Top 20 Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore Must Visit


Pizza, is one of the most recent entries to the Indian fast food scene. Packed with different textures and flavours this Italian delicacy has quickly become one of the biggest bestsellers in the Indian fast food scene. So if you’re in Bangalore and have a sudden craving for cheesy goodness, drop in on one of these best pizza restaurants in Bangalore for a slice of the best pizza you’ve ever tasted.

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Best Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore


Via Milano

If you are passing through Koramangala, Via Milano is known for its soft but thick crusted pizzas and is known as one of the best pizza restaurants in Bangalore. The mellow ambient lighting and casual seating give it a warm, cosy almost family atmosphere. Be sure to try out their herb filled Diavola Verde special.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore



This pizza place at M.G road is as famous for its music as it is for its pizza. It has a vibrant hip vibe to it and you can admire the amazing collection of jazz instruments as you wait for your pizza.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore


Prost Brew

Fresh pizza is a guilty pleasure, one that you can indulge in at Prost brew in Koramangala. Their is brewed in house and goes very well with their pesto-parmesan pizza. The decor is a mix of retro-steampunk with industrial touches and is reminiscent of the 80’s.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore


Cafe Pascucci

Located in Jayanagar, Cafe Pascucci is something special. It is one of the oldest pizza spot in Bangalore. The bright neon sign welcomes you to a quiet, intimate spot where you can enjoy some of the best wood fired pizza in Bangalore. For a different experience, try out their unique Quattro stagiano.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore



Want to chill out after a tiring day at work? Visit Sunny’s Pizza place on Lavelle road. Its laid back atmosphere and seafood dishes will have you chilling out in no time.Try out their fragrant coriander pizza paired with fresh calamari.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore


The Glass House

Another pizza place on Lavelle road,this restaurant has a unique aesthetic appeal. Very zen in design,the glass walls reaching up to the high backlit ceiling are impressive and provide a futuristic,surreal backdrop. Their thin crust teriyaki chicken pizza is quite amazing.The Glass House is one of the best pizza restaurants in Bangalore to visit specially with your girl friend.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore


Fenny’s Lounge And Kitchen

Mixing authentic Italian pizza making with Portuguese inspired Goan décor,Fenny’s in Koramangala resembles the original pizzerias of the Italian countryside and serve some of the best thick crust pizzas in Bangalore. Try their cheese filled speciality vegetable pizza after which you can enjoy a blissful siesta.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore


Little Italy

Little Italy restaurant and bar in Indiranagar provides a comforting experience while you eat. Surrounded by trees and greenery, enjoy a taste of Italy with their meticulously prepared Pavarotti pizza.One of the best pizza restaurants in Bangalore.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore


Italia, The Park

Enter this pizza place and feel yourself transported to a different world. The entire restaurant and staff are garbed in pristine white, and is accented by the subtle pinstriped black chairs. As such it gives off an impressive posh vibe. Try out their take on the classic Margarita pizza.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore



Toit in Indiranagar represents the pinnacle of “fast” food .Their extraordinarily quick service is perfect for people who are in a rush. It’s also a fully functioning microbrewery and is also a great place to grab a quick drink before heading home. Don’t miss out on their sumptuous mixed meat pizza.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore



Located on the new BEL road, Mezzaluna is famous for its gourmet pizza. Combined with their wide selection of vintage wines, a meal at this place is truly unforgettable. Enjoy the chic, neoclassical decor while munching on their gourmet Genovese pizza.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore


Barleyz-bbq Garden

Situated in Koramangala, Barleyz-BBQ garden provides an amazing roof top dining experience where you can enjoy some of the best sourdough pizza. The experience is enhanced by the fresh air and the sights of the breathtaking lights of vibrant Bangalore. This is one of the best pizza restaurants in Bangalore to visit.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore


Green Theory

Green theory on residency road is a quaint little pizza place perfect for those intimate dinner occasions.The quilted upholstery and vine pattern wallpaper is quirky and provides a great backdrop for conversations. Try out their speciality fusion mexicorn pizza.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore



The Citrus restaurant in the Leela Palace furnishes a contemporary dining experience. While sipping one of their fresh fruit juices and waiting for your pizza you can watch the extraordinary skills of the chefs at work. Make sure to try out their special chicken pizza.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore



The Toscano on Vittal Mallya road is a great place for pizza and salad. The coachwork décor and dark theme give off a more mature vibe. The outdoor seating arrangement allows you to enjoy the weather while watching the world pass. Try out their thin crust pizza margarita and choose any of a wide variety of wines to go with it. Polish off your meal with a delectable tiramisu.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore



The Onesta pizzeria in Koramangala boasts a huge variety of pizza toppings and flavours. These artisan pizzas are carefully prepared according to your orders, and popular ones include prawn and bacon and cream cheese spreads. The terrace garden provides a fresh ambience and is a great spot for long discussions over dessert like their delicious chocolate tart.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore



Vinny’s Pizzeria in Banashankari is a great place for people who love variety. One of the best wood fire pizzas covered in multiple toppings makes Vinny’s a hotspot for pizza enthusiasts. The outdoor seating in this vibrant part of town is perfect for setting the mood. Make sure to try out the five topping vegetable pizza and the amazing lasagna.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore



The Serafina hotel in Koramangala is known for its classic style margarita pizza. You can dine outside right under the trees. The soft lighting and wood furniture give off a rustic vibe, perfect for late dinners.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore


The Biere Club

The Biere Club and microbrewery on Vittal Mallya road provides a tasty combination of pizzas and home brewed drinks. Try a pair of their breakfast pizza and pepperoni pizza .

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore



Murphy’s, located in Hotel Paul, with its dark wood-paneled interiors, and gaudy lighting is reminiscent of old Irish. They serve some great wood fire pizzas which taste great. Try out their speciality two in one meat and veg pizza, perfect for sharing.

Pizza Restaurants In Bangalore