20 Best Eateries In Pune Which Serve The Best Tandoori Chicken

20 Best Eateries In Pune Which Serve The Best Tandoori Chicken

When an Indian food enthusiast thinks about chicken, the first thought coming to his/her mind would definitely be TANDOORI CHICKEN! The smoky flavor of the tandoor combined with the tikka masala over the tender chicken legs is a combo to die for!


The best places in Pune to try Tandoori chicken are:

1. Koo Kooch Koo (Borawke Chicken)

A very small food joint on Jangli Maharaja Road, this place has won the hearts of almost every Puneri. They serve delicious hot tandoori chicken from 7pm to 11pm. They also offer home delivery service. One might also have to wait in line on weekends!


2. Nisarg

A seafood speciality restaurant located at Nal stop. But one will definitely be astonished after trying the tandoori chicken here. This restaurant is a fine dining restaurant with a bar. This is a great place to hog on tandoori chicken with your family.


3. Bagban

Located in the heart of chicken lovers of Pune, in camp, Bagban serves appetizing Tandoori chicken. Along with that one must try the Butter Chicken and Bheja fry here.


4. Happy Singh Da Kitchen

Happy Singh Da Kitchen serves authentic Punjabi food. It has multiple outlets and each one has the same distinctive taste. They serve fresh hot chicken right out of the tandoor which has the capacity to steal ones heart!


5. Tareef

Tareef, a casual dining restaurant nestled in the busy area of Aundh. It is a perfect stop for the tandoori lovers! They serve authentic Mughlai cuisine, a perfect delight for food enthusiasts.


6. Blue Nile

Located in Camp area of Pune, hotel Blue Nile serves prodigious Tandoori chicken. It is also listed as a favorite of tandoori chicken lovers!


7 Cafe Good Luck

Definitely the favourite for all age groups, Cafe Good Luck, located on the busiest street of Pune, Fergusson College Road, never fails to take the customers by shock. The sizzling hot tandoori chicken makes everyones mouths water. One might have to wait in line on a weekday or weekend.


8. Kareems

Having a multiple outlets in Pune, Kareem’s has served a relishing treat of kebabs to their customers. Their tandoor manages to deliver the perfect smoky taste every time one visits!


9. Sadanand Resort

Located on the Pune-Mumbai express way, this is one of the oldest 3 star hotels in Pune. Since the past 10-15 years, this hotel has delivered a distinctive taste in tandoori chicken. They’re also very well known for their butter chicken.


10. The Great Punjab

Nestled in the upcoming urbanised part of Pune, in Baner, The Great Punjab is an authentic Punjabi restaurant. They serve an enticing platter from the tandoor. The juicy chicken legs here are irresistible.


11 Preet Da Dhaba

Preet Da Dhaba is a perfect place to chill with your buddies and hog on a tandoori chicken platter. It is located in Bavdhan.


12. Kapila Kebab

Located in on Dhole Patil road, Kapila kebab is the favourite stop for a quick bite of a tandoori kebab roll. Kapila has an ever-increasing number of customers.


13. Kebab Street

This restaurant brings to you all the delicious chicken platters right out from the tandoor! It is a an  economical place to have a sublime dinner with the family.


14. Four Seasons

Located one one of the busiest streets of Kothrud, Four Seasons is a fine dining restaurant. It is a good place to have dinner and drinks with the family. They serve a perfectly flavorful tandoori Chicken, one of the best  in  Pune.


15. Punjabi Tadka

Located in the imminent area of Pune, Viman Nagar, Punjabi Tadka offers us a great deal of authentic punjabi kebabs right from the tandoor. Their taste is said to be one of the best in Pune.


16. Reddy’s

Reddys is a hangout place near Kalyani Nagar in Pune. They serve exquisite variety from the tandoori chicken platter which is a paradise for a food enthusiast!


17. Hyderabadi House

Hyderabadi house, which has many outlets in Pune serves authentic Hyderabadi tandoori chicken with Afghani flavours!



Ashoka Tandoori Nights

A small and congested eatery, one might have to wait in line for their delicious tandoori chicken but they never fail to serve!


19. Arabian Bites

Right from the heart of the Arabic Tandoor lovers, Arabian Bites brings to us the delightful chicken which bursts with flavours. It is located in Kondhwa.


20. George Restaurant

Located on MG road, George Restaurant delivers an alluring taste in Chicken from the tandoor. The taste is appreciated by plenty and hence this one sure deserves a visit.


Hence, to conclude, Pune has a lot many places which serve appetizing variety of chicken delicacies right from the tandoor! All these places are a must visit for all the food enthusiasts!