20 Best Street Foods You Should Try in Bangkok


Bangkok is famous all over the world for its street food. What makes their street food special is that they offer a variety of flavors in a single dish that ranges from sour, sweet, spicy, and salty.

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1 Khanom Bueang (Thai Crepe)

Khanom Bueang is a popular snack which is 600 year old thin, crispy, and sweet snack. They look similar to tacos, but their shell is made from pigeon pea flour, rice flour, palm sugar, eggs, and salt. The taco has a filling of shredded coconut with scallions and chopped coconut. Another version of Khanom Bueang includes onions, egg, sweetened pork, and coriander leaves.


2 Hor Mok Pla (Thai Curry Fish Custard)

Hor Mok Pla is a Thai curry fish custard having multiple layers. The first layer is of shredded cabbage, the second layer contains fish chunks, the third layer is curried fish custard, the fourth layer is coconut cream, and kaffir lime leaves with slivers of red pepper are added as a topping in a banana leaf like a bowl. Then it is steamed. The curried fish custard contains garlic, lemongrass, galangal, chili, shrimp paste, coriander, lime leaves, and fish. This mixture is then ground to make a smooth paste.


3 Pad Krapao Moo (Stir-Fried Pork with Basil)

Pad Krapao Moo is classic street food in Bangkok where the pork can be substituted with tofu or chicken. The peppery taste of holy basil makes this dish unique. The taste won’t be the same if you use any other type of basil. Thin strips of meat are cooked in oyster and soy sauce, and palm sugar is added.


4 Sai Krok Isaan (Sour Isaan Sausage)

Sai Krok Isaan contains a combination of pork, rice, salt, and other spices. The sausage is fermented for many days before it is grilled so that it produces sour taste. Those who love pork will find this dish a delight as it can be accompanied with fresh chilies, peanuts, garlic, or lime.


5 Pad Thai Kung (Noodles with Shrimp)

Pad Thai is Bangkok’s signature street food that is available in almost every street with any local vendor. This rice noodle dish is stir-fried with eggs and tofu. It is then flavored with red chili pepper, shrimp, garlic, palm sugar, and tamarind pulp.  It is often served with roasted peanuts. Other vegetables include sprouts, banana flowers, and turnips.


6 Khao Pad (Fried Rice)

Khao Pad is one of the quintessential dishes that you can buy in Bangkok. This dish is prepared with Jasmine rice, which is fragrant rice with long grain. It also contains meat like chicken, crab, or shrimp along with egg, cabbage, garlic, and Chinese broccoli.


7 Khao Niew Ma Muang (Mango Sticky Rice)

Khao Niew Ma Muang is a popular dessert available in Bangkok that has become famous worldwide. Fresh mangoes are combined with sticky coconut rice. Coconut syrup is drizzled along with sesame seeds to enhance the taste. The rice is soaked overnight in water. It is then steamed with sugar and coconut milk to give sweetness. It is then served with fresh mangoes.


8 Hoy Tod (Oyster Omelette)

Hoy Tod tastes more like a crispy pancake. It is a combination of eggs, oyster, coriander, chili, onions, and starch solution. The solution is poured into a grill, oysters are added in the center, then eggs are added along with the starch to make it crispy and golden brown. Then sprouts, chilies, and coriander leaves are added.


9 Khao Mun Gai (Steamed Chicken on Rice)

Steamed Chicken on Rice is a comfort street food of Bangkok. Tender and juicy pieces of chicken are served with jasmine rice which is cooked in chicken broth with a sauce made with garlic, chilies, and ginger. It is then garnished with fresh coriander leaves and cucumber slices.


10 Som Tam (Papaya Salad)

Som Tam is made with shredded unripe green papayas, peanuts, garlic, fish sauce, chili peppers, and palm sugar. It is a staple street food in Bangkok. You can try its other version which includes long beans and eggplant.


11 Gai/Moo Bing (Grilled Chicken/Pork Skewers)

Gai/Moo Bing is a delectable marinated street food that is threaded into a bamboo skewer served with dried chili sauce. The marinated paste is a combination of cilantro roots, peppercorn, and garlic which makes it spicy. They are grilled with coconut milk to preserve the flavors.


12 Pla Pao (Grilled Fish)

Pla Pao is often served with chili sauce which is lime based. The fish is stuffed with pandanus leaves and lemongrass which is covered with rock salt and flour. It is then barbecued over charcoal.


13 Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Goong is a hot and sour seafood. The most popular type is shrimp. A special paste acts as a base of the soup, and then the broth is seasoned with herbs and spices. Sometimes, coconut milk is also added.


14 Coconut Ice Cream

Street vendors in Bangkok serve this refreshing treat in a green coconut shell topped with peanuts, coconut chips, condensed milk, and coconut flesh. The vendors are most generous with the portions.


15 Roti Prata

Roti Prata is a thai version of a crepe. The vendors in Bangkok serve the Prata cut into squares. The most popular filings are banana, fruist with nutella, or condensed milk.


16 Kuai Tiao Ruea, Boat Noodles

Kuai Tiao Ruea is a popular type of street food found along the canals in Bangkok which gives the name “Boat” Noodles. Earlier, it was served from boats, but nowadays it is available with all street vendors. This dish is traditionally served with beef and pork.


17 Satay

Satay is a street food in which meat is cooked on a stick and is named because of the sweet and spicy peanut sauce which is used for dipping. The meat is marinated with spices and coconut milk.



Drinks in Plastic Bags

Drinks in a plastic bag is a popular way to sell beverages in Bangkok. The drinks are packed in plastic bags in such a way that it can be carried by a single finger. It ensures that it doesn’t warm up.


19 Fried Banana

Fried Banana is a favorite street food snack available in Bangkok. The banana is deeply fried, and the flour batter contains shredded coconut and sesame seeds.


20 Coconut Pancake

Coconut Pancake is another famous street food that is made with flour, coconut milk, and sugar. It has a crispy exterior and gooey interior. Toppings like spring onions, corns, and pumpkins are added.