Top 20 Foods From Every Indian State

top 20 foods from every indian state

Every country has its own cuisine. But, surprisingly, there is no Indian cuisine. The different communities that have inhabited India for centuries all have their own culinary traditions, which collectively make Indian cuisine. It is characterised by a wide variety of flavors that will suit every taste. That is what makes Indian cuisine so special. Here are our top 20 dishes from different Indian states.

1. Masor Tenga From Assam

Assam is the gateway to the Northeast Indian states. Assamese cuisine is diverse and flavorful, and boasts vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Masor Tenga is a much-loved food in Assam. It is a sour fish curry made with Rohu fish and tomatoes cooked in mustard oil tempered with fenugreek seeds.Masor Tenga

2. Litti Chokha From Bihar

The star of the Bihari cuisine, Litti Chokha is a popular dish eaten in Bihar, Jharkhand, and parts of Uttar Pradesh. It is a versatile dish that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The Litti is made with whole wheat flour, spices, pulses, and herbs. The Chokha, or curry served with the Litti is made with eggplant or potato.Litti Chokha

3. Aamat From Chattisgarh

Chhattisgarh cuisine is flavorful and spicy. The tribal delicacies made in Chattisgarh have become a favorite among food lovers. Aamat is a traditional tribal dish made in Bastar in Chattisgarh. It is a mixed vegetable soup best had with rice. It is mild flavored but delicious.Aamat

4. Bebinca From Goa

Goanese cuisine has a lot of Portuguese influence since Goa had once been a Portuguese colony. It is an amalgamation of European and coastal flavors. Bebinca is a layered pastry made with eggs, butter, and coconut milk. It can have as many as 17 layers. Bebinca is usually served with a dollop of ice cream.Bebinca

5. Khandvi From Gujarat

Gujarat has so many delectable snack items that it is hard to choose just one of them. Khandvi is one such dish that is best enjoyed as a tea-time snack. It is made with gram flour and sour curd and tastes similar to Dhokla.Khandvi

6. Madra From Himachal Pradesh

Himachali cuisine is hearty and flavorful, and would protect you from the Himalayan winds. Himachal Pradesh has its very own food festival called Dham where Madra is served. The gravy base is made with curd and herbs, and pulses added are kidney beans, chickpeas, and black-eyed beans.Madra

7. Gatte Ki Sabji From Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a princely state boasting of royal mansions and incredible history. This colorful state is a popular destination for tourists. Rajasthani cuisine is mostly vegetarian and flavorful. Gatte ki Sabji is a staple dish in Rajasthan. The gravy is made with curd and gram flour balls boiled in water are then added to it.TGatte Ki Sabji

8. Idiyappam From Kerala

Kerala is often said to be the best state in India. With a progressive society, high literacy rate, and breathtaking backwaters that attract tourists year-round, Kerala lives up to the hype. Kerala cuisine includes lots of meat and seafood. Idiyappam is made with Sevai strands cooked in the shape of dumplings. It can be enjoyed with any curry and can be had for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.Idiyappam

9. Thalipeeth From Maharashtra

Every Indian state has a different version of the humble pancake. Thalipeeth is Maharashtra’s take on the pancake. It is a dish made during fasts. Thalipeeth is made with sago pearls and rice flour and is a nutritious dish.Thalipeeth

10. Akhuni From Nagaland

The cuisine of the Northeast Indian states gets largely ignored in most mainstream discussions. This dish is made with fermented soybeans and has a very strong, pungent smell. Akhuni is used in a variety of dishes to add flavor.

11. Jadoh From Meghalaya

Jadoh, a dish cooked by the Khasi tribe, is like Meghalaya’s answer to the mainland’s Biryani or Pulao. It is made with a particular type of rice called Joha rice. The rice is slowly cooked in spices and pork blood, and minced pork pieces are added to it. The most authentic version of this dish can be found in the tribal kitchens of Meghalaya.

12. Misa Mach Poora From Mizoram

This is a simple yet very filling dish. Shrimp is flavoured with local spices and grilled on hot charcoal wrapped in a banana leaf. It is served alongside steamed rice. This comforting dish is for you if you are a seafood lover.

13. Chenna Poda From Odisha

The tribal state of Odisha has many delectable dishes that are a must-try. One of them is the Chenna Poda. Chenna is made with curdling milk. Once the Chenna is sweetened and flavoured, it is then fried to give it its unique smokiness.

14. Chur Chur Naan From Punjab

Also called Amritsari Kulcha, street food vendors across Amritsar serve this dish. It is made with flour, potato, and spices for that extra flavor. This Kulcha is served alongside Pindi Chole.

15. Momo From Sikkim

Momo is a hugely famous snack item that is enjoyed by everyone all over India. Lots of experiments have been done on this dish. But did you know that the best authentic Momos are found in the Himalayan kingdom of Sikkim? Momo is originally a Tibetan dish made with flour and minced meat or cabbage. If you dislike fusion food and want to taste authentic flavors, head to Sikkim for Momos.

16. Filter Kaapi From Tamil Nadu

If you are visiting Chennai, then enjoying a cup of Filter Kaapi is a must. Filter Kaapi is an acquired taste. It has a bitter undernote that might surprise you when you try it for the first time. But once you build up on the taste, we guarantee that you will never go back to your instant coffee!

17. Awan Bangwi From Tripura

It is a traditional Tripuri delicacy. It is rice cakes and minced pork, cooked with herbs and spices and wrapped in banana leaves.

18. Bal Mithai From Uttarkhand

It is a famous sweetmeat found in every sweet shop in Uttarakhand, especially in Almora and Kumaon. Bal Mithai has a fudgy texture. It is made with Khoya and Ghee. Sugar-coated poppy seeds are used to cover the sweet.

19. Pesarattu From Andhra Pradesh

Pesarattu is a dosa made with mung lentil batter. Urad dal is not used in making it. It has a thin texture and is enjoyed as a breakfast or snack. Pesarattu is served with a Pachadi, which is like the North Indian Aachar.

20. Chingri Maacher Malaikari From West Bengal

This delightful dish is as much popular among locals as it is with tourists. Made with prawns and coconut, this dish has mild and sweet flavors that will take you on a gastronomic delight. It is best enjoyed with steaming rice or Porotta.