Street Food In Alleppey: 20 Satisfying Options

street food in alleppey 20 satisfying options
street food in alleppey 20 satisfying options

The beaches, temples, shops, churches, and so on make Alleppey a popular tourist destination. Rather, it is a tourist attraction where delicious food can be found. There are fine dining restaurants in Alleppey, as well as street food vendors, which tourists have enjoyed and appreciated. What should you order when you’re there? The list below comprises the top 20 famous and best street foods in Alleppey.

1. The Kerala Sadya

Alleppey has some of the best street foods that can be found on its local streets. In addition to being popular among the local residents of Alleppey, this place is also a popular tourist attraction. This dish comes on a banana leaf rather than as a typical street food item. In this platter, you’ll find banana chips, pickles, rice, curd, papad, and coconut chutney.

Best place to try: Alleppey’s floating market.

The Kerala Sadya

2. Puttu And Kadala

This dish will not disappoint food lovers. This dish is one of the must-try dishes in Alleppey due to its combination of flavors and variations. There are other names for it as well, such as Punjabi Kala Chana. In almost all of its preparations, chickpeas are the main ingredient. Coconut and steamed rice are the perfect combinations. The best way to eat them is with roti or poori.

Location: Canal Bazaar, Alleppey is the best place to try.

Puttu And Kadla

3. Idli And Sambar

In Alleppey, a popular city in Kerala, you will find Idli and Sambar on the local street food menu. You will fall in love with the delicious and tasty flavors of this authentic dish of Alleppey the moment you taste it. While you can eat this dish throughout the day, breakfast is usually the preferred time to consume it. The food is both quick and fast to eat, as well as being low in fat calories.

Best place to try: Alleppey’s floating market.

Idli And Sambar

4. Malabar Biryani

The city of Alleppey is not short on places serving the best flavours of Biryani, though it is one of the most popular dishes in North India. One perfect example that shows this perfectly is Malabar Biryani. This delicious Biryani will make you fall in love with its flavors immediately. The taste and flavors of this dish are guaranteed to be just right since Alleppey has a touch of Islam and Mughals in its history.

The best place to try: floating Market, Alleppey.

Malabar Biryani

5. Kerala Fish Curry

It is impossible to compare Kerala’s fish curry with anything else in this region. It is recommended to taste the fish curry available in Alleppey since it will not taste the same as any other variation of the fish curry. It is served in an earthen pot, which further enhances the taste of the dish. This is a favorite dish for tourists because it is served in an earthen pot.

The best place to try: Canal Bazaar, Alleppey.

Kerela Fish Curry

6. Idiyappam

In Alleppey, you can find this breakfast dish on most of the local streets. Before starting their day, people often eat this dish. Served with the best and fine taste, this dish is made with appam and roasted eggs. You can either make this dish with thick or thin gravy, depending on your preference. But thick gravy is something Alleppey locals recommend.

The best place to try: Canal Bazaar, Alleppey.


7. Ela Ada

The flavors in this dish are some of the most authentic and traditional ones from South India. Everything you expect from a South Indian dish is in this dish. The main ingredients in this dish are rice, coconut, jaggery, etc. They enhance the dish and deliver the best flavors.  Whether you want to eat this dish for breakfast or as a snack, you can. This dish can also be customized to suit your taste by changing the fillings and stuffing’s.

The best place to try: Canal Bazaar, Alleppey.

Ela Ada

8. Shappu Meen Curry

This is one of the most popular and famous dishes among tourists and visitors. You can choose between different flavors and varieties. Spices provide a mouth-watering taste to the meal, so it is rich in that factor. This dish is very popular among tourists due to its appealing taste. For an evening snack or as an accompaniment to any of the day’s meals, this can be a nice dish.

The best place to try: Floating market, Alleppey.

Shappu Mean Curry

9. Thalassery Biryani

There is yet another type of Biryani that is no less delicious than any other traditional South Indian dish. The dish is enjoyed by both the locals of Alleppey and the tourists who visit the town. The Thalasseri Biryani contradicts the belief that Alleppey cannot provide quality Islamic food. The taste and flavor of this Biryani is further enhanced by the use of Kaima rice.

The best place to try: Floating market, Alleppey.

Thalasseri Biryani

10. Semiya Payasam

Semiya Payasam, also known as Vermicelli Rice, is one of Alleppey’s famous sweet dishes. Due to it being a specialty of Alleppey, it is only prepared during some special festivals and occasions. The dish is served in mud pots, which makes it more delicious and attractive to tourists. This dish uses milk, rice, etc., and is topped with nuts, making it a healthy option to try.

The best place to try: Canal Bazaar, Alleppey.

Semiya Payasam

11. Kanji And Payar

This is the dish that you must try if you want more American flavors in Alleppey. American flavors are evident in this dish, which consists of cheese and macaroni. It is among the most popular dishes among tourists who want to try something new. It is quite unusual to find such a dish on the local streets of Alleppey.

The best place to try: Near Alappuzha Beach, Alleppey.

Kanji And Payar

12. Banana Chips

Banana chips are synonymous with Kerala or any other city in South India. When in Alleppey, you must try the banana chips. Aside from attracting locals and tourists alike, these tasty chips are highly sought after by the locals. A majority of tourists choose these chips as their snacks because they are easily available and can be eaten at any time of the day. They also make a good companion when strolling around Alleppey.

The best place to try: Are easily available anywhere in Alleppey.

Banana Chips

13. Malabar Parotta

Street food that is light, calorie-free and tastes amazing is one of the most popular street foods in Alleppey. As far as the health quotient of the dish is concerned, it is very much healthy since it is prepared using only healthy ingredients. This dish is made with bread, flour, eggs, water, and ghee, among other ingredients. You can serve this with chicken curry for the best flavor. If you’re in Alleppey, you must try this dish.

The best place to try: Canal Bazaar, Alleppey.

Malabar Porotta

14.Lunar And Kallu

Aside from the various types of delicious food items available in Alleppey, this is one of the best beverages. Coconut water and toddy are the two main ingredients and they are both refreshing when made into a drink. A coconut tree extract known as toddy is also used. After tasting the best tasting and most flavorful local street food in Alleppey, it is a must-try beverage. With its amazing taste, you will surely feel refreshed.

The best place to try: Near to the beaches of Alleppey.

Lunar and Kallu

15. Mutton Paya Masala

Among the most popular dishes in Alleppey is this Bengali dish. It makes a good option for a complete meal since it contains mutton as the main ingredient. It is served with roti or rice and is easily found on the streets of Alleppey. Most houses in Alleppey prepare the dish, which is accompanied by a large number of vegetables.

The best place to try: Floating market, Alleppey.

Mutton Paya Masala

16. Paalada Pradhaman

In Alleppey, this is one of the traditional dishes that are prepared on special occasions or at festivals. Coconut milk and jaggery are used in preparation of this dish, which is delicious. You can enjoy this dish in Alleppey during the Onam festival. When different nuts are added to the dish, it is further enhanced in flavor. In addition to enhancing the flavors, there are several varieties of this dish to choose from.

The best place to try: Canal Bazaar, Alleppey.

Paalada Pradhaman

17. Cheera Parippu Thoran

This is the perfect dish to try if you are a health-conscious person and are looking for a healthy dish that is low in calories. Since this dish uses leafy vegetables, it has an extremely high health quotient. A great side dish, you can eat it with roti, rice, or you can eat it alone. Iron, vitamins, and minerals are present in it.

The best place to try: Floating market, Alleppey.

Cheera Parippu Thoran

18. Naranga Curry

One of the most famous dishes among the local residents of Alleppey is this curry. Even though there is no vinegar or lime in the dish, it still tastes very much like pickles. With the addition of spices and chilies, jaggery provides the best flavor to the dish. Another quality of this dish is that it can be preserved for 2-3 days without refrigeration, and it is therefore prepared frequently in Alleppey.

The best place to try: Canal Bazaar, Alleppey.

Naranga Curry

19. Pulissery

If you are looking for something that can deliver you a taste and flavor that is different from the typical, then Pulissery is the perfect dish that you should try. Using ripe mangoes, this dish has an incredible combination of sweet and sour flavors. After the meal is over, you can taste the dish for an unforgettable taste you will remember for a long time.

The best place to try: Floating market, Alleppey.


20. Kozhi Curry

If you haven’t tasted Kozhi Curry while in Alleppey, then you have certainly missed one of Alleppey’s best tastes. Although it looks similar to another popular dish of Alleppey called fish curry, the taste is totally different. Both rice and roti are served with it. You can also have this dish as a snack without gravy if you want. The best companion to your taste when in Alleppey is this spicy delight.

The best place to try: Canal Bazaar, Alleppey.

Kozhi Curry

You must try these famous street foods in Alleppey. It is these dishes that make the area more famous and popular with tourists and visitors. Once you’ve sampled these best street foods in Alleppey, you will return to explore the natural beauty of the place instead of tasting the delicious flavors again. Are you thinking of visiting Alleppey soon? Enjoy these amazing street food options there and tell us about your experience.