20 Best Places To Eat Momos In Bhubaneswar

20 Best Places To Eat Momos In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, referred to as the Temple City is also famous for its cuisines. From the iconic dalma(a lentil vegetables curry) to the global cuisine such as momos, which captures our taste buds and cravings very swiftly, Bhubaneswar has it all. May it be rainy weather or winter or even spring for the matter, momos cravings are always on their way. There is nothing in this world that a good plate of momos can’t fix. May it be a fight with your best friend or partner, a bad day or even a heartbreak, momos can fix it all. Soon as you embark on the streets of the city, you will find a lot of momo joints, but here are the best 20 places to get momos for every occasion in the town.

1.Mommy’s Momo

It’s a trendy momo joint in the city. It has two outlets, in Nayapalli and the other one near BJB Nagar. The hariyali tandoori momos, malai tandoori momos, and honey chilly momos are the best of this joint and can’t be missed. It also has a lot of other varieties of momos. They are also available on swiggy and zomato. It’s usually always crowded because of the taste and popularity of this momo joint.

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2.A-one! Momo

Located near the Lewis Road area, this momo joint is by far the most affordable and tasty momo joint in the city. It also has a wide variety of momos. The tandoori, hariyali Tandoori, and cheese momos are the best picks of this joint. It’s always crowded in the evening and you can’t miss this joint for sure!

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3.Odia Toka Special 07 Momos

Located in front of the BMC Bhawani Mall, Saheed Nagar, this momo joint offers a wide variety of momos as well. The beauty of this joint is that you can customize your momo according to your taste. You can also limit the spicy or tangy flavors according to your taste buds. The tandoori momo and KFC fried momos are the best picks of this joint.

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4.Momo Cafe

It is located in Unit-4 near Kar Clinic. This is one of the oldest momo joints in the city. The chocolate momos and the chilly garlic momos of this joint are some of the unique dishes that can’t be missed. This is by far the must-visit joint if you have a sweet tooth or if you are a fan of chocolate momos.

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5.Cheese Burst Momo

Located in Khao Gali Unit-9, this place has the cheesiest momos in the city. Apart from the general varieties, it has a cheese burst category where you can customize your everyday momos into cheese burst momos where you can decide your toppings and spices. This place is a must-visit if you are a fan of cheese or looking for something different.

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6.Sai Momos

Located in Sripur square, this place has the best tandoori momos in the city. It has a wide variety of momos, both in veg and non-veg sections, with very affordable prices. It’s a must-visit if you are a fan of tandoori momos.

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7.Sum Hospital Square

Near Sum Hospital, there is a tiny momo joint that sells the classy kurkure momos we all love to eat during the rainy season. This joint is famous for its signature kurkure momos and is a must-visit during the rainy season to satisfy your cravings for both momos and pakodas in a go!

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8.Kings Momo World

Located inside the Jagamara Khao Gali near ITER college, this place has all types of momos. It’s a one-stop place for all momo lovers as it has the all. Starting from the iconic steam momos to the Afghani momos and cheese burst momos, this place has it all. It’s an absolute gem for all the foodies.

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9.Gopabandhu Square

This place has many momo joints, and one unique momo sold by them is called the Pizza Momo. This place is a must-try for all momo and pizza lovers. The specialty of this joint is that you can customize your pizza toppings and the amount of cheese you need according to your taste buds. It’s an absolute no-brainer to miss this cute spot.

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10.Alok Momo

Located in front of BMC Bhawani Mall, Saheed Nagar, its yet another momo joint selling the spiciest tandoori and KFC momos in the city. This momo joint is famous for its spicy tandoori momos.

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11.Ajju Momo

Located near one of the busiest street food markets in front of Ramadevi University, opposite to the Appetizer restaurant near Radiant Coaching classes, this momo joint is popular for it’s unique serving style. You will get to customize your choice of sauces. They have the iconic momo red sauce, mayo, green sauce, mustard sauce, and many more. This is the only momo joint in that street and very much crowded in the evening for its popularity.

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12.Mohapatra Momos

Located in IRC Village, Nayapalli, this momo joint is a must-try place if you are a fan of steam momos. The original style of Darjeeling steam momos is found here in the city. This joint is famous for its paneer steam momos. So do try this place if you are a vegetarian and a fan of steam momos.

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13.Momo Zone – The Momo Company

This is a Chinese restaurant located in Khandagiri Square that serves both Chinese Tibetan cuisines. It is famous for its tasty momos and other varieties of fast food that it does. This is a suitable place for friends and family gatherings if you are searching for budget-friendly Chinese food in the city.

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14.Yummy Momos

Located in Unit-8, this small momo joint in Surya Nagar is popular for its tandoori and KFC fried momos. As the name suggests, this is a budget-friendly joint and a must-visit if you are searching for yummy momos.

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15.Kanha Momo’s Cafe

Located near Jharpada, this momo stall claims to be the best in the town. It also has a fast food joint nearby. This place is a must-visit if you are in search of street food and momos.

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This is a highly rated Tibetan momo center located near Infocity Avenue, near Aangan Convention Hall. It’s suitable for family and friends gathering. They also provide home-delivery options. You can order through Swiggy, Zomato, or the Momoway app itself.

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17.Wow! Momos

The original also goes on this list. Wow! Momos are in almost all prominent areas of the city and all the malls in the city. However, the Saheed Nagar and Patia outlets serve the best momos in the city.

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18.Momo Bytes

Located in Janpath, this momo joint caters to the needs of fitness freaks as they specialize in wheat and millet momos. This momo joint is famous for its healthy yet tasty options as they use wheat and millet flour, and also serve baked momos as a healthy option.

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19.Big Fat Momo

Located in the exotic location of Patia, this place serves a variety of momos, snacks, and drinks. The momo menu has it all. They are popular for Afghani momo and Achari momo. They have a wide range of spicy and tangy flavored momos.

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20.Just Delicious Food Court

This place has a wide variety of street food items and, of course, momos! It’s in Kanan Vihar, Patia. It’s a much-awaited newly opened outlet with all types of fast food options all under one roof.

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