20 Best Restaurants in Uttarkashi, Uttrakhand

20 Best Restaurants in Uttarkashi Uttrakhand
20 Best Restaurants in Uttarkashi Uttrakhand

Uttarkashi means Kashi of the north, is a town located in Uttarkashi district in Uttarakhand. Uttarkashi town is the headquarter of the community, and is also known as Somya Kashi. It is a religious place for spiritual and adventurous tourism. It is also called Shivnagri. It is well-known for its religious people, weather, education, and has a number of temples and ashrams. This city is situated on the banks of the river Bhagirathi; the town has various places of interest to visit like Yamunotri temple, Nanda Devi Institute of Adventure Sports and Outdoor Education, etc. The town consists of various restaurants where you can eat your meals after you get tired of exploring the city. The list of the top 20 restaurants has been given below. Have a look at them.

1. Café 18

It is a must-visit place in Uttarkashi if you are on Court Road. The taste of food and presentation are up-to-the-mark. The ambience is also serene and calming. The owner is humble and offers meals at the decent price.


2. The Dosa Hut And Snack Point

This restaurant is located on Mall Road, which serves delicious South Indian food; especially the dosa is very crispy and freshly prepared. Apart from dosa, vada sambar is also a must-try recipe. It is a small neat and clean outlet, but the meals taste just like that served in the big outlets of cities.

The Dosa Hut And Snack Point

3. Zaika Fast Food Restaurant

If you are on NH-34 or nearby in Uttarkashi, then you must give this place a try to taste some fast food. The momos are spicy and tasty served with delicious chutney. This place is pretty famous among locals for the lip-smacking momos that would for sure make you crave for more.

Zaika Fast Food Restaurant

4. The Bombay Café And Catering

It is a famous coffee shop on Mall Road, which also serves delicious food items, among which the parathas excel in the taste and tastes even much better when eaten along with curries. The place is not much fancy but a good option if you are seeking for a place with good food.

The Bombay Cafe And Catering

5. Anushka Restaurant

This is a little area having simple interiors and a casual atmosphere. They serve meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food tastes fantastic and is very hygienic too that is offered at a reasonable price. It is located in Rana Bhawan.

Anushka Restaurant

6. The JR Café

It is a quaint place with decent spacing and impressive decorations. Among all the servings, the pizza is marvelous and worth tasting. It is located in right between the Main Market and impresses everyone with their hot coffee. It is an ideal place to visit with friends.

The JR Cafe

7. Kings Foods

It is a straightforward place with limited sitting arrangements. It is located on Joshiyara NIM Road, which serves all food items that you can eat like cakes, party food, and even simple recipes. They also provide outdoor catering service.


8. Hotel Patiyala

It is a vegetarian restaurant perfect to visit with family for happy and filling meals. As the name suggest, they serve delicious Punjabi cuisine, which is freshly prepared and terrific in taste. The chana masala is the speciality of this place.

Hotel Patiyala

9. The Farmhaus

It is one of the best café in Kasar Devi, Uttrakahand. They bake the most delicious bread in the entire city, which are hand-made with organic ingredients and love. The cookies and cakes are cherry on the top, especially the chocolate cake.

The Farmhaus

10. J And R Natural Café

It is a highly recommended place for food lovers; once you visit this place, you will always cherish the experience. The sandwiches and pizza are fabulous in taste and are also available at a reasonable price.


11. Steamer

It is a decent place with limited food options available, probably steamed food, yet everything tastes lip-smacking. The Chinese food items are the highlight of this place and the perfect location to visit with your family during your travel.


12. Dev Grill Hub

It is the best option to visit for breakfast or brunch. The service is impressive and serves delicious food. The service options available are take away and dine-in. You can try various recipes ranging from Indian cuisine to Chinese cuisine.

Dev Grill Hub

13. A1 Fast Food Corner

When you will try the momos from this place, it would make you wonder that do the chef has any secret recipes. Ask any local person about his site, and they will for sure glorify momos from this place. If you are in the city, you must visit this place.

Yash Momos And Chinese Fast Food

14. Shangrila Restaurant

This is one of those places in the city, which you would never get bored off. They serve a basic Tibetan food and soft drinks. The number of dishes available here is limited but is quite good place for quick bites.

Shangrila Restaurant

15. Samrat Family Restaurant

It is a spacious and hygienic place and probably one of the very few good family restaurants. It is a luminous place with basic interior and beautiful walls. The place is fully air-conditioned and serves terrific food.

Samrat Family Restaurant

16. Varuna View Café

It is a small outlet near the bus stand in Uttarkashi. They serve snacks and fast food items, which include pizza, chowmein, etc. the coffee of this place is impressive. In desserts, jalebi and rabri is a must-try.

bread pizza

17. Momos King Café

It is a simple café serving delicious and hygienic momos in the Main Market. Apart from that, they serve various fast food items, which will for sure not disappoint you. They also provide delivery at your location.

paneer tikka momos

18. Hotel Govind Palace

It is a restaurant cum stay hotel serving food of excellent quality. The place is neat, and the cleanliness is well-maintained. The cuisines available are Indian and Chinese with authentic taste. All the meals are freshly prepared.

Hotel Govind Place 1

19. The-Yara

It is a nice place to satisfy your hunger and satiate your taste buds in the city. The pizzas are delicious and worth craving for. This place is a good suggestion for birthday parties as the service is impressive and the place is spacious enough. The place is also not much expensive.

The Yara

20. Pahadibucks

The last but not the least is the Pahadibucks in Uttarkashi. The view from the café is soothing; especially sitting outside near the river bank gives exotic feel. The overall atmosphere and ambience are impressive, along with tasty food.