20 Best Places To Have Lassi In Punjab

Best Places To Have Lassi In Punjab

Are you heading to Punjab this weekend? Well, going ahead with no idea about the lLassi and the best places to have it, is a risk. Check out these:-

1. Gopal’s

Gopal’s is a great place to enjoy Lassi which will refresh your entire system. The Lassi has a homemade taste that is because of its great quality and essence. They serve you sweet, salted and Kesar Lassi at very affordable prices. All the Lassies are available within Rs 55.

Location: Chandigarh, Sector 35


2. Sindhi Sweets

Sindhi Sweets have a vast variety of flavoured Lassi. Mango Lassi, Banana Lassi, English Fruit Lassi, Pink Guava Lassi are gracing in its menu. Mango Lassi is the sweetest amongst all. The nutrients of fruits and goodness of Lassi are combined, which results in a healthy choice, so why not a fruit Lassi? Coming on the prices, all the Lassi flavours fall under Rs 65.

Location: Chandigarh, Sector 17


4. Pal Dhaba

Pal Dhaba makes simple Lassiwhich is sweet and namkeen. To supplement the Lassi, you can always have their mixed Raita which is garnished with chopped tomato and onion.

Location: Chandigarh, Sector 28


5. Ahuja Milk Bhandaar

Ahuja Lassi Bhandar is a beverage shop which mainly offers milk beverages. Ahuja’s Lassi is the most famous in the town. Best Lassies to try are Kesar Lassi and regular Lassi. Kesar Lassi tastes more like a flavoured milk and is garnished with few strands of Kesar. They serve all the milk beverages in big steel glasses. The Lassies might not cost you more than Rs 70 for one glass.

Location: Amritsar, near Hindu College


6. Gian Di Lassi

Gian di Lassi is famous for its Peda Lassi and sweet Lassi which has a topping of thick cream and heavy texture. The Lassies will give you a home-made taste and you will absolutely love it!

Location: Amritsar, Hathi Gate.


7. New Kundan Dhaba

New Kundan Dhaba is mostly occupied by travellers since it is near the highways. Special Malai Lassi for Rs35, is what people come for at Kundans. Clay pots are used to serve Lassi which makes the Lassi taste even better and also, it is best to hydrate you from head to toe!

Location: Amritsar, Rani KaBagh


8. Brothers’ Amritsari Dhaba

You can enjoy a north Indian casual dining with a glass of Lassi of course at Brothers’ Amritsari Dhaba. They offer just two types in Lassies that are salted and sweet for very low rates (Rs 35 only)!

Location: Amritsar, Town Hall


9. Hotel Grand Punjab Lassi Cafe

If you are a person who would die for desi food, hotel Grand Punjabi Lassi cafe is the next food place for you! This is a right place to experience Makkiki Roti and Saag with a glass of creamy Lassi!

Location: National Highway 64, Mohali


10. Patiala Shahi Lassi

Patiala Shahi Lassies are the thickest Lassis you will ever come across. Namkeen Lassi has an exotic jeera flavour and sweet Lassi just tastes right.

Location: SheranWala Gate, Patiala


11. Bharawan Da Dhaba

This is a place to have Lassi just at Rs 30 and that too in big glasses. The best thing which is liked about Punjab is that the Lassi here really comes in jumbo glasses in no money and time.

Location: Zirakpur, Chandigarh


12. Taste Point

Tate point is quick spot to enjoy the beverages. It serves you chilled drinks which will rescue us from  hot summer.

Location; Amritsar


13. New Shanti Om Veg Dhaba

New Shakti Om veg Dhaba have multiple options for north Indian delicacies, the crowd always order Lassi with their food. Jeera Lassi is most wanted at New Shakti Om Veg Dhaba.

Location: SamralaChowk, Ludhiana


14. Raja Dhaba

Raja Dhaba serves Lassi in giant bottles. You can always take away the Lassies because of its handy bottle packaging. The Lassies varies in two categories;  masala Lassi and sweet Lassi under Rs 25.

Location: Ludhiana


15. Meshi Vaishno Dhaba

This Punjabi Dhaba is well-known in local areas of Ludhiana. The services are quite quick. You can enjoy North Indian variety with a smooth Lassi. If you want to prefer other drink over Lassi, well they also serve a satisfied variety of Raitas: Aloo Raita, Gheya Raita, mix Raita and the most common one: Pineapple Raita. all under Rs 60.

Location: Ludhiana


16. The Night Factory

The Night Factory has countless options for North Indian cuisine and beverages and if you are looking for Lassi, you must order sweet buttermilk. They do serve other Raita flavours as well.

Location: Chandigarh, Phase 1, Industrial Area.


17. Katani Vaishno Dhaba

Katani Vaishno Dhaba’s ‘in demand’ beverage is Badam Milk, and it also offers you Namkeen Lassi which has a slight coriander and heeng flavour.

Location: Mohali, Punjab


18. Ghazal

Ghazal is a casual dining place where you will enjoy each and every non-vegetarian dish, Continental soup and the Punjabi Lassi which you is definitely a must try!

Location: Chandigarh, Sector 17


19. Bikanervala

Bikanervala has everything you name- North Indian, south Indian,  Chinese and Mithai all under one roof! It also offers fresh Lassi. The best thing is that you can customise the Lassi as per your choice and can always play with the flavours!

Location: Chandigarh, Sector: 26


20. Bittu Da Dhaba

This Dhaba has a  real desi food. The bread is literally dipped in white butter before being served, and the non-vegetarian dishes just taste right! Lassi is no way to be left over here! An extraordinary thick Lassi with the goodness of Malai will definitely enrich your system. The Lassi is available in two flavours; that is salted and sweet.

Location: Mohali, Phase 7


21. Kesar Da Dhaba

Kesar da Dhaba is quite famous and well renowned in local areas of Amritsar., A family owns the Kesar da Dhaba. Kesarda dhaba serves North Indian cuisine and it also has north Indian thali options. You should definitely order a glass of Lassi along your order. The Dhaba will serve you a plain Lassi which is just under Rs 50.

Location: Amritsar