of Bangalore. They have a unique variety of food to offer, of average rate of Rs.150/- and it’s nothing but our comfort food with a modern twist. When you do go there, do not forget ordering Bun Nippat, cheese twistato ( the twistato here is way unique than the ones we normally find).


10 Khawa Karpo

Located in Koramangala is this beautiful place that offers us with authentic Chinese and Tibetian food that too at a reasonable price of Rs.250/. The must try food here are Dry chicken Lhaping, Thupka, Chicken Shaptak and Fried chicken Thienthuk.


11 Istanbul Doner

In a prime location of Indiranagar, located is this mouth-watering Turkish food joint. Al you’ll need is Rs.200/- in your pocket to fill your tummy. Must try their special Lamb Kebabs, Shish Tawook and Doners all at a reasonable cost.


12 48 East

48 East is the place which serves you almost every dish compromising of the Asian cuisine and not just Chinese. They are very famous for their quick home deliveries and that too your food comes really hot to your door steps. The meal for one would cost around Rs.250/.


13 Kitchen Of Joy

This place is best known for their Bengali cuisine that tastes like its just picked up from a Bengali home. To all the Bengalis who can’t frequently visit home for your food craving can surely get yourselves to Indiranagar, where this place is located. They hands down serve the best Kolkata style biriyani, mughlai paratha, and Mutton kosha. PS do try their other dishes of average Rs.350/.


14 Fresh Menu

This is perfect for the days when we are lazy to go out but still want a restaurant style food at home. Fresh menu is an online based home delivery system which promises to deliver hot food within a few minutes to your door step at any corner of Bangalore only at average rate of Rs.500/- for two person. Their menu changes day to day and varies from Japanese to Mediterranean and, Thai to Mexican and so on. The most interesting part being the healthy and still yummy food they provide have the calories mentioned on the website.


15 Indy Hop

This fusion food joint located in Koramangala, 7th block offers its customer a cozy place to grab a few quick bites in. They mostly offer you comfort food with a western twist. Best place to visit when you plan for a quick grab of something yummy. If you are actually hungry, the ask for their interesting combo offers. They are worth the try and even after this your bill would hardly reach Rs.400/.


16 Yumlok

We all know how our mothers always keep aside a few dishes for our guests, well the whole menu here is based on the same concept. This is a new place opened recently in AECS layout, Brookefield. Their innovative menu is the most eye catchy ingredient of the hotel. The open kitchen, and the hot food straight from the tava to your plate gives you the ”maa ka haath wala khaana feel” in just ₹350 only. Do try all of their US Aunty waali Chaats, Yumlok thali and month end thali.


17 Donne Biriyani Angadi Mane

Having four outlets all around Bangalore, serving the age old tradition of Donne biriyani. They offer various chicken dishes and a few types of biriyanis in Rs.250/- for two people. There are various vendors that go by the almost same name, so don’t get confused. Make sure you go to the right place and grab their house famous special Donne biriyani.


18 Achayyan’s

Located in Indiranagar, this hotel offers the best Keralan cuisine at an affordable price. If you are a Keralite and new to Bangalore, there’s a high possibility that you’ll miss home food. This place would be your second home. They provide mouth-watering beef dishes cooked in the proper taste of Kerala. This place offers crazy quantity at very cheap prices. It would cost approximately Rs.350/- for two.


19 Eat Street

Don’t we all have friends who can’t agree on one place to head to for food? Here’s your solution: Eat Street. This is a hotel where the whole place depicts and is made to look like an actual street with food vendors of various brand names on both sides. This place offers you almost all categories of foods average of Rs.400/- and also fun to go with friends or family. It would bring back the memories of going to a food fair.


20 Corner House

To every banglorean, Corner House is the name very well heard of for its very famous DBC i.e., Death By Chocolate. They are an ice cream and cake parlor and give really tasty ones in approximate Rs.250/- for two peoples. There are like so many outlets all over Bangalore, and you can find one close to you by looking online if you already don’t know where it is. The must tries are DBC and Hot Caramelo Pudding, which is warm toffee caramel cake with butterscotch ice cream.


These aren’t the only places serving good food at pocket-friendly prices in Bangalore, but these sure are the best ones.