The 20 Best Spots For Grilled Food In Pondicherry


Pondicherry is a coastal city located along the Bay of Bengal and is a popular spot for tourists for its beautiful beaches and the Aurobindo Ashram. A visitor to Pondicherry can notice a distinct French inspiration in the style of the older portions of the city due to it being a French colony in historic days. That French influence is clearly visible in the food cooked here. Before you go for a walk on the beach try out these delicious grilled items from the best restaurants in Pondicherry which are a must do for every grilling enthusiast that visits this beautiful city.


La Marée

As common with most restaurants in Pondicherry, La Marée is heavily influenced by French cuisine and décor. The dishes prepared here are mostly French recipes but made with Indian ingredients and cooking techniques. This restaurant that sits inside Hotel du Parc boasts a large menu of grilled foods like Grilled fish, Quesadillas, Grilled scampi accompanied by lemon butter and Filet mignon. Before a hearty meal here try out one of their superb soups like the French onion soup or the lemon coriander soup with a Tuna ala Nicoise a fresh French seafood salad.


Appachi Chettinad

This restaurant On M.G Road has no French influence at all. The décor and food are a hundred percent Tamil. The restaurant resembles an old Tamil home with its thatched rooftop and entrance pillars. Don’t let appearances fool you however as the sumptuous food served here is the best Chettinad cuisine in the area. Try out the intensely spicy Chettinad style tandoori chicken or their Crab masala.



Le Dupleix

Located in the French quarters of White Town, Le Dupleix restaurant is perfect for enjoying some family time. Resembling an old French eatery, it is totally isolated from the hustle and bustle of city life. The peaceful ambience is punctuated with the sounds of the ocean and provides a memorable experience. Their grilled Rock lobster and chilli butter served with fresh vegetables are quite popular. Make sure to try out their fusion recipes like the quirky Rasam au crevettes or the traditional Bengali Doi maach.




Satsanga is a French-inspired eatery on Bourdonnaise Street that serves the best-grilled steaks in Pondicherry. The courtyard is adorned with works by local artists that are exhibited here frequently. All the salads accompanying the steaks are made with home grown veggies and sprouts, and only the freshest seafood is served. Other must-try items on the menu include the grilled fish with prawn sauce and the stuffed oysters.


Carte Blanche

Famous for their fusion of South Indian and French food that they term Creole cuisine, The Carte Blanche restaurant in the L’Orient on Rue Romain Rolland is heavily inspired by French architecture. Seated in the courtyard, you can enjoy the freshest Seafood grills while being in touch with nature.


La Maison Rose

Another hotel on Romain Rolland Street, La Maison Rose is a historic colonial manor house that has now been repurposed as a restaurant. Outdoor seating means you can enjoy the sea breeze while dining on some divine Chicken breast with lime relish and Green taboule. The French style slow-grilled chicken is also a must try.


Lighthouse Rooftop Grill

Located on Goubert Avenue in the white town, the Lighthouse Grill is famous for its beautiful vista of the promenade beach and its namesake. Illuminated by candle light the restaurant provides a great ambience in which to enjoy their selection of Indian, Chinese and Oriental recipes.


New Banana Café

The New Banana Café is run by a single family and serves European style food.Though the selection of fooda is limited, each dish is prepared meticulously and is very delicious. Try the Grilled chicken served with fragrant green chutney.


Sea Gulls

Sea Gulls restaurant sits on Dumas Street, within walking distance of Veerampattinam harbour which is a compulsory stop for anyone visiting Pondicherry. They offer a selection of dishes from various cuisines, and the restaurant is a fun place to dine in while enjoying the concerts that frequently take place there. Try out their various seafood grills.


Le Pondy

A spot very popular with tourists, Le Pondy on Lake View Road in Pudukuppam provides great food with an amazing view of the sea. It also has a large swimming pool, perfect for relaxing after a long day of taking in the sights. Check out the great selection of grilled seafood which is made fresh every day.


Food Paradise

Located on Kamaraj Salai, Food Paradise serves food in authentic Arabic style. The place is always full, a testament to the taste and quality of their food. Try out their Tandoori or grilled chicken. Their special Afghani grilled chicken is also quite tasty. Finish the meal with a glass of freshly pressed Grape juice.


Kasha Ki Asha

Run by a women’s support group, The Kasha Ki Asha on M.G.Road is a unique restaurant. There are displays of handicrafts from throughout India which are for sale. The proceeds go to the support group. The hotel is staffed entirely by Tamil women in traditional Indian saris who guide you to the beautiful rooftop dining area where you can enjoy traditional Indian-style tandoori chicken and naan. Make sure to buy an artefact here which is a perfect souvenir for your visit to Pondicherry.



Karai Chettinad

Located right beside the Indira Gandhi statue on the way to the bus stand, Karai Chettinad is a great place to enjoy an afternoon meal while enjoying the view of a city on the move. The Chettinad style tandoori and Country chicken biryani are mouthwateringly good. Stop by the basement Karai café for an after meal Cold coffee.


Hotel Aristo

Hotel Aristo on Nehru Street is another long-standing restaurant in Pondicherry that serves South Indian style non-vegetarian dishes. Try out the Keralaite style biryani which is perfectly complemented by the spicy Tandoori chicken.


Hot Kings

Hot Kings is immediately noticeable on entering Kamaraj Salai for its bustling crowd and the tantalising aroma of grilled meat that pervades the neighbourhood. Try out any of their various grilled chicken and kebabs. Their shawarma platter is also very popular.



A proponent of Italian cooking despite its French name and the customary Pondicherry food scene, Rendezvous has been in the business for over three decades and has played host to celebrities and politicians, most recently Rahul Gandhi. Try out their Grilled seafood and sizzlers.


Sri Kamatchi Restaurant

Located at the Indira Gandhi statue, Sri Kamatchi restaurant serves traditional Tamil meat dishes. Their Country Chicken and Prawn Biryani is tasty and accompanied by a classic Tandoori, Chicken or fish fry it make for a great lunch. Make sure to try out their special Omelette stuffed with minced chicken or mutton.


Bistro Sharana

This quaint Bistro located on Rue Francois Martin is a great place for a quiet lunch with a rooftop view. Try out their continental style grilled meats. Special buffets are set on selected days and are popular for their wide selection of dishes.


Hotel Biryani Paradise

Situated on M.G Road in the historic Heritage Town, Biryani Paradise serves a wide variety of biryani from all over India. Make a meal out of the biryani of your choice and any one of their rotisserie grilled chicken, traditional or green Tandoori chicken served with green chutney or a delicious garlic sauce.


Punjabi Dhaba

This traditional Dhaba style restaurant on Muthu Mariamman Kovil Street serves the best of Punjabi food. The service is fast, the food is abundant and hearty and is light on the wallet too. Try out the parathas with butter chicken and the Punjabi style tandoori chicken.