Top 20 Street Food To Try In Chennai

Top 20 Street Food To Try In Chennai 2
Top 20 Street Food To Try In Chennai 2

With every point in Chennai filled with historical significance and excitement, visitors looking for something truly unique and extraordinary need to dig a little deeper. Street food to try in Chennai is a must-try when you visit Chennai. Great dishes in a great atmosphere. Discover the best street food you can find in Chennai and check out the 20 items you must try!


 Sundal is one of the famous street foods in Chennai and is prepared for almost all festivals and auspicious occasions in Tamil Nadu. It is made of white peas, onion and coconut. This food is an all-time favorite across most households in India. One should try these tasty and spicy snacks, especially at Marina Beach.



 A street food favorite especially in Chennai, this Atho snack is made of egg dumplings that are coated and deep-fried and then served with tangy, spicy mustard dipping sauce. Athos is mostly famous for being served as a breakfast item in Chennai. Athos is best eaten hot and fresh.

Atho 1


 Chennai’s street foods are famous for their interesting names. It is said that if you haven’t tried bhajji, then you haven’t visited Chennai. The most common food in Chennai is bhajji. It is also known as the southern version of Pakora. It is made up of finely chopped vegetables, rolled in a mixture of gram flour, salt, and pepper, and then deep-fried.



 Puttu is a south Indian breakfast dish prepared using rice powder and grated coconut. It is typically served with curry made using groundnut powder or gingelly oil. Puttu is a great example of how the food of a city evolves to suit the palate of its people.



 Have you ever tried eating street food in Chennai? Well, Idiyappam is a must-try! It is one of the most famous breakfast recipes in Chennai and is made out of rice flour and coconut milk. Idiyappam is a traditional food that is eaten in Tamil Nadu. Idiyappam is a perfect food for breakfast.


6.Kothu Parotta

 Kothu Parotta is a South Indian delicacy that is mainly popular in Chennai and surrounding regions. Kothu Parotta is roti, sliced chicken, egg and onion, cooked together in a delicious sauce. It is made by hacking up parotta (a kind of Indian flatbread) that has been lightly fried on the sides, into small pieces.

Kothu Parotta


 Thukpa, a Tibetan noodle soup, is one of the most popular street foods to try in Chennai. The long thin yellow noodles are served with aromatic broth with vegetables and ginger. This soup is made from vegetables, like cabbage, along with meat, usually chicken.



Idli is the most popular breakfast in the whole of Tamil Nadu. Idli is made with the fermented batter of rice and urad. You can easily get idli at many places, and this one cannot be missed. Made famous by its taste and at a cheap cost, it is widely popular among locals.

Idli 1


 Panipuri is a popular street food in Chennai. It is a wonderful deep-fried dish made with a special bread crumb which is even better dipped in coriander chutney. Fried lovely balls in spicy water filled with tangy tamarind and veggies, panipuri is a delicious street food you should try in Chennai.

Panipuri 1


 These are some of the popular things to try when you are in Chennai. Ohh! Do not forget to try the sweet dish in Tamil Nadu cuisine, which is called “boli”. A big favorite at the many sweet shops in Chennai is their Bolis. The main ingredients of this sweet dish are Bengal gram, maida, sugar, ghee and cardamoms.



 Everyone has different tastes but street food will always be on top of the list of favorite food for many. Uthappam is one such street food that has won the hearts of millions. Uthappam is the South Indian version of a pancake. It is made of a batter of fermented rice and urad dal.



 Chennai is the place where you should never forget the street food experience. Although chaat is a North Indian dish, in Chennai also chaat is a very popular street food. It is like a mind explosion of flavors and textures, and those savories with a hint. This is mainly a vegetarian snack, made up of puffed rice, topped with chopped onions, sev, chutney, etc. It is served with a tangy sweet and sour chutney and a green chili chutney.



 Dosa is a popular south Indian breakfast prepared with lentils, Rice, and thinly rolled Indian crepe, and served with homemade chutney. There are different variations of dosa. The South Indian staple is something you must try when you are in Chennai.



 Vada is one of the best and most common street foods in Chennai. It is a spicy, deep-fried snack and can be eaten with either a cup of tea or coffee, sambar, or any chutney. Vada is very much similar to a burger minus the burger buns. Vada is popular in all regions of South India. It is a must-try dish in Chennai.



 The streets of Chennai are culinary heaven, brimming with an eclectic mix of food to cater to every kind of foodie. Biryani is a rice-based dish with meat or vegetables that have been cooked with aromatic spices and herbs. Each region of South India had its recipe for Biriyani but the taste was always common throughout. One can find many varieties of Biriyani: chicken, mutton, beef and prawn/fish in different regions.

Biryani 1


 Murukku is a flaky, crunchy and crispy snack. They are great with coffee or tea especially in the evening hours. A typical South Indian snack is made from lentils and plain flour. It’s a spicy fried snack food commonly prepared with a batter. This is the most popular snack in Chennai.



Jigar means heart, and Thanda means cool. The sweet, cool and refreshing Jigarthanda is made from milk, badam Pisin, condensed milk and ice cream. This cold, milky drink is a must-try if you are in Chennai. It should be tried particularly on a hot summer day to refresh you and reinvigorate This is one of the most famous street food items in India.


18.Onion Samosa

Onion Samosa is a very popular snack in Chennai. It is the most sold snack in Chennai and can be found at all vegetarian hotels, shops and street stalls. They are fried onion inside a samosa, served with a mint and a sweet chutney.

Onion Samosa

19.Kuzhi Paniyaram

Kuzhi paniyaram is a dish from the south of India. It is made from rice flour and black lentils with some spices. Kuzhi paniyaram is a popular breakfast dish in Tamil Nadu. It is soft, fluffy, and yummy. A great, light breakfast that’s also healthy

Kuzhi Paniyaram


 One of the richest dishes of Indian cuisine is the nearly impossible to describe Jalebi. With its deep orange color, the jalebi looks tempting enough to make the mouth water. It is made of besan, maida, ghee, sugar and a pinch of cardamom powder. On frying the dough the upper side will turn honey brown. It is sold at the roadside stalls placed at the intersections of the major roads in Chennai.

Jalebi 1