20 Best Restaurants of Jammu and Kashmir

20 Best Restaurants of Jammu and Kashmir

A treasure to enjoy different cuisines, it is dominated by the non-vegetarian dishes, and rice is the staple food instead of wheat. Jammu and Kashmir attract umpteen tourists because of its pristine surroundings and pleasant climate. It has world class tourist’s facilities which have never fallen short in serving. There is plethora of places to eat. So, here is the list of some fascinating places one must visit.

1. Falak

In Persian, Falak means sky and this place stands true to its name. It is the tribute to the traditions of India. With elegant furniture and minimal décor, it provides best company with friends. Enough of the monotonous set-ups of the dinning! Get up as it is time to enjoy your surroundings and your meal. One can view River Tawi and Trikuta mountains just by sitting inside it. It is also known as rotating resort. It serves 360-degree view. The building remains as it revolves on the top of the hotel that gives the panoramic view of the guests.


2. Baron

It is the near the KC Residency. It provides you the best enjoyment with the serene surroundings of hills and lake. The beautiful lights, vibrant ambiance, light hues, friendly atmosphere, and lavish decor will mesmerize you indefinitely to the extent that you will be forced to come again and again. It provides you a wide range of booze and drinks to quench your thirst. It promises to raise your spirits, so just head towards it.


3. Ahdoos

Whenever we go anywhere, we look for the comfortable restaurant where we can get the good quality of food. Located in Srinagar, it has four out of five rating. It is a three-star hotel which offers free Wi-Fi. Just pack your bags and head to this marvelous place as it offers best street food.


4.Coffee Arabica

Located in Srinagar, it provides one of the finest coffee. It has a library in it. It is famous for its Italian, Lebanese, Coffee-and-cake, and Chinese food. It is a very cheap place to visit. Enjoying the soft music while sitting in cozy chairs is an ideal way to end the day. Try the cheese balls, Biryani, and nachos. You will never be disheartened.


5. Latitude

This place knows how to set the mood as it is on the great height from the city. If you want to dine in a romantic set up, Latitude is the place to be. Make sure you try the Jumbo Prawns, and the Dumpling. It attracts a large number of guests because of its windowed walls and high ceiling tents which enable customers to enjoy the mesmerizing view.


6. Tenzin Dickey Tibetan

Kashmiri Wazwan is the best and famous dish of Kashmir. Non-vegetarian cuisines and spices are an invariable part of Jammu and Kashmir.


7. Chopsticks Noodle Bar

It has many varieties of pizzas, cakes, and Nutella pancakes. Ingredients are served together in a different combination. It is a hotspot for the young lot.


8. Volga Restaurants

Every inch of this resort is covered with frescoes, in addition to a gorgeous courtyard, pools and especially served traditional dinner. The beautiful lights will mesmerize you indefinitely to the extent that you will be forced to come again and again.


9. La Pizzeria

Enjoy the thin crust of pizzas in the garden with your family. The beautiful lights will mesmerize you indefinitely to the extent that you will be forced to come again and again. This is the place with the best food in the laps of nature one should visit. One who would love to explore the natural beauty, should visit this place covered with all greenery. It will satisfy your North Indian craving.


10. Troutbeat

Situated in Pahalgam, it is a cottage-like a restaurant which will satiate your feelings for the seafood. It also serves octopus and sea snail for the adventure of taste buds. With the essence of Jammu and Kashmir, this place has best cozy surrounding in the world.


11. Moti Mahal

Situated on Shalimar Road, it deals with North Indian, South Indian, all kinds of Chinese, soups, and Tandoori delights recipes. It is one of the finest building in North west corner of Poonch. It is a global chain of resorts. It brings Mughlai delicacies to Jammu and Kashmir.


12. The Imperial Grill Restaurant and Bar

This place serves the best combination of the Korean and the Indian food. It also serves Rogan Gosh and Kashmiri Kebab for the adventure of taste buds. Kofta and Sasha noodles with plenty of oil, tamarind, onion, cabbage, all soaked in a gravy will give you different motive in life to adapt to the changes and try something new every time.


13. Stream

Going on a date? If you can’t decide on how to charm the love of your life, take her out to a candle light dinner in Stream. It is an air-conditioned, smart, reliable eatery place. It has amazing desserts with Lasagna, Sandwiches, Cupcakes and ice-creams which will not disappoint you.


14. Hotel Taj

It is a five-star hotel with the high spot of style in the valley. It is just 20km from Srinagar. One can also see the unending view of Dal Lake and the gardens. It has the same atmosphere like the one offered by other restaurants in the vicinity.


15. Terrace-Sky

One could easily enjoy the view while sitting on the terrace. It has an open terrace with chrome chairs filled in it. It has a unique concept of Roll a Roof. It is extremely hygienic and spacious place. With candlelit tables and lanterns hanging inside the garden make up the best view here. It has exotic music going everywhere which will make your day. To boost the taste buds, this is the right place strike.


16. Urth Café

It is often synonymous with cafes. They have a top level of Afghani as well as a smattering of Lebanese. It is extremely hygienic and spacious place.It has exotic music going everywhere which will make your day. To boost the taste buds, this is the right place strike.


17. Dana Pani

Everyone can enjoy wholesome spicy Dal Tadka with the great view that adds a regal charm to it. Best moonlight romantic dinner can be relished here in its dim light. It serves best vegetarian food in Jammu and Kashmir.


18. Mughal Darbar

The best place to try the mutton-based cuisine. Ranked as the 5th out of 83 restaurants in Jammu and Kashmir. It is the perfect place to eat at with friends on a typical windy evening.


19. Krishna Vaishno

Best option for the vegetarians. It has inexpensive meals, and it is the original dhaba what known. It is in the busy locality. It is made up of fresh and organic ingredients.


20. Nathus Rasoi

The clatter of sizzling pans and chopping knives raises the expectations that something mouthwatering will soon be placed on your table. With innovative twists on International and Indian dishes, the food seems fresher than anywhere else.