10 Best Places To Eat In Mangaon – Mahad – Goregaon Region

Best Places to eat in Mangaon – Mahad – Goregaon Region

It’s been almost 3 – 4 hrs. after leaving Panvel on the Mumbai-Goa Highway. Driving towards Goa a traveller comes across the town of Mangaon where the Konkani cuisine just starts to take roots. The cooks in this region are famous for their culinary expertise in Non-Vegetarian & Seafood food. Here we list some of the best restaurants & eating joints in the stretch Mangaon–Mahad–Goregaon(Not the Mumbai suburb!!). All of these restaurants have been serving the local public since more than a decade & have a loyal customer base. So without wasting more time, let us begin the show…

1 Hotel Anand Bhuvan, Mangaon

When asked to a nearby shop owner, he claimed that the restaurant is famous from Panvel to Chiplun to Pune. Well, seeing the crowd we were not at all surprised. They serve breakfast from 8:30 to 11:00 AM, and Lunch hrs. run successively upto 4:00 PM. Then Snacks are available till 7:00 in the evening & the dinner is available till 12:00 AM.

The cooks here are popular for their Chinese, Butter Chicken, and Chicken Tawa. Of course, the Vegetarians should not be disappointed as Veg. Bhuna Masala & Veg. Jal Freziare are among their other exquisites. For starters Hara Bhara Kebab, Chicken Crispy (Our Personal Favourite), Chicken Tikka & Tandoori Chicken are among the best options available.

hotel-anand-bhuvan2 Hotel Konkan Crown, Mangaon

Another famous restaurant in town, Konkan Crown sure is worth the name. The restaurant has a pleasing seating. It opens at 7:00 AM & serve till 12:00 midnight.

Foodies are sure to have a nice time as there are Dosa’s, Vada Pav & Misal Pav(Another Iconic Spicy Dish from Maharashtra) available for breakfast. The staff are proud of their own exclusive vegetarian dish – Konkan Crown Special. It also serve wonderful Veg. Maharaja &Palak Paneer. For the non-vegetarian foodies, there is good news served in the form of Pomphret, Surmai & Prawns. Butter Chicken, Chicken Handi, Murg Musallam, and Country Chicken are among other beauties served here. The restaurant also serves amazing Solkadhi, a Konkani cuisine speciality.

hotel-konkan-crown3 Hotel Vakratund, Mangaon

For people willing to just have some light meal instead of a full-fledged dinner or lunch, Hotel Vakratund is another good option. The restaurant opens up at 7:30 in the morning and is famous for their Chapattis, Paratha & Rice Plate.  Lodging is also available.

hotel-vakratund4 Hotel Visava, Goregaon

Coming to Goregaon, Visava is another tasteful place to eat. The restaurant starts up at 7:00 in the morning with breakfast and is open till 11:00 PM. Cooks here are famous for their Biryani, be it Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian. A true Indian eater would never be disappointed here as even Chinese & Punjabi (Paneer & Chicken) dishes are served with excellent taste. Another exquisite dish served here is Kolhapuri Tambda Pandhraa which is cooked by the man-in-charge Mr. Pravin S. Bhat himself. The Diner is serving foodies from the town since more than 35 years, and has a loyal crowd on Wednesdays & Sundays as told by Mr. Bhat. You may get a rice plate here for 70 Rs. but an upgrade to Visava Thali for just another 50 bucks is worth to try out.

Mr. Bhat is a long time exhibition cook from Kolhapur who is first time involved in the hoteling business. Also, he himself prepares the Solkadhi  served in the restaurant. Chicken Feta Masala & Lollipops are other amazing dishes you can have here. Our personal favourite- Kaju(cashew) Masala. University hostel residents from the adjoining town often ride down 3-4 km to the restaurant to eat. Just a parameter to measure the goodness!!

hotel-visava5 Big Bite Chinese, Mahad

Big Bite Chinese is another good place hidden in the streets of Mahad. As the name itself announces, Chinese is served awesome here. Also the fans can enjoy famous Chicken Rolls Kebabs.

big-bite-chinese6 Hotel Visava Sea View, Mahad

Visava Sea View is among the most luxurious & posh diners of Mahad. The restaurant has a very pleasant ambience &the lighting scheme which builds up a very nice mood.

The specialities here are Lasooni Methi(Coriander spiced up with Garlic), Kombdi & Mutton Wade(Chicken & Mutton Pakoda) Curry, a thin & spicy curry – Chicken Mahadi Survaa. The restaurant is famous for its desserts – Garam Thanda GulabJamun &Matka Kulfi. The restaurant has a special subsidiary snacks joint “Dine-n-Drive” which is equipped with a fuel station in the parking lot making it an All-in-one Pit stop.

hotel-visava-sea-view7 Hotel Visava River Side, Mahad

Another very popular restaurant with the same name as the previous listing is famous for its river side seating as announced in the name itself. The hotel is very suitable for a romantic date or business meetings.

Absolutely stunning Seafood items like prawns & pomphrets are served. The cooks also have in their culinary quiver tasty Kebabs, Mocktails & Mughlai Chicken Dishes.

hotel-visava-riverside8 Hotel Shri Krushna Chhaya, Lonere

A small restaurant on the highways junction at Lonere, serves quality food since a couple of decades. The hotel caters to the taste buds of the University Students mostly who are its loyal customers. Also crowd can be encountered at any time of the day.

Paneer Butter Masala, Biryani (Veg as well as Non-Veg) are served hot & tasty here. Also customers have an appetite for Kaju Paneer, Chicken Handi &Butter Chicken. Tandoor Roti served here is among the very best, as the most eaters here say.

hotel-shri-krushna-chhaya9 Corner Vada Pav

Currently in its 26th year, the Vada Pav centre starts as early as 8:00 in the morning & serves Vada Pav specially.

The place sees customers from all walks of life & of all types. The main thing that distinguishes it from other places serving Vada Pav is the Chutney – available in sweet, sour or spicy tastes.

corner-vada-pav10 Quality BhelPuri

Among many Chaat centres of a large town, the Quality BhelPuri sure tastes as announced in the name. The food joint opens up as a lorry near the famous Choudaar Tale (which has its own history…) and caters to the taste buds of all, from children to adults and to the senior citizens as well.

Crowd surge can be seen & experienced till midnight then. And as far as the specialities of this place are concerned, everything you see available is awesome. Be sure of the taste and enjoy!

quality-bhelpuriWe hope that the post has helped you to know these places & brought some water to your mouth. Keep coming to crazymasalafood.com for more such information.

Keep Eating. Happy Eating. Greetings.