20 Bangalore Cafes That Will Save You From Midnight Hunger Pangs

20 Bangalore Cafes That Will Save You From Midnight Hunger Pangs

Late night hunger pangs are the worst especially when you are in mood to cook. So often our tummy decides to grumble for an ice-cream or sundae in the middle of the night that it almost becomes impossible to sleep till it gets an ice-cream. Sometimes, it can get bizarre and get to the extent of Thai, Chinese, Continental, North Indian or even European  cuisine cravings. Don’t you worry dear humans for we have brought you a list of 20 places in Bangalore that covers all the cuisines from street side food to luxurious poolside dining at night.

1. Lakeview Milkbar

Lakeview Milkbar has been serving ice-cream sundaes since decades. This is a dessert parlor with an extensive menu for desserts and quick bites. People love their vanilla ice-cream, brownie, chocolate cake, hot chocolate fudge and masala omelet. The place is open till 12 in the midnight; a perfect place to satiate the late-night hunger cravings.


2. Stoner

Stoner is open till 1 AM all days of the week and never a day you find the place without people. They are known for their burgers and ice-creams. With prompt service and a friendly décor they have become one of the favorites to Bangaloreans. Brownie shake, Oreo ice-cream, Chocolate Overload, Murgh Barbecue Pizza and Snickers Surprise is something you should try when you visit here. It is perfect after a late night party for it rejuvenates your senses.


3. Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle Icecreams

Pabrai’s have a long list of ice-cream flavors which are completely made out of natural substances. Pabrai’s is open to serve till 11:30 PM in the night. It is always a good decision to end a meal or to head here for a rich luscious and innovative ice-creams. They seem to never disappoint their customers with their service and food. Also, it is pocket friendly. Nolen Gur, Custard Apple, Tender Coconut are few of the flavors to try without fail.


4. Rasta Cafe

Rasta Cafe is open all 24 hours everyday except on Mondays. The place is huge that will give freedom to your pets to run and jump around. The place is always crowded during the night time especially during the weekends. You will see families, friends hanging out and couples; people from all ages. It is a brilliant idea to head out here during night to experience the night ride on nice road and have brilliant food.


5. Sajjan Rao Circle

This is just not one hotel or a restaurant for the whole street that serves street food is wide awake and hyperactive during the nights until 2 A.M. The place gives you wide options from Chinese to Indian chaats which are delicious that traps the local flavor into the food. The place is usually crowded during the weekends enjoying their share of all kinds of food. Also, they are pocket friendly which will not burn a hole. You won’t have accommodation to sit freely and enjoy it but to stand and have the food. It is going to be a wonderful experience every time you visit.


6. Corner House

Corner House is one of the old favorites of localites. It has 16 outlets across the city that serves ice-creams and sundaes till 11 30 P.M. all week. Their popular dessert is chocolate fudge topped with nuts and hot chocolate. Their desserts are smooth and delicious; making you want more and more.  Also, few of the dishes contain gelatin where the vegetarians should be careful about!


7. JW Marriot

To have a luxurious Italian, Continental or North Indian cuisine late night dinner, head to Marriot. Known for their Sunday Brunches, late night bites and buffet deals, Marriot serves food cooked to its perfection. They also have an option for midnight buffet that allows you to have wide range of dishes with no confusion to choose from the vast menu. The place is perfect for any kind of occasion at any point of the day. The place is open all 24*7!


8. Empire Restaurant

There are around 15 outlets across the city serving people from 12 noon to 1 A.M. North Indian, Biriyani, Mughali, Kerala; you name it, they have the cuisine for you. It is a fine place to quench your late night random stomach cravings. They also have home delivery services.  Their wide variety of Kebabs is a must try.


9. Crunch Pizzas

Getting a pizza got all easier at any time of the day with Crunch Pizzas. Crunch Pizzas have around 16 outlets across Bangalore opened all 24 hours all week. Serves yummy cheesy pizzas that can beat no other fancy pizza outlets. Their Margarita pizza bursts out with cheese and the chili flakes with other toppings make it a much better experience. The place is not accommodated for seating but rather a take away destination where you can enjoy your pizzas at your home.


10. Midnight Hunger Solution 24*7

There is never an end for Chinese food and this place comes as a savior for all the ones who can satisfy their cravings for Chinese, Mughlai and North Indian. The place is open all 24 hours allowing you to enjoy their appetizing food at any point of the day. Very pocket friendly and has an option for home delivery.


11. Ithaca Chancery Pavilion

Ithaca is open all 24 hours offering Italian, Continental, North Indian and European. With an outdoor seating you will be able to enjoy the moonlight and stars while having your dinner. They are known for their buffets and bar is always stocked.


12. 24 Carats The Capitol

This is a four star hotel offering best of the Asian food with a mind blowing ambience and good selection of food on their menus. Starters to desserts, they will ensure you don’t go back home with a bad meal. 24 Carats is open all 24 hours every day. The buffet for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is affordable and every penny is worth.


13. Cafe Mozaic Vivanta By Taj

Are you up for a poolside brunch or dinner? Head to Café Mozaic to enjoy their poolside ambience and finely cooked meals. With a full stocked bar, outdoor seating and access to WiFi, you can miss nothing and almost feel at home with their service. Also, their service ensures the feel of royalty.


14. Imperial

Imperial is known for their Biriyanis and Chinese food that has the right amount of spice and flavor allowing your taste buds to dance. They have home delivery and full bar; having the fun of drinks and food at the same time. It’s a fine place for a quick grab. It is open till 11: 30 in the night.


15. Lido Hyatt Bangalore

With a an ambience that will surely take you aback, it has got a poolside dining along with live music. It has bagged semi- Alfresco ambience that is particularly rare to find. The place is open till 2:30 AM and it would be a perfect time to visit during the late evening. Their Thai food is exclusive and elegant. This is a must place to visit if you are in want of some good vibes and food during any point of the day.


16. Midnight Express

Midnight Express carters food for hungry souls during late night where others are busy in their slumber. It is open till 7 in the morning that offers North Indian, Chinese and quick bites. It is not a place to dine but rather grad-the-food-and eat-at-home kind of a place. It is one of the best places in Koramangala for late night food that satisfies Indian taste buds.


17. Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe is one of the legendary places we have got in town. The place is a true delight which offers one of the tastiest food and drinks that you can drink to eternity. They are quite generous with the quantity as well. Karaoke nights and live music are popular. There is no one particular dish to be tired here as everything on their menu is a ‘must try’ dish. HRC is open till 1 in the morning.


18. The Market Ritz Carlton

Open till 12: 30 A.M. serving with their food that is finely balanced in taste for any of the taste buds. The chandeliers and shimmer turns the place into a palace with a touch of Rajasthani lattice work. Their chefs are perfect in desserts.


19. Cream Stone

Cream Stone has 6 branches in the city that is awake till 12 in the midnight. Their pink and brown ambience gives you a feel of candy land. Known for their home-made waffle cones and high premium ice-creams.  The place is intoxicating for a dessert lover and having an ice-cream late in the night is a whole new enjoyment and this place makes it much better.


20. Midnight Mania

Another beauty and life savior in Koramangala that offers one of the best kinds of pizza whenever you want till 5 in the morning. There is only home-delivery which gives you to enjoy the comfort of your home in your pjs and enjoy the cheesy yummy pizzas late in the night.