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Tag: Idiyappam

Top 20 Steamed Dishes You Should Have

Top 20 Steamed Dishes You Should Have

1 Amiri KhamanKhamman is famous in North-India. It made by mixing bread with suji and other seasonal vegetables like peas, carrot and other evergreen vegetables like tomato, onion,, coriander leaves, etc. Salt is added...

Top 20 Best Dishes Of Kerala

1SadhyaSadhya is known as the traditional vegetarian feast of Keralites. Sadhya consists of a multi- course meal that includes many vegetarian curries which can be eaten with rice. After all the tasty food stuff...
Top 20 Steamed Dishes Of India

Top 20 Steamed Dishes Of India

Steamed foods are suited for everyone as they do not use oil and none of the nutrients are lost. When we boil vegetables, we tend to throw away the water and thus in the...
Top 20 Rice Flour Dishes

Top 20 Rice Flour Dishes

The food we eat is full of nutrients and healthy to our human body. Rice flour is also considered to play a vital role in our human diet. Rice flour is rich in fiber,...

Top 20 Vegetarian Dishes in Tamil Nadu

1DosaDosa is the well-known breakfast in Tamil Nadu. The first step is to make a fermented batter in the form of pancake. The main ingredient used for making Dosa is rice and black gram....
Top 20 Delicious And Economical Dishes Of Kerala

Top 20 Delicious And Economical Dishes Of Kerala

All the food listed below tastes really good and are highly economical, all of them starting from tens and twenties to a hundred or one hundred and fifty won’t burn a hole in your...
South Indian Dishes You Should Try Once

20 South Indian Dishes You Should Try Once

South Indian dishes are the dishes which satisfies your soul. As you read this, I will be walking through some nice locations in South India to have them. The places are awesome and everyone...
20 Dishes From Kerala Worth Drooling For

20 Dishes From Kerala Worth Drooling For

1 IdiyappamIdiyappam is a dish from Kerala. People from Kerala make it from rice flour. It has its origin marked decades ago. They make it in the form of noodles and eat with sugar...

Top 20 Must Try Foods in Kerala

1 SadhyaSadhya is a Malayalam word which means banquet and is a variety of vegetarian dishes served on a banana leaf. This is a famous dish during weddings or any ceremonies in Kerala. On...

Top 20 Food Items You Must Try While In Alleppey

 1. Puttu And KadalaThis curry will be the favourite of those who are fond of chickpeas, and there are different variations of it such as Punjabi Kala chana and chat. Puttu is coconut with...

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