Top 20 Restaurants In Somnath



The Grand Daksh

The Grand Daksh is located at Somnath bypass. It is very pocket-friendly and is best in service. The waiters are very polite and humble to visitors. So a big thumbs up to this restaurant. And when we talk about its cleanliness, again they are number one and have maintained a good reputation.


The Fern Residency

The Fern is situated at Somnath bypass. So there is no lack of place and the area is kid friendly. And view points are better from that area especially from restaurant. The food is excellent in taste and the services rendered heart warming. So anyone can go there and enjoy their night. Noticing its service and delicious food it is ranked to be in second position.


Lords Inn Somnath

Lords Inn Somnath is situated near Somnath Railway station. So this restaurant is always busy with people around. An individual might have to wait for a long time to have dinner. So if you get a chance you are lucky enough. Service is commendable, food is very tasty and fresh. So have a look at that one.



This restaurant is also pocket-friendly. It feels like very high standard service at cheap price. Whenever there is an occasion or some event you can have a look. It is a nice place for guests and friends. With more space and mouth-watering food it deserves a fourth place in our list.


Sugar And Spice

Sugar and spice is a famous restaurant. They have number of branches. It has a quality staff to serve you better. As this restaurant has more branches the waiters are more experienced and more sophisticated. With great hospitality and experienced staff Sugar and Spice ranks fifth in the list.


Safari Resort

Safari s the first ever restaurant in Somnath. It has good quality food with low cost. Spacious infrastructure is highly praised. It has a beautiful garden in it which makes customers more comfortable. It is a resort in which lunch or dinner can be ordered in rooms. The excellent service and good taste gives it a sixth place on the list.



It is a newly established restaurant gifted by Reliance group to Somnath. It is a good place for accommodation and decent in taste. As this place is managed by Somnath trust the whole resort is well-maintained and very less in cost. With less cost and good maintenance it deserves a rank of seven in our list.


Somnath Sagar

Somnath Sagar restaurant is situated at Somnath bypass. So it has enough space for a long stay for parties and romantic nights. With great taste and space, Somnath Sugar scores eighth rank.


Aditya Restaurant

Aditya is a low budget restaurant. The interior of the restaurant is small and congested. Besides all these drawbacks the best thing is tasty hygienic food.


Real Taste

Real Taste is situated at Somnath. The food served here is good. Have a visit here and enjoy.


Khushboo Restaurant

This restaurant is better in non-veg than veg. So you should check their non-veg. recipes. You can enjoy their soothing service. Infrastructure is also better as compared to similar range restaurants.



It is too a non-vegetarian restaurant, but its service is not so good as Khusboo restaurant. Paradise offers a long list of vegetarian food with good taste, but non-vegetarian food from this restaurant is slightly better from a vegetarian. For a vegetarian food, there is a better option available so it has been rated number twelve in our list.




It has awesome dishes but is too crowded. It has only one type of food, which is Gujarati . There are a variety of regional food but there is no intercontinental food. For its good taste it is ranked 13 in our list.



The food in this restaurant tastes very good and swarmed with people around. You might not get a chance for dinner or lunch or for what you are there. It offers Gujarati Thali recipes. So you might not get Chinese or intercontinental dishes. Its famous Gujarati Thali has made it to the number fourteen.


Evening Post

This restaurant is exclusively designed for couples. Rich in taste, it is a quiet and romantic place with ambience maintained very well. For the composed atmosphere, it has been ranked number fifteen.


Shiv Sagar

Shiv sagar is an economical restaurant, that satisfies the taste buds of the customer with vegetarian Indian and Chinese dish. It has been ranked in position sixteen.



Navarang is good in taste and has sufficient space. But the problem here is cleanliness. Don’t mistake me, the service is very poor. Although, the food is good, the ambience is not good . With nice taste but ok service, they score rank of seventeenth in the list.



This restaurant  offers food that is hygienic and tasty. . However, the service is not good. It takes up the 18th place in the list.



Mehlman is situated at Somnath Junagadh highway. It is not crowded but the food is yummy. So it is a better option to spend time with your loved ones. For their good behaviour and optimistic signs, they are on the list.


Kaka Restaurant

It is a small scale restaurant, but the food offered in the restaurant is good. Especially the Sandwiches are famous all over the area. For years it has been serving people with authentic taste and courtesy and this  leads a way for it to be placed on the list.