Top 20 Best Restaurants in Kolkata Park Street

Are you in Kolkata and haven’t visited Park Street yet? You have no idea the grand sight you’re missing! This road connects British-era-Calcutta – with its splendid colonial constructions – with the more recent Kolkata. Park Street, being one of the historical places, is also famous for the plethora of restaurants. Here are the top 20 restaurants in Park Street Kolkata. Amidst the chaos and confusion, these restaurants surely is a welcome sigh.


Peter Cat

Peter Cat is one of the oldest restaurants in Kolkata. It opened way back in the swinging sixties. The dimly lit interior gives a good feel of the olden times. Here you get cocktails and food with an appealing blend of Indian and continental. This place is located centrally in Park Street, Kolkata. The shape of the menu is that of a cat’s head included with some appetizing dishes that will excite your taste buds. Of every dish served by them the one that needs mention is the Iranian-style Chelo kebab, their signature dish. The two minced mutton kebabs and one chicken kebab are served with rice and an egg. Apart from this they also serve Sizzlers which are also famous, and a must try.



Mocambo is the next restaurant which has been listed as one of the oldest after Peter Cat. It is established in 1956 with a Super Retro ambience. This is a great place to catch up with friends and some average to good food. The menu card is very informative as it briefs history of the restaurant. Coming to the cuisines, one can go for the Devilled Crab which is their heritage dish. It is crabmeat on cheese and mustard sauce served in a shell. It is a cheesy, creamy filling loaded with calories but good to taste. Apart from this one can order the other heritage dish Fish a la Diana. The menu reads ‘becky stuffed with prawn cooked in cream sauce.’ Calcutta Bhetki (as spelled by the Bengalis), is an amazing single bone fish that makes brilliant fillets for steaks, fish fries, etc. The stuffing of prawn is like a surprise served at your table. It is the best place to pamper your taste buds.


Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation is known for its casual dining and their concept of live grilling. It presents you with a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The starters including Mutton Makhan Seekh, Paneer Zafrani Tikka and Chermoula Prawns ought to have a special mention. The Main Course serves various mouth-watering dishes from Seharagi Biriyani to the Dum ke Ghost, Murshidabadi Chicken Biryani in non-vegetarian dishes, and the common ones such as Dal Palak, Kadai Paneer and Kofta in vegetarian dishes. The desserts too come in a variety like Angoori Gulab Jamun, Kesari Phirni, Chocolate Walnut Brownie. The newly launched Kulfi Nation corner offers a range of palatable Kulfis.


Flavours Of China

Flavours of China offer the best Chinese cuisine at an affordable price. The ambience is not modern yet classic and authentic. They put forward a variety of flavors. Among all the dishes the recommended are their Schezwan Chicken and Devil’s Chicken..


Bar-B-Q provides a mind-boggling variety of cuisines. It is the oldest Chinese place in Kolkata with a fantastic ambience. Do not mistake its name and expect kebabs here. The Kung Pao Chicken is a must try coupled with non-veg fried rice. And the chilli fish is something one must not skip.


Tung Fong

You can stop at Tung Fong  in case you are looking for a lunch buffet. The starters  which include Drums of Heaven and Wantons are quite good. The main courses have Chicken/Fish/Prawns. Salads are excellent. The dessert section has nothing special but some ice cream and fresh fruits. All over it is a decent restaurant with a nice ambience and  offering good food at reasonable rates.


Chilli Wok

Chilli Wok is conveniently located next to KFC, Park Street. The ambience is very pleasing and relaxing, and the decor has been done very elegantly. When in Wok one must try the famed specialty –Drums of Heaven. The dish is served with the right blend of spices and flavour, the chicken being crispy and juicy. Another famous dish that they serve here is the Pad Thai and is a must try. The food served is fresh and has a superb aroma. The service is polite and helpful.


Marco Polo

Marco Polo is pricey but out-and-out a classy place. Marco Polo being a multi-cuisine restaurant offers a variety of dishes. The ambience is soothing. The Pork Chops and Crispy chilli baby corn are a few dishes one must try along with their pasta. Do not miss out the Lobsters.


The Bridge

The Bridge is open round the clock. The Bridge at The Park hotel offers the standard coffee shop charge, with a blend of hot and cold buffets and a la carte preference. The ambience is remarkably awesome for its landscape surroundings, bridge and waterfall. The food served by them vary from traditional to contemporary cuisines. The wood-oven pizza with the fancy toppings is their main attraction.



Zen  has an elegant and stylish interior. They serve Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisines. One must try out the lemon-scented Jasmine, along with Chicken Green Curry, and the soft Sushis. Their menu is a delight to eat with excellent ambience.



Teej is a place where you get quality veggie food in a Rajasthani ambience. They serve Continental and Chinese as well apart from the authentic Rajasthani cuisines which remind you of the famous Chowki Dhani in Jaipur. For the inexperienced, go for the Maharaja thali, a plate which gives you an experience of the vegetables and several Indian curries at one particular place. Others can go for a la carte.


Shiraz Golden Restaurant

Shiraz Golden Restaurant is recognized for its exceptional Biryani and is one of the most renowned restaurants in Kolkata. It is also known for the Chaaps, Kebabs, and Tandoori Chicken. Kolkata’s Biryani is different and equally lip-smacking as that of the Lucknowi and Hyderabadi Biryani. The interior is centrally air-conditioned and has a good and comfortable seating arrangement. One must also try out the Firni (sweet dish) which is served in the earthen saucers. This restaurant serves the best Mughlai meal.


Rajdhani Thali

Rajdhani Thali is conveniently located on Park Street, and the interior is clean and brightly lit. Do not have wrong perceptions; it is a vegetarian restaurant and they serve amazing thalis that will warm your palate. Of all the dishes Dal Baati Churma is a must try dish. Both Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisines are available here.


Hakuna Mata

Hakuna Mata is located opposite Oxford Bookstore on Park Street. The place has got a lively ambience with a theme of travel and adventure. It provides a whole new level of culinary experience to people, with a touch of exploration and a dash of entertainment. Basically this place is known for its global fusion cuisine. They have a few experimental combos on the menu like the pasta in thai sauce, bhindi risotto, chocolate jalapeno pizza etc. As for the drinks, they serve a wide array of cocktails.  Matata Cooler is  a blend of watermelon with mint flavor and coconut water that works as a detoxifying drink. It is an ideal place to stop by if looking for a break from the ordinary food joints at Park Street.


One Step Up

One Step Up is conveniently located next to the famous Flury’s on Park Street. One Step Up is a multi-cuisine (European/ Continental and Indian) restaurant. The place has a casual, cozy ambience. It has a bright, trendy decor with a great view of the busy Kolkata streets through the big glass pane. Of the food Chicken Mexicana tops the list of hot orders. The chef’s special chicken is served with boiled vegetables and potato. They have a wide variety of Indian food. It is a good place to hangout for all age groups.


The Co. By Wok

The Co. By Wok is a small in-house restaurant at Hotel Dee Empresa with a very simple decor. The table mats have the menu printed on them with a perforated side so that you can effortlessly write down your orders and pass it along to the server. Bok Choi Wrapped Chicken Dumplings is a must try here. Balls of chicken are wrapped in Pak choy. It is steamed and served in a light watery residue that has some incredible flavours. Crispy Fried Spicy Chicken jazz up the table the moment it is brought up. The dish is tossed around in a dark glaze with chopped spring onions garnished all over. Over all, it is a good place to enjoy your meal.




Oasis is a restaurant. The interior is brightly lit, and the sitting arrangement is comfortable. The air condition is equally cold in the summer time and there is prompt service. The food ranges from Tandoori Chicken to Kebabs that are delectable. Cocktails are also available.



Trincas is a place all time preferred by people who love listening to live music while munching their food. Live music in Trincas makes the ambience ever since great. The menu is extensive, and the sizzlers here are something one must try out. The service provided is quick, and the food is undoubtedly good.



The Park it is an excellent and fine-looking place to visit that has a pleasing atmosphere with quality food and prompt service. Talking about the food, they offer lip-smacking kebabs and Biryani of which the Lamb Galauti Kebab is a dish one must try. And also don’t miss the Shahi Tukda for the dessert.


MBar Kitchen

MBar Kitchen is a gastro Hotel in the heart of Kolkata, just near to Marco Polo. It has well -decorated interiors with colourful lighting and in-house DJ playing good quality music. The food menu is pretty tempting. A bit of everything from burger, sandwiches, grills, wraps to pizzas are available. A modest range of wines is served here. Their trademark are mushrooms pizza and is a must try.