20 Best South Indian Sweet Dish Recipes

20 Best South Indian Sweet Dish Recipes
20 Best South Indian Sweet Dish Recipes

Sweet dishes are the favourite taste and a dish of Indians, and hence, you would see various sweet dishes included in Indian cuisine from different Indian states. From Bengal, you get Rasugulla, Mishti Doi, and from West, you can get Aamras, sheera, and from the north side of the country, you get laddoo, halwa, kheer and many other sweet dishes. But do you have any hint of the famous sweet recipes eaten in Southern parts of India? If you don’t know, then you must have a look at the below-mentioned list where we have mentioned the top 20 sweet dishes from south Indian cuisine.

1. Sweet Pongal

Sweet Pongal is an essential south Indian recipe of a sweet dish prepared every year during Pongal festive using freshly harvested rice. They prepare this recipe in new earthen pots and use jaggery for sweetness.

Sweet Pongal

2. Ela Ada

Ela ada is a trendy sweet rice dish similar to pancakes originating from Kerala, a state in India. You can enjoy them either as a dessert or as an evening snack. They are of white colour and consist of stuffing within.

Ela Ada

3. Ukkarai

It is a traditional South Indian sweet dish recipe prepared during Diwali festive season. It is made up using only simple six ingredients that are chana dal, jaggery, coconut, cashews, ghee, and cardamom, to add flavour to this recipe.


4. Moong Dal Payasam

It is said that this recipe completes the menu of South Indian festive preparations. It is considered as the most auspicious meal to serve to god, and then every meal begins with tasting this delicacy.

Moong Dal Payasam

5 Paal Payasam

Paap payasam is a recipe made by cooking rice in full-fat milk and sugar as per one’s taste. This dish is similar to kheer prepared in North India. To enhance its flavour, you can add cardamom and saffron to it.

Paal Payasam

6. Semiya Payasam

It is a vermicelli kheer, which is called ‘semiya payasam’ in South India. It is prepared by boiling vermicelli or semiya in milk and sugar or jaggery. You can even add nuts like almonds and cashew to enhance its texture and crunch.

Semiya Payasam

7. Banana Pongal

It is a traditional South Indian dessert, which is prepared as an offering to the lord during most religious functions. The consistency of this recipe is similar to khichdi, which is prepared by a mix of rice and lentils cooked together along with some jaggery and chopped bananas.

Banana Pongal

8. Unni Appam

These are sweet snacks made using rice, banana, coconut, sesame seeds (til), cardamom, and jaggery. They are small round snacks eaten in Southern parts of India. You can even prepare them with a combination of wheat and rice.

Unni Appam

9. Almond Payasam

This is basically ‘Badaam kheer’ made in a traditional South Indian way. It includes cardamom and nutmeg along with raw camphor and the flavour of saffron. Prepare this recipe at your home and please your loved ones by serving it to them.

Almond Payasam

10. Churna

It is a famous sweet dish of Konkan cuisine served along with Neer Dosa. It is prepared by combining coconut and jaggery with some cardamom flavour. It can be used as stuffing in modak and is also called Pooran.


11. Kaju Mysore Pak

This Mysore Pak prepared by a considerable amount of public in south India is a quite famous and delicious recipe. It is to be prepared with total concentration and requires gram flour and cashew nuts.

Kaju Mysore Pak

12. Carrot And Cashew Payasam

It is one of the most healthy payasam recipes prepared in South India. The addition of carrots to this payasam recipe increases its nutritional value. You have to boil the shredded carrots in milk with sugar and cashew, and they will be ready to be served.

Carrot And Cashew Payasam

13. Rava Kesari

Rava Kesari, also called ‘Semolina Fudge’, is prepared in South India with ingredients such as Rava, ghee, sugar, cashews, raisins, cardamom, and orange food colour. It requires around 30 minutes to be prepared.

Rava Kesari

14. Chana Dal And Coconut Ladoo

This recipe is prepared by mixing the chana dal flour with grated coconut, sugar, cashews, and ghee, followed by giving them the shape of ladoo that are tasty and healthy. You can prepare them during any festive season or on regular days.

Chana Dal and Coconut Ladoo

15. Coconut Milk And Rose Custard

It can be used either as a topping for ice creams or with cookies. This custard recipe only requires ten minutes in its preparation and is made with coconut powder, milk, cornflour, rose syrup, and chopped almonds.

Coconut Milk And Rose Custard

16. Coconut Ladoo

Talking about south Indian sweet dishes and not mentioning a dish made of coconuts is next to impossible. Freshly grated coconuts, when prepared in the form of ladoos, are suitable for consumption during the festive season and even offered to god.

Coconut Ladoo

17. Adhirasam

It is a favourite south Indian sweet dish prepared in almost every home in Tamil Nadu. It is a dish prepared with rice flour soaked in sugar syrup and then enjoyed with a pinch of cardamom flavour.


18. Appalu

This south Indian sweet dish is prepared with rice flour, coconuts, nuts, and jaggery. You only have to cook them all together, and this delicious recipe with a sweet taste is ready to be tasted.


19. Aval Payasam

Aval payasam is a simple sweet dish prepared in South Indian homes. It includes cooking rice flakes or poha and milk together with sugar. Finally, by topping them with grated nuts, you can enjoy this unique variation of payasam.

Aval Payasam

20. Delicious Kesari

This Kesari is yellow and is prepared by cooking semolina with Kesar. To make it more delicious, you must add clove and cardamom to it, along with some chopped nuts and sugar for a sweet taste and crunch.

Delicious Kesari