20 Most Affordable Restaurants In Pune Only For Students!

20 Most Affordable Restaurants In Pune Only For Students!


Hyderabad House

If you’re a fan of the Hyderabadi cuisine and are looking for some ultra spicy lip-smacking dishes, then this is where you should end up! Don’t let the looks of this place discourage you, as their Spicy food will bring your taste buds to life. The Dum Biryani is highly recommended for obvious reasons. If you’re looking for an affordable meal, there should be no second-guessing this one!



This place is a huge favourite of the residents of the city. This fifty-year-old restaurant sees a lot of crowds, especially for the quality of the food it serves. You’ll never find this place not crowded. One of the major factors involving its popularity has been the fact that all through these years of operation, their food hasn’t changed even a bit.


I’m Lion Strictly Non-veg

This is someplace where you go to eat with your heart’s content without being worried about the money! The humble appearance might surprise you, but they make absolutely delicious food at reasonable prices. Although they have around 7 tables, the service is very quick, and the owner takes very good care of its customers. Try the Bombil Fry and the Surmai Curry.



The FC Road is full of food joints and attracts quite a lovely crowd. One of these crowd pullers is Shabree which serves delicious and authentic Maharashtrian food. There are both types of arrangement- Ac and non-AC, which makes it a hub for all kinds of people. The service is quite efficient and quick, making this one of the best thali serving restaurants in the city. The unlimited delightful Thali serves a variety of dishes which will more than just suffice your craving ordeals!



A pioneer for Rajasthani food, this place will make you travel back to the desert state with the opulent ambiance and authentic Rajasthani cuisine. The staff is courteous which is a plus point, making their dishes craved for.


Wholly Crepes

This quaint little cafe doesn’t just look pretty but also serves lip-smacking delectable food here. The decor is beautifully done with a lovely French decor. As the name suggests, they make some of the best crepes in the city. With the French music shifting in the air, enjoy your lovely plate of crepes and salad. The Galette is quite talked about, and a recommended dish to try.



Having a Punjabi food craving in Pune? Then PapaJee’s is the place to be! The popularity is justified because of their reputation of serving amazing Punjabi food. Where they lack in flamboyance, they make up in food. Tangri, Butter Chicken, Gajar ka Halwa, you’ll find it all here!


R Bhagat Tarachand

As a restaurant that originated in Mumbai, it is one of the oldest in town. Although parking might be a hassle, the fact that it receives such crowd is owing to its popularity. They have a humble decor with wooden furniture and ethnic decorations. The service is quick, which ensures that no tables are occupied for long. The food is cooked with pure Ghee and hence an absolute treat.


Perks N Brews

The cafe might not be very eye-catching, but the old-world charm will sweep you off your feet. Not only will you find books all over the place, but also rustic but artistic interiors with graffiti. The cafe has the power of endowing one with a warm feeling with a good cup of Coffee. The Pizzas and Pasta and Salads are quite great and leave a stunning first impression.


Chung Fa

An iconic restaurant, Chung Fa is popularized as one of the best Chinese destinations of the city, offering delectable food at affordable prices. Choose any dish, and you will not be disappointed. Usually, it is crowded during the weekends, so booking ahead of time is advisable.


Central Perk 7

Just like the name suggests, this cafe is based on an F.R.I.E.N.D.S. theme and serves one of the best Sizzlers in town. The awesome food comes with the great lively cuisine. All Barbeque and Steak fanatics must visit this place for some of their finest dishes.


Tiranga Non-veg

This small outlet may have only ten tables, but it is a powerhouse of flavour some food. It has repeatedly won awards for its Biryani, for which it is famous. All biryani lovers, this is your cue!


Cream Centre

An absolute vegetarian restaurant, it has a cosy and delightful ambiance. You’ll find classic dishes like Chola Bhatura and Bambaiya Ragda Chaat, inspired from Mumbai.


Delhi Downtown

Delhi Downtown is known for specialising in dishes that are very common in Delhi! So for some flavourful North Indian scrumptious meals, head right here for the best of Butter Chicken.


Crazy Noodles

Not as crazy as it sounds, but the dishes are definitely crazy on flavours and crazy good! You’ll be engaged with an unsolved puzzle while you wait for your food, and if you do manage to solve it, you get a free Iced Tea. The most recommended dish is the Money Bags which are chocolate stuffed Pastry money bags.


German Bakery

This is the place to hang out with friends and family, as it provides a very artsy feel with amazing food. The portions are generous and reasonably priced. The staff is courteous and attentive which is a plus. Must try the Red Velvet Cake and the Kheema Pav here!


Malwani Naka

A small place to eat, it might not be easy to spot. Even if it disappoints you with the ordinary decor, the food is quite impressive. The service is lightning fast and the prices very reasonable. The recommended dishes are Fish Patra and Solkadhi.


Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe

This is a genuinely wonderful book cafe, where you can enjoy one of the best cups of coffee with a great book. The food over here is quite lovely, which makes it all so much better.


Le Plaisir Patisserie & Bistro,

Acute joint of sorts, this one, is a hidden gem. It has a quirky decor and can seat 20 people at maximum. They offer a variety of options from Pizzas, Pasta, Salads, etc.


Thank God For Pizzas

All Pizza lovers, this one is for you! Their pizzas are better than most of the international brand of Pizzas available in the city and are even reasonably priced. Plus, they serve the most amazing Cup Pizzas! You won’t know unless you try these marvellous creations all by yourself.