20 Bengali Cuisine Restaurants To Visit This Durga Puja In Kolkata

20 Bengali Cuisine Restaurants To Visit This Durga Puja In Kolkata

It is the time of Durga Puja, a much awaited time of the year for all Bengalis! These five days are starting from Soshti to Dashami, when every Bengali’s heart leaps with joy and welcomes  Maa Durga on earth, her humble abode.


Bijoli Grill

Located in Southern Avenue, Bijoli Grill is famous since ages. Their popular fish fries are mouth-watering till date. One of the best Bengali cuisine restaurants, check out their Durga puja specials in the menu. The Kosha Mangsho (mutton gravy),and Fish Orly is a must try! Their seasonal favourites are Am Porar Shorbot (raw mango juice) and Shorshe Ilish (hilsa in mustard sauce)!

Fish orly


6 Ballygunge Place

This place (original Ballygunge outlet) serves one of the greatest and I think probably the reasonable buffets in town! Their durga puja specials include Torbujer Shorbot (watermelon juice), Chingri Malai Curry, (Prawn Malai Curry), Bhetki Paturi, Desi Murgir Jhol and Doi Mousse among others. If you crave for authentic Bengali cuisine, this is the best place for buffet lunch or dinner.

Bhetki Paturi


Kasturi Restaurant

A mixture of Bengali and Bangladeshi dishes is available in this restaurant situated in New Market Area. The speciality of this restaurant is the authentic Bangladeshi dishes that satisfy your taste buds starting from Kachu Dia Chingri (prawn with arbi), Macher Matha Diye Saag, Steamed Ilish in Mustard,and the list goes on.

Steamed ilish in mustard


Bhojohori Manna

Dedicated to legendary singer Manna Dey, this restaurant in Gariahat outlet serves such innovative Bengali dishes that you crave for more every time you enter here. Their famous  dishes include Mutton Dakbangla, Daab Chingri, Mochar Chop amongst others.

Mutton dakbangla


Oh! Calcutta

Oh! Calcutta is renowned for their spread of buffet in every festival. So buffet lovers, do not hesitate to enter here for some authentic Bengali food. Their Daab hingri (Prawn and Coconut), Lal Lonkar Ilish (fish with red chillies) and Kacha Lonka Murgi (Chicken in chilly green gravy) are famous. A clear mention should be made of one of their classy desserts “The seventh heaven glass”. This dessert made of strawberries is very refreshing and soothing to the tongue.

Kacha lonka murgi



Saptapadi(Seven dishes) as the name suggests is a land of marvellously cooked Bengali dishes with terrific thalis in their collection. This durga pujo go and taste their Sarshe Narkel Murgi, Golmorich Bhetki, Lonka Murgi and Chingri Malaikari.

Chingri malai curry



Shyambazar’s Golbari is famous for Parantha and Kosha Mangsho. You will also find quick bites like Fish Kabiraji and Mutton Cutlet here. Not including our archaic Golbari among Bengali cuisines of Kolkata will make this list absolutely incomplete.

Parantha and kosha mangsho


Jhale Jhole Ombole

Hindustan Park has newly opened a restaurant that serves authentic Bengali food Jhale Jhole Ombole (spicy gravy chutney). All kinds of dishes starting from Begun Pabda, Chicken Curry, Hhapa Chingri or Moong Daal are yummy. For all those pandal hoppers this durga puja, lunch here is a must!

Moong Daal


Aahelithe Peerless Inn

Aaheli in Esplanade is a perfect place for Path Pete Bhuribhoj (plate-full of food)! They have terrific thalis, veg as well as non-veg, during durga puja. Some must haves include Dhakai Luchi, Posto Kashundi Diye Parshey, Morich Mangsher Milmish, amongst others.

Dhakai luchi


  Fish Fish

This is the only fish specific restaurant in Kolkata located in Ballygunge. All items in fish are great. Their specialities include Prawn Cocktail, Fish Finger and Chocolate Firni.

Prawn Cocktail


Aami Bangali

Again, a speciality in fish! You should try Chitol Macher Muittha, Kochu Pata Chingri and Chitol Peti here. Located in Esplanade, their reasonably priced fish thali is well admired by Bengalis.

Chitol macher muitha


The Bhoj Company

Again in New Market area, we have the Bhoj Company serving delicious Mutton Curry and Prawn Malai Curry. Their Bengali Polao is not like the typical Polao you prepare at home, but has a lovely fragrance to it!

Bangali Polao



Located in Jodhpur Park, this is another one of authentic Bengali cuisine restaurants of South Kolkata! Mocha Chingri, Robibarer Mutton are one of the favourites here!
This place is vegetarian-friendly which means you will find tasty Jhurjhure Aloo Hhaja, Posto Bora, Lal Shakh Bhaja, Kanchkolar Kofta among vegetarian items.

Mocha Chingri


Sare Chuattar

Sare Chuattar, the name of this restaurant is based on a sixties movie, but its decor consists of hand fans and wooden utensils to give the Bengali touch. Lau Pata Mora Chingri, Chanar Kofta are some of the great dishes prepared here.

Chanar kofta


Cafe Ekante

Located in Rajarhat, New Town, the ambience of this place is best. It has lake side dining, and you can hear dhakis playing while you eat which adds to the Durga Puja feel. Daab Chingri, Bhuna Mutton platter with Khichudi, Katla and Nolen Gurer Ice cream are some of their great dishes.

Nolen gurer ice cream


C/o Bangali

C/O Bangali is located in Hatibaghan, North Kolkata and is one of the few good Bengali restaurants in that location. My favourite dish Sundari Chicken is a must try! Murg Masallam with Polao and Fish Kabiraji are other desired dishes.

Sundari Chicken


Koshe Kosa

Koshe Kosa’s main branch is located in Park Street area. The ambiance is so appealing like that of an old Bengali household filled with Jamini Ray paintings. They serve the best Dhakai Mangsho and baked Rasgolla here!

Baked Rasgolla


Tero Parbon

This place serves authentic Bengali food specials in Durga Puja. It is located  in Purna Das road. I absolutely loved their Gondhoraj Bhetki and Dhakai Lluchi. The ambience is very comfortable, the decor so Bangaliana and elegant! It will mesmerise you when you go out for an Ashtami dinner.

Gondhoraj Bhetki


Sholoana Bangali

This restaurant (Garia) is quite reasonable and comfortable, regarding ambience and seating. Their Bhetki fry is a delight and they have thalis, but I would recommend ordering regular menu instead of thali since they serve less quantity. Quality wise Sholoana Bangali is good! Specialities include yellow rice, Mochar Ghonto, Kosha Mangsho and MacherMatha Diye Mug Dal. Their main branch is in Prince Anwar Shah Road.

Mochar ghonto


Bhuter Raja Dilo Bor

Bhuter Raja Dilo Bor, named after Satyajit Ray’s movie Gupi Gain Baga Bain is located in Patuli area and serves Bengalis with delicious food that tastes just like magic!!Here the specialities include Kanchkolar Kofta, Daab Chingri, Malai Kofta, Dhaniya Chicken, Mutton Dakbanglo!!

Kanchkolar Kofta
I hope that you enjoy Durga Puja while visiting these mentioned restaurants! Stay healthy stay happy!!Karon asche bochor abar hobe (because durga puja will be next year again!!)