20 Best Shakes From Uttarakhand

20 Best Shakes From Uttarakhand

Summers and milkshakes are a perfect combination. After a hot, sweaty and tiring day, all you need is a chilled glass of milkshake or a refreshing fresh juice. So here are some wonderful combinations.

 Chocolate Shake

Nothing suits the taste buds better than a beautiful milkshake filled with the goodness of chocolate. Its crispness, its flavour, aroma and irresistible taste is to die for. I don’t think there is anyone in this world who doesn’t like the refreshing taste of a chocolate milk shake. And you are surely in for an adventure if the shake combines a delightful combination of Oreo and Vanilla ice-cream.

Chocolate Shake

 Strawberry Shake

Did you know that something that is healthy can be tasty as well? Surprising isn’t it. Yes! The freshness and healthy vibe of freshly bought strawberries contain a lot of vitamin C with some extraordinary benefits of dietary fibers and to add on these are the added benefits milk brings. So for any health conscious being, this the drink you could opt for.

Strawberry Shake

 Mango Shake

You cannot talk about summers without this lovely fruit that is not only delicious but also quite famous, Mangoes. Summer equals mango. This delicious fruit forms an amazing combination with creamy milk and some added lemon adds just the right amount of tang in the fruity shake that you are looking for.

Mango Shake

 Vanilla Shake

This is a simple one which is a perfect treat for lovers of thick milkshakes. It not only looks beautiful (as if just came from a land of snow) but is exceptionally tasty. For a beautiful twist, you can also go with some berries to add some crunch.

Vanilla Shake 1

 Chocolate-Banana Shake

Chocolate is already a kid’s favourite, but when you add this tasty fruit, then you are definitely in for a big surprise. The thickness and smoothness of banana and the crunch of chocolate makes you ask for more.

Chocolate Banana Shake

 Lemon Meringue

Lemons are the ultimate source of vitamin C. This meringue and smoothie is very unlike the other common milk shakes and juices. This is a mixture of hung curd with the zest of lemons and fulfills the extreme desires for freshness.

Lemon Meringue

 Maple-Walnut Blend

Walnut is a dry fruit rich in vitamin-E which makes for a real mouth-watering smoothie. The maple syrup adds just the right amount of flavor and texture to the drink. This is not only tasty but also good for your health and also your hair.

Maple Walnut Blend

 Mint Julep

Prepared by some fresh mint leaves crushed into a frozen yogurt with an unexpected twist of some bourbon. This unique combination of freshness, thickness, and crunch makes this beautiful wonder an obvious choice for the youngsters. The minty texture of this shake is mouth-watering and very fulfilling. One can easily have this fresh shake before lunch or during breakfast.

Mint Julep

 Mexican Chocolate

A popular choice for people who do not prefer much cream in their shakes. This drink is perfect for those busy bees who have a hectic schedule but cannot afford to have an empty stomach. It consists of ice- cream, condensed milk, and a special touch of cinnamon.

Mexican Chocolate


This chocolaty mixture is full of cream and syrups. All you need to prepare this mixture is a few scoops of chocolate and coffee ice creams blended with full cream milk and chocolate syrup.


 11.Black Raspberry

This high-calorie pretty delight is an expensive treat to have. With loads of raspberry ice cream, fresh pieces of raspberry and a bit of lemon tang, this is a whole new mixture of the world at your feet. And to conclude, the whipped cream is added on top that sets the cherry on top of the shake.

Black Raspberry 1

 12.Coconut-Hot Fudge

Coconut is known for its intensity. This hot fudge is a combination of the intense flavours of coconut and the thickness of fudge perfectly complements the thundering taste of chilled coconut.

Coconut Hot Fudge 1

 13.Blueberry Buttermilk

Prepared with simmering blueberries and mixed with lemon juice till syrupy, it is then poured into some buttermilk. This is the absolute requirement for those looking for a change of taste.

DSC 1290

 14.Butter Delight

This buttery delight, as the name suggests, is very buttery in its taste and when combined with butterscotch sauce blends and is amazing.

Butter Delight

 15.Ginger Spice

This is a tricky factor in this list of amazing shakes. The blend of cinnamon, a pinch of salt, and the ginger spread is all yours to have when having a bad day.

Ginger Spice

 16.Raspberry, Ginger, And Coconut Shake

Can beauty and health go hand in hand? Well now yes! Fresh raspberries and ginger combined with coconut milk for a beautiful, lip-smacking drink on demand. Its excessively attractive color is beautiful to look at as well. This unique combination is worth a try.

Raspberry Ginger And Coconut Shake

 17.Kefir Date Shake

Dates are naturally sweet which makes them the ideal choice for people looking to stay off the fat. Mixing it with frozen yogurt is the perfect way to have it.

Kefir Date Shake

 18.Peanut Butter Brownie Milkshake

Blend the brownie and crumble of top of your favourite food with some added peanut butter to taste this richness and enjoy the flavor.

Peanut Butter Brownie Milkshake

 19.Fruity Delights

Adding the health benefits of these fruits with the texture and taste makes for feel good. You can feel the aroma of this combination and never stop from wanting more.

Fruity Delights

 20.Milk Shake

Can milk be so tasty? Yes ,it can be. All you need is creamy milk, a pinch of cardamom, and lots of sugar and the tastiest milk ever is ready.

Milk Shake 1

All these shakes are refreshing and cooling. It is a specialty of Uttarakhand with its exotic flavours. Every individual should try these drinks once in their life to have an awesome experience.