20 Different Pancakes Recipes

20 Different Pancakes Recipes

Pancakes are everyone’s go-to breakfast in most Indian households. Pancakes are favorite for all. There are different varieties of pancakes available if you wish to make them all to kick-start your day. Here are some delicious recipes handpicked just to your delight.

1.Easy Fluffy Pancake From Starch

This pancake is light and fluffy in texture. You only need to have a few simple ingredients from which you can make this recipe at home easily. The ingredients are Flour, Sugar, baking powder, Vanilla extract, melted butter, and milk. You must try this recipe super and simple!

Easy Fluffy Pancake From Starch

2.Vegan Banana Pancake

This vegan Banana Pancake is dairy and egg free, which results in the pancakes being fluffy and light in texture. Bananas have high proteins in them, which makes them the ideal ingredient in any item, especially pancakes. This recipe is perfect for your kids, and it is highly recommended.

Vegan Banana Pancake

3.Fluffy American Pancakes With Cherry-berry Syrup

You will undoubtedly flip over these pancakes. The taste is truly mouth-watering and eye feast. If you top off your pancakes with cherry-berry syrup, it will genuinely be beyond delicious. These are great for a good tea-time snack and also go along with dinner. A must-make recipe at home.

Fluffy American pancakes with cherry-berry syrup

4.Scotch Pancake (Aka Drop Scones)

These pancakes are also known as mini pancakes. They are best served with jam and fruits. This gives the pancakes a fruity flavor. These can be done as desserts after a fulfilling meal, and everyone will be genuinely astonished with this fantastic taste.

Scotch Pancake (aka drop scones)

5.Chocolate-stuffed Pancake

These pancakes are fuzzy and stuffed with hazelnut chocolate cream filling. These go along with fruits like strawberries and raspberries. For a better crunchy and mouth-filling experience, top your Pancake off with crushed nuts like Pecans or walnuts. Attempt it.

Chocolate-Stuffed Pancake

6.Potato Pancakes

It is a crispy, crunchy, tasty, and healthy pancake. Potato pancakes have a unique shape and different tastes. They are an excellent side dish for hearty soups and stews. They also go side by side well with a hot, steamy breakfast. It’s a versatile recipe that needs to be made at home as a must.

Potato Pancakes

7.The Best Protein Pancake

These are the best Protein pancakes. These are super easy and contain zero refined grains and no refined sugar. These pancakes contain only oats, banana, and eggs, and are topped with sprinkles and chocolate chips and syrup. These are also great snacks to curb eating junk food. What are you waiting for? Go and click it.

The Best Protein pancake

8.Grilled Cheese Pancake

This Pancake makes to love grilled cheese pancake more than any other one. It takes only little ti to put together for this ultimate pancakes. I proudly suggest to you these Grilled Cheese Pancakes complete them. They Worked out well.

Grilled Cheese Pancake

9.Savory Pancakes With Parmesan And Herbs

These savory pancakes are mixed with parmesan and herbs. Addition of a fried egg and juicy tomatoes on top as topping for the taste you want. It will be your complete healthy, anytime meal that can be prepared within 20 minutes. These are the best way to enjoy pancakes for dinner.

Savory Pancakes With Parmesan And Herbs

10.Blender Oatmeal Pancakes

These are the easiest pancakes because they come within the blender. These pancakes are made with healthy whole grains, oats, and other ingredients. They are entirely delicious in their own right.

Blender Oatmeal Pancakes

11.Gluten-free Pancakes

These are prepared by using the special flour to make them in a quick and easy way. Mainly they are suitable for people who are on a gluten-free diet. Perfect for both sweet and healthy. You can enjoy these pancakes on any day morning.

Gluten-free pancakes

12.Keto Pancakes (low Carb Pancakes)

These are the best and most tasty keto pancakes that deserve a lot. This easy low-carb pancake recipe is quick, fluffy, and delicious. As a breakfast and all day kinds, they can be consumed. I hardly prefer this for people who love pancakes that are these keto pancakes.

Keto Pancakes (Low Carb Pancakes)

13.American Pancakes

These easy, American-style, spongy pancakes are significant for breakfast or brunch. They are topped with sweet-flavored items like fruit, jam, syrup, rashers of crispy bacon rashers, and nuts. It can be prepared easily at home so, try it.

American pancakes

14.Plump Pancakes

These pancakes were fluffy and soft. It is light in texture and delicious. Once, you made it you be in love with them and continue them. They are delicious and relatively easy to make. It is highly recommended!

Plump Pancakes

15.Birthday Cake Pancakes (Funfetti)

These pancakes are packed with rainbow sprinkles that are topped with vanilla extract. They are the new kind of pancakes that easily attracts everyone. These buttermilk birthday cake pancakes are the sweetest celebration for birthdays. These colorful pancakes make anything extra-special.

Birthday Cake Pancakes (Funfetti)

16.Easy Apple Pancakes

These fluffy and tangy apple pancakes are loaded with awesome apples for a great breakfast treat. These apple pancakes go excellent with scrambled eggs. If you’ve never tried adding apple pancakes, try it pancakes.

Easy Apple Pancakes

17.Buckwheat Pancakes

For these pancakes, buttermilk is added to brighten the buckwheat flour. You can even make these as gluten-free pancakes. Buckwheat used to be a lot more popular in olden times. If you need to try something more interesting, try this.

Buckwheat Pancakes

18.Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

These fluffy Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with zesty flavor and creamy texture. They are perfect for a weekend brunch. You feel like these are genuinely better than any pancakes. These delightful pancakes will leave you craving more and more.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

19.Gluten-free Pandan Mochi Pancakes

These are very mouth-watering pancakes with tasty syrup dripping of them. These are the combination of pandan and rice flour into one recipe. Pandan is a plant that is used in Southeast countries that is as food flavoring. It is also gluten-free!

Gluten-Free Pandan Mochi Pancakes

20.S’mores Pancakes

This can be prepared using any kind of pancake recipe to make the stack of s’mores. The pancakes are filled with Marshmallow Fluffs. It creates a soft texture. They tastes very unique that no other taste like; it is a perfect recipe.

S'mores Pancakes