20 Best Non-Veg Serving Places In Lucknow

Best Non-Veg Serving Places In Lucknow


Dastarkhwan is one of the best non- vegetarian serving point located in the heart of city i.e. Hazratganj. It is difficult to choose from the long list of delicious non-veg food items. The aroma of spices of different delicacies will make you fall in love with Mughlai cuisine.


2.Tunday Kababi

This is one of the reasons for Lucknow being famous for. As the name suggests the place is famous for its kebab paratha. Their kebabs are not just famous in this era but their ancestors were chefs of the royal kitchen during the reign of Nawabs. The speciality of their kebabs is that they melt down in your mouth, leaving the taste of different spices mixed with the mutton. They have their centres in Aliganj, Chowk (old Lucknow) and Aminabad.


3.Falak Numa restaurant

This restaurant is part of the famous chains of restaurant &hotel Clark’s Awadh located in Hazratganj. It is a roof top hotel which gives you the perfect view of the city’s landscape and Gomti River which will captivate your mind. The ambience, mughlai food, drinks and the polite staff of the hotel gives you the royal feel of Awadh.



The warm and cozy environment with an authentic serving makes this place one of the favorites of Lucknowites. They serve various kinds of non-vegetarian Mughlai dishes which are way more than mouth watering. This place is great for dining either with family or friends. Do not miss to visit it.


5.L-14 Renaissance Hotel

If you are a fan of fine dine and buffet, then this is the best place to visit. The variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food with the ambience makes it a great combination. Not only Mughlai but non-veg cuisines of various countries are also served. Toothsome food served politely will add up to your pleasure.


6.Kalika Hut

If you love home cooked mutton, then this place is the right shelter for you. Located in the posh locality of Gomti Nagar, still they follow the traditional ways which make them one of its kinds. Here, the food is cooked slowly in earthen pots on the wooden flames which enhance its taste. The appetising aroma of every dish makes it worth tasting. This place will give you the village feel in the middle of the city.


7.Non-veg point

Located in the old Lucknow i.e. Chowk, this place is known for its wide range of chicken and mutton dishes. The pleasant smell of the roasted chicken in tandoor urges all non-vegetarian foodies to stop by. They serve it with a special chutney and masala which adds up to its flavor.



Located in Gomti Nagar, it’s the best place to hang out with your friends. The mesmerizing live music creates a romantic atmosphere around you. The availability of spectacular drinks and cuisines suits everybody’s appetite. It’s like you are swimming in the pool of glee.


9.Barbeque Nation

R you in love with barbeque, and like to spend good time with family and friends? Then this is a must visit place for you. Located on the 3rd floor River side mall, it is a part of a well-known food chain. The starter, main course, drinks and desserts, everything is delicious. You will definitely come out with a pot belly from this place.


10.King’s and Nawabs

The ambience of this place is very different from the mainstream restaurants. They have an outdoor place to hang out and indoor huts to eat. Lots of variety of mughlai dishes are available. This place will give you the feel of a Nawab.


11.Manish eating point

If you are a fan of street food and you are a non-vegetarian, then this place would serve you the best. Located at Deva Palace, Gomti Nagar, this suits all the types of get together. The hug of the illuminate aura and fine dine will set your mood. One visit to this place will never be enough.


12.Moti Mahal deluxe

It is a really nice place for family dinners, birthdays, wedding parties and get together. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items which suits everybody’s choice in the family. Both veg. and non-veg. are great so, you should try both.


13.Curry On

I recently visited this place with my family and had a good experience. We had both veg. and non-veg. food, and both were out of this world. The embrace of the warm surrounding makes you feel at home. Both classy and reasonable are the best point about this place. It is located at G-11 Levana heights.


14.Kavarestaurant- Fairfield by Marriott

The restaurant has a graceful ambience, overlooking a garden. The place lives up to its brand name. They provide the facility of buffet which consists of a wide variety of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, drinks and desserts. The aroma of the spices can make one drool.


15.Roasted rooster

It is a small place with big taste. They serve some unique dishes of chicken which are hard to find at any other place, and these are the kids favorite. Friendly atmosphere will enlighten your face and mood.


16.KDRexotic dining

I visited this place a month back with my friends and loved it. They were providing some student concession which added to our advantage and we loved the ambience too. We ordered rogan josh, biryani and butter naan which were excellent. Assurance of a good time is guaranteed.


17.Sakhawat restaurant

This is an old place situated in the corner of the city with great food. They serve one of the best street non-veg. foods. The tang of every served dish will hypnotize you. As it is located at Kaiserbagh, it attracts every customer passing by.


18.Lucknow Wale TUNDAY Kababi

It is a small place with delicious food and good serving. This restaurant provides you with mouth-watering food at a reasonable cost which is best for every day non-vegetarian eaters.


19.Sanjha Chulha

The ambience of this place is not that attractive but trust me the food is more than delicious. The speciality of this place is that food is cooked on a chulha (an old stove). This place is a dear one to all the college students of Lucknow. It’s an open space restaurant which adds up to the advantage of kids. Every delicacy prepared by them is up to the mark.


20.Wahid Biryani

Well known place in Lucknow for its mutton and chicken biryani. The well-cooked mutton and rice blended with spices gives out the aroma which will fill your mouth with water. They have a special technique to cook biryani. Their special technique gives its unique flavor which is unforgettable. If you are a biryani lover, then definitely do not miss it to visit there