19 Lip-Smacking Spanish Foods You Must Try

20 Lip-Smacking Spanish Foods You Must Try

Food is present in all forms and various cuisines. Every tradition and culture offers some food items that it boasts about and is worth a try as it adds a unique flavour to life. Today, this article will cover the Spanish cuisine which is often regarded as the top cuisines in the world.
Here’s a list of 20 lip-smacking foods you must try:

1. Gambos Al Ajillo

Gambos Al Ajillo is a seafood dish meaning garlic with shrimps. It is a mouth-watering dish containing garlic, shrimps, olive oil, dry sherry, lemon juice, parsley, and paprika. It is served in tapas bars as an appetizer with soups, seafood, and rice.

Gambos Al Ajillo

2. Croquetas

Croquetas are often accompanied by drinks. It is a fried ball of goodness. It is a western version of cheese sticks and chicken strips. These deep-fried balls are stuffed with fish, jamón, and sometimes Spanish blue cheese.


3. Pisto

Pisto is a simple eggplant casserole-type dish topped with fried egg and chorizo. Pisto is made with ingredients like onion, eggplant, tomato, olive oil, and red and green bell peppers. It is basically a Spanish-style ratatouille. The vegetables are stewed in olive oil. Making good pisto is an art as it depends on the quality of ingredients and skills of the chef. It is served with bread and eaten as a full meal. It is a great dish for vegetarians.


4. Tortilla Española

Tortilla Española should not be confused with tortilla chips. It is a traditional omelet only with egg and lightly fried potatoes. The ingredients used are chives, cheese, garlic, chorizo, and other vegetables. It is a tasty and protein filled meal. They are cut into small bite sized pieces served with cold starter dish. They can also be eaten in breakfast or as a main dish.

Tortilla Española

5. Patatas Bravas

Patatas Bravas is also known as ‘brave potatoes’. They are small, fried bites of potatoes with a topping of red sauce. You can also use creamy garlic sauce as its substitute.

Patatas Bravas

 6 Paella

Paella is bright yellow rice made with different meat and vegetables which makes it colorful. It is a famous rice dish made with ingredients like white beans, green beans, herbs like rosemary and saffron, and rice. It is a slow cooking process which highlights different flavors.


7. Churros

Churros are a sweet and popular snack of hot-fried dough coated in sugar crystals. They are crunchy and spiral in shape. Dip these in melted chocolate for a heavenly taste.


8. Quesada Pasiega

Quesada Pasiega is a dense pudding having ingredients like sugar, butter, milk, wheat flour, lemon zest, and cinnamon. They are tasty and delectable.

Quesada Pasiega

9. Fried Milk

Fried Milk is also known as Leche Frita. It is a traditional Spanish dessert. it is prepared by cooking flour with sugar and milk until it forms a dough. Thick pieces are formed, and dipped in egg, coated with breadcrumbs, and then fried.

Fried Milk

10. Salmorejo

Salmorejo is a puree made up of tomatoes and bread. It is more like a tomato soup served as an appetizer and some drink directly from the bowl. Other ingredients include cucumbers, garlic, green peppers, vinegar, herbs, and onions.


11. Fabada Asturiana

Spain has around twenty varieties of beans. This dish had to be on this list as they are rich in legumes and beans. This dish is a slow-cooked dish with meats and beans. Traditionally, it is made with white beans.

Fabada Asturiana

12. Bacalao

Bacalao is a prized dish of Spain. It is a salted cod brought by Spanish fisherman as the fish is not found in local water. The salt is added to preserve it. You have to soak this fish in water for at least 24 hours to remove all the salt. This dish is served in pil-pil sauce which is made with olive oil, garlic, and juice of the fish.


13. Migas

Migas is breadcrumbs fried in different combinations of bacon or chorizo. Spanish dish is an ancient and traditional dish of Spain and Portugal. Earlier, it was made using leftover bread, but now it has gained popularity. Spanish Migas use bread, pieces of sausage or vegetables. Everything is cooked with garlic in olive oil and garnished with Spanish paprika.


14. Pimientos de Padron

Pimientos de Padron is a common dish on the tapas menu. They are green peppers fried and served with salt. They are slightly sweet and mild, but sometimes they can be fiery hot.

Pimientos de Padron

15. Paella Valencia

Paella is the most famous dish in Spain. This originates from the region around Valencia, hence the name. It comes in two varieties- Paella Valencia, made with rabbit and chicken; and seafood paella. Saffron gives the color to the rice, and its crispy base is called the socarrat. It is always eaten during lunchtime.

Paella Valencia

16. Arros Negre

Arros Negre, pronounced as Arroz Negro is a simple rice dish from Valencian cuisine. This dish hails from Castellon and uses ingredients like white rice, cuttlefish or squid, olive oil, seafood broth, onion, paprika, and squid ink which give it an intense dark color. This dish is served with aioli.

Arros Negre

17. Crema Catalana

Many might argue that Crema Catalana and French crème brûlée are the same things, but they slightly vary. For example, the French bake it in a bain-marie and serve it warm, while Catalana cream is served cold, and has custard infused with cinnamon and lemon rind instead of vanilla which is much more refreshing than the French crème brûlée.

Crema Catalana

18. Turrón

Turrón is also known as almond nougat. It is made with locally grown almonds mixed with egg white and honey. There are two kinds of turrón- Jijona, a soft and smooth version; and Alicante turrón, containing pieces of almonds.


19. Pan Tumaca

Pan Tumaca is the simplest dish of all. It is made with bread, salt, olive oil, and tomato spread. It is perfect for breakfast and afternoon snack.

Pan Tumaca