15 Dishes Of Bihar

Dishes Of Bihar

Bihar is very famous for various poets, politicians, monumental places and its history. Amongst all this, the delicacies of Bihar should not be missed at any cost.  These yummy and tasty dishes can definitely leave you craving. This taste of Bihar can make you feel heavenly with just a single bite of them. The spark of Litti chokha, the sweetness of parval ki mithai, the crunch of thekuas can make you feel all alive.

So, here are some of the best cuisines of Bihar which will definitely delight you:

1Litti Chokha

This dish tops the list of Bihar dishes. It contains sattu, onions, and many spices. It is round in shape and ghee is purely dipped in it. Litti is a delight for the person who is consuming it as it is very crunchy. The complement of litti that is, chokha contains tomatoes, potatoes, brinjal, onion, spices, etc. Hence this dish should be definitely tried and tasted in a life time.



It is also known as pedakiya. Those who want to give a sweet taste to their bud should definitely try this sweet dessert Chandrakala, which is very much in resemblance to Gujia. It contains sweetened khoya, coconut, cardamom powder, etc. It is very crispy and will definitely open your senses once you have a bite of it.


3Lai ke laddu

This is made up of muri, i.e., puffed rice or beaten rice (Chura). The crunchy bites of this lai ka laddu are very easy to make and can make your day with just their bite. These are generally made on occasions by moms and oldies in oval or round shape small balls.



Have you heard of famous hanuman mandir near Patna railway station? If yes, you might definitely know the yummy taste of this Prasad. This dish contains besan or gram flour, cashews, sugar, green cardamoms, raisins, etc. and one must definitely try this.



Khaja is a delightful dish of Bihar. It is very crispy, and its ingredients are wheat flour, sugar, and mava. When you put this dish in the mouth, you feel heavenly. It becomes crispier when you fry khaja deeply. It is a sugary dish. You put this dish in sugary syrup until it absorbs the syrup and becomes tasty.


6Mutton kebabs

Mutton kebabs is a non-vegetarian dish which came from Lucknow, the city of Nawabs. It involves different types of fried vegetables. Mutton kebab is the dish which is favorite amongst the Bihar people. Mutton kebab is remarkable in other countries also.



Sattu is a drink which is full of proteins. This drink commonly took in summers because it provides instant cooling. People of Bihar most commonly prefer sattu which is made up of gram. It is served at the time of afternoon.


8Parwal ki mithai

Parwal is a vegetable, but it is also used to make sweet dish. Parwal ki mithai is very grateful and distinctive. It is very healthy dessert which is made using Khoya. It is sweet as well as salty in nature which makes this Parwal ki mithai splendid.


9Kheer makhana

Kheer makhana is made with the help of milk and fox nut. There are various types of kheer which you can eat, but the kheer of makhana is surprisingly different. Most of the kheer is sweet in nature, but the kheer of makhana is slightly salty. So, it becomes tastier, and it provides you heavenly feeling.



In Bihar, people love to eat sweet dishes due to which they make more and more sweet dishes. This dish is generally made and served at special occasions. Ingredients used to make this dish include milk, sugar, mashed bananas, and flour. All you need to do is mix all the ingredients and fry deeply. Once you fry it, it becomes crispier from outside. When you eat the inside part, you will feel that it is very soft.



Thekua is the outstanding cuisine of Bihar. It is surprising and happy to know that it can be easily made at home. Thekua is also known as Khajuria and is a mixture of various ingredients such as flour and sugar. You can firstly mix it well and then fry it. Khajuria is one of the most adorable dishes.


12Dal puri

Puris are of many types, and they are loved by the people all over India. But the puri of dal is different as it provides lots of happiness after eating. It is a yummy dish and generally made at the time of Dussehra. It is a very special dish of Bihar made with the help of Bengal gram.


13Kadhi badi

Kadhi is made at different places, but it is famous in Bihar. At other places, the kadhi is made with palak and onion, but Bihar people give it a different touch. They put badi in it and because of badi; it becomes more delicious. Kadi and kadi badi both are made with gram flour. This cuisine is mostly served with chapati and rice. 


14Chana ghugni

Chana ghugni is eaten as snack. They are usually eaten in Sunday morning as breakfast. It is a dish which can be made up of two types i.e., you can make dry chana ghugni if you wish to have it dry and if you want to have gravy, you can simply add it. If you want to serve chana ghugni, then you can garnish it with mint and coriander leaves.


15Dal Pitha

Dal pitha is renowned dish of Bihar. Dal pitha is prepared with rice flour. It is spicy in taste and generally served with pickle or chutney. Dal Pitha is very healthy and you can even try it by preparing it with normal daal.


So, these were some of the famous dishes of Bihar. To know more about such cuisines, keep visiting.