Top 20 Shakes To Try In Delhi

Best Shakes To Try In Delhi

1.The Rocky Road And Oreo Shake

The absolutely fabulous the Rocky Road shake and Oreo shake are a must to try in Delhi. These shakes are up for grabs at the Big Yellow Door (of course, the name is not unknown at all),GTB Nagar, Delhi University. BYD offers for many others interesting shakes as well. Only you have to bear the wait.


The Chocos Brownie Shake

Choco brownie shake at Cafe Delhi Heights is the mouth licking happiness for chocolate lovers out there! The bunch of happiness can be found right at 1st floor DLF Place, Saket in Delhi. It is not just about shakes or drinks, can bet you for the ambience of this place that automatically works as magic for the visitors.



When we include shakes in the city, we can not leave Keventers behind. The brand is well established and you can find them at Connaught Palace, Select Citywalk, Pacific mall, Rajouri Garden and where not? Different flavours of ice creams and milkshakes are abundant in the store. Go grab your favourite and tell your friends.


Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets, spread across various places in NCR, is a classy American style retro themed place. For all milkshake lovers, this is a perfect halt. From chocolate madness to strawberries ending up in thick vanilla ice cream on top, it has everything. Go yum mmm! They make the best shakes in the world which are thick and creamy.


The Lumberjack

The Lumberjack they call it !!! The Kit Kat shake is also a must try, thick with the perfect amount of sweetness. These are available at 2 Bandits, a lounge and bar which is an amazing place to chill out with your friends.It is opposite Sri Venkateswara College, Satya Niketan. If you are not aware of it much, find a venki student and ask him to accompany you. And I am sure you guys will have a blast.


Shakes At Wood Box

Roaming around north campus area and looking for an amazing refreshment? Got bored of BYD? Jump out of the box and step into Wood box. Their concept of serving in those liquor bottles turned glasses is thrilling chill. Boom…. Go for an Oreo shake !!


Shakes At Big Chills Cafe

Big Chills (situated at various places in Delhi) and cheap thrills go hand in hand. The smoothies and shakes here will blow your mind. The menu solely will lead you to an utter amazement, starting from Strawberry smoothie to Chocolate shake, to Midnight Mint Shake. A must try for all shakeaholics in the city !!



Wenger’s Deli Shakes

This is a blueberry smoothie (which is fabulously good) that comes with blueberry pulp and the other is a chocolate drink at Wenger’s Deli, CP. These drinks can make your day brighter than before. It is just not an ignorable stuff and if you don’t choose to regret, go for it.


Shakes At Diggin

Just try their mocha shake and see, it will and will increase your love for coffee. Hey, coffee lovers. Their Mango mint smoothie (which is very impressive) is also nothing like the normal mango shake at other cafes. Explore stuff and start now with a bang. Flaunt later on !!



Okay, not denying the fact that their Tandoori Momos are the best, still you gotta try the lip-smacking Chocolate Monster shake once. Can’t decide whether Mojito is shaky stuff but their Mojito can give you Mojito-gasms. Like literally !!



Ricos Frappe is decent, but you’ll fall in love with the Blueberry cheesecake Shake. So you mustn’t miss out on this one, It’s absolutely delicious! They also have a Breakfast smoothie which will most of the time quench the thrust of shakes. Okay now! Put on your shoes and shout Rico’s Rico’s.


Hudson Cafe Shakes

Hola! Campus fellows. Studying needs a break and lecture bunks need good shakes. Isn’t ?

Red velvet shake and Hudson Malted Chocolate shake are yes yes! to try once in your 3-year long journey. Go there before you get late.



We go whip Whipped ! Nothing less in the top 20s to try. From Tiramisu to Mixed Berry to Java chip, every shake here has an astounding name. Go, you’ll find the treasure, and open the mysterious treats.

It is situated at various places in Delhi.


Smoke House Deli

Smoke House Deli has the cool collection of smoothies including Soul smoothie and Tropical smoothie on their menu. While wandering for shakes, halt on the house and do taste their yumminess.



Mocha Cocktails and Shooters on the menu plate are reserving hearts of the millions. Is yours reserved too? Find this located on the ground floor of Dlf promenade and let the hookah guy in you come out with these shakes.

Try Mocha, go Mocha !!


All American Diner Shakes

All American Diner, always loaded with a nice crowd (having sumptuous items on the menu) is located at Indian Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, Delhi. Probably low on your pocket, their Walnut and Peanut butter shakes are astounding. You got to try their banana smoothie and other unique shakes because it is hard to avoid deliciousness.


Brown Sugar Cafe Shakes

Brown Sugar cafe is located at many places in Delhi. Brown cafe mocha and Cappuccino Frappe shake are thrillingly great and worth trying. Choco Strawberry shake here is a blast and tastes nice too. All and all this place has a cosy ambience and your snap chat story will look great with those Brown Sugar glasses.


Sakley’s – The Mountain Cafe Shakes

Looking for an eye delight, perfect temperature place for yourself and want some chills right in your veins? Sakley’s *sighs* is the place for you. This place can give you memorable experiences till life. Their Oreo shake is a must try for all twist it and dunks it lovers out there. Other drinks include Langdale’s mango lime ice tea, watermelon mint lemonade and much more.


Depaul’s Shakes

Depaul’s coffee is located at various places in Delhi. Their flavoured milkshakes and Hazelnut shake is totally renowned. Give them a try !


Cafe Wink’s Shakes

A rich cafe experience plus all different from the league, Cafe wink’s KitKat shakes are worth dying for. Located in East Delhi, this cafe is a hidden treasure of Anand Vihar. FEELING HUNGRY ??