20 Best Chinese Restaurants In Kolkata, You Must Visit!

20 Best Chinese Restaurants In Kolkata, You Must Visit!



One of the most popular Chinese destinations of the city is the China Town. The China Town is famous for serving quality and authentic Chinese for ages now. One of such restaurants located in the Southern Chinatown, which is the second Chinatown in Kolkata, with first one being in Tiretti Bazaar, is Beijing. The restaurant aptly named after the capital of China is a wonderful location for a Chinese meal. The food is scrumptious, delicious and tasty. One visit to this place will simply not suffice your cravings.



A restaurant under the Specialty Restaurants Pvt. Ltd., Haka, is incomparable. The standard of food here has been compared with the mighty Mainland China. The first outlet in City Centre was inaugurated by Shah Rukh Khan and has since then been quite a popular choice for Chinese. The buffet is the best option for those who are looking to eat a lot within a budget. So suffice your cravings at any of the Haka outlets today!


Mainland China

Mainland China is one of the premier fine dining Chinese Restaurants in the city, which even has seafood as a speciality. Although originally the first outlet was opened in Mumbai, Mainland China has found its popularity in all the major cities of the country. In Kolkata too, it is quite the popular choice for a Chinese meal, and it is rare to get the exquisite duck they serve anywhere else.


Big Boss

Another restaurant in Chinatown (the only Chinatown in the country), Big Boss is known for serving a large number of customers at one time. The food is quite extraordinary much like the other contemporaries in China Town. It is known to be the destination for hosting parties due to the availability of a lot of space and parking for the customers. The fact that this restaurant can accommodate so many people adds to its advantage.


Golden Joy

Situated in Tangra, Golden Joy brings the pure Chinese ambience to life. The food is delicious and will satisfy your Chinese cravings. The duck roast is phenomenal and the price is quite affordable too.


The Pen And Ink- Abcos Food Plaza

The Abcos Food Plaza is a great combination of restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. O Calcutta, The Kipling Klub, The Pen and Ink and Dalhousie are the four restaurants which provide you great food. One of the best parts about eating here is that sitting at any of the restaurants you can try food from different restaurants in the building.


Eau Chew

Eau Chew is one of the simplest Chinese serving outlets you’ll find in the city. The restaurant is owned by a Chinese family, thus provides authentic Chinese food. The restaurant is opened for a couple of hours only, and in spite of that, it is mostly full. Their speciality is the chimney soup which is exquisite and unique.


Marco Polo In China

Marco Polo in China is a classic restaurant with good food and great ambience. It is one of the quality restaurants, which will offer one of the best meals for you.


Momo I Am

Momo I Am is owned by a renowned graffiti artist of Kolkata. The first outlet was in Lake Gardens, and there is a newer outlet in Chinar Park. The place is not only decorated and well-done with the graffiti work but also serves quite the best of Tibetan and Chinese food in the city. The dim sums are the one of the best in the city and will bring you back a second time.


The Blue Poppy

The Blue Poppy is a restaurant chain of the Gorkha Bhavan in the city. The Pork Momos, Thukpa, and Mixed Noodles are the most appreciated items in the restaurant. There are two outlets in the city, with a new Express outlet in City Centre, Salt Lake. The restaurant serves both Tibetan and Chinese cuisines.


Tibetan Delight

Tibetan Delight, a classic pocket-friendly joint is one of the best Tibetan restaurants in the city. The restaurant not only specialises in Tibetan but also in Chinese food. The food is offbeat and unlike anything you have ever tasted.


Blue Sky Cafe

The Blue Sky Cafe is one of the most popular food destinations in the city for foreigners. Not only does it serve great Chinese food, but also at an economical cost. The staff is courteous and quick. The interiors might not be the best, but the visit to this place is worth it.


Kim Ling

Kim Ling is a small restaurant in China Town which receives a fair amount of visitors for a taste of its phenomenal Chinese dishes. You won’t regret a taste of their dishes.


Tung Fong

One of the most popular restaurants in Park Street, Tung Fong is a very busy restaurant most days of the week. A hit amongst youngsters, Tung Fong, is full most of the days.


Asia Kitchen

Asia Kitchen is another outlet owned by the same group which owns Mainland China and Haka. Hence it a quality Chinese restaurant which will please your taste buds at the least.


The Grub Club

A small cafe joint, near Golpark, is a popular spot for youngsters to eat the best Chinese at an economical price.


Golden Dragon

A small restaurant in Park Street, with simple decor, serves good Chinese at affordable prices and good service. All you can ask for, right?


Red Hot Chilli Pepper

A little expensive for some, but Red Hot Chilli Pepper will spice your Chinese taste in food. You won’t bother spending the money for the delicious food they serve.


The Darjeeling

A restaurant in Gorkha Bhavan, which replaced the earlier Blue Poppy, is already quite the talk of the town. They serve a lot of cuisines like North Eastern, Nepalese, Tibetan and of course Chinese.


China Whites

China Whites in Gariahat is a popular Chinese restaurant, which also has a hookah parlour. So be it Chinese or finger food, you can find it all here.