20 Best Cafes For Students To Hang Out In Gurgaon!

20 Best Cafes For Students To Hang Out In Gurgaon


Di Ghent Cafe

This cafe which is named after the third largest city in the country of Belgium is a popular choice for many. We’ve already heard of Belgian waffles and chocolates, so now find out about the best Belgian coffee as well. The cafe is responsible for freshly roasted coffee beans which are then prepared as the beverage.



This quirky cafe is a new-age cafe which is known for great coffee has been quite the crowd pleaser. Bizibean also gives you the opportunity of trying the much acclaimed French Pressed variety of all world- renowned blends of coffee. Some of their coffees are even local and belong to the Mysuru and Malabar region, in origin.


Sibang Bakery

Sibang Bakery is a Korean bakery which serves some of the best Korean confectioneries. Everything you get here is freshly baked. Also, the coffee that they serve here is quite brilliant and loved by the regulars and indeed recommended. Try the iced coffees which have a strong hint of surprising coffee flavours, in it.


The CupNcake Factory

What’s better than Cupcakes in this world? So, welcome to the Cupcake factory, rather The CupNCake Factory! You’ll find a variety of Cupcakes, with different fillings, frostings and meringues. From sparkly ones to delicate ones, your Cupcake cravings will be satisfied with a plate full of Cupcakes along with a great cup of coffee.


Just For Chai

This is a rustic little cafe located in the Cyber City, for all tea lovers. For the best of tea experiences, you may head here! They serve a variety of teas, from the Kashmiri blend to the UP style. You’ll be bombarded with options of tea of your favourite varieties. Plus, they also sell Vada Pao!



Chaayos is known for the amazing blend of tea they serve. They have up to 12000 types over here, which must be enough reason for you to head there immediately. The God’s Chai is quite the talk of the town and a necessary try, along with the very best Carrot Cake.


Another Fine Day

As you live another wonderful day you might as well enjoy it with a handful of books and cups of tea or coffee. If that is the case, then the Reading Room in this cafe is just the right place for you.


Tea Halt

Tea Halt is a cafe which is very dedicated to its theme. This is just the perfect place to halt for Tea. The interiors are very warm and welcoming. It is the perfect place for you to visit if you want to hang out with your friends with never ending cups of teas.


Double Roti

If you are searching for a hangout place to spend a casual evening with your friends and a place to hang out at, then you may not have to look any further. Double Roti is a Sandwich bar and relieves you of those casual hunger pangs. The Burgers are brilliant, and the ambiance is lively with a very college-like feel attached to it. Also, they have free wifi! Their Mexican Wave Burger has earned quite some fans.


Roots Cafe In The Park

What more could you ask for other than a perfect cafe with free wifi, joyful ambiance and lip-smackingly delicious food? It’s also the perfect solution for a romantic date location search! Their ambiance is quite lively which makes this place quite popular. They mostly serve quirky street food which will make you relive your childhood. Be it the Egg Bhurji they serve on Toast, or the good old Calcutta Kathi Rolls, everything is down to the detail and amazing in taste. Do try their Lemon Cake also.


Farzi Cafe

The very popular Farzi Cafe had to be on this list. This place has gathered attention from a lot of critics for a great and amazing time and experience they offer here. Their fusion food is their speciality, along with their unique presentation skills. Try the Honey Chilli Samosas and Phirni Oxide, while you’re here! P.s. they also have wifi.


Cafe Wanderlust

The name calls to us all, right? So must the food! Try the waffles, and you’ll fall in love with this place at one go. Even the Pancakes are quite delightful too. The place has been garnering quite the attention, which makes for a legitimate reason for a visit, no?


Brooklyn Resto Cafe

Brooklyn Resto Cafe has a fresh out of Brooklyn feel to it. Prepare to be blown away with the mesmerising flavours of the cutting Chai! Although the cafe is not that big, it is very accommodating, with kind and helpful staff to help you choose from a bunch of options. The fried Fish and Chips are quite recommended.


Choko La Cafe

Just like the name suggests, this cafe is a pioneer of Chocolate-based entities. You must try their Hazelnut flavoured hot Chocolate when you visit. It is a small cafe, which does justice to the attention it receives.



TPot is a startup which has become quite famous. It has a couple of outlets in the NCR region, with one being in Gurgaon. The prices are quite affordable especially for Tea fanatics which make this place a classic student budget place!


World Art Cafe

World Art Cafe, at Udyog Vihar, will surely grab your attention, with the ever increasing fan following. The interiors are amazingly done which makes it quite an artsy place as the name suggests! The food is freshly made, only when an order is placed. Their red velvet Pastry is good enough to die for!


Madras Coffee House

The cafe is located inside the Kingdom of Dreams, and you must come here to enjoy the essence of South India’s best filter Coffee. You may also try the Murukku they serve here, along with your cup of Coffee. The place has a great picturesque backdrop of the Kingdom of Dreams, which is a delight to watch.


Cafe 7

A very Italian cafe, this cafe with its soothing lights and white furniture will make you a regular. This cafe is a true place of art, as the artworks on the walls are all for sale.


Chai Point

Chai Point is quite famous for the tea they offer. In short, you’ll love it. Plus, they also deliver!


The Joint Cafe

This is one of the coolest cafes you’ll come across. The decor is funky for the younger crowds with movie posters and pop culture representations depiction. Although the place provides a seating up to 20 people, they are quite an amazing place to have dinner with your loved ones. If you love Lamb, you must try their Lamburghini.