20 Different Types of Bengali Fishes

Types of Bengali Fishes

1 Chingri Malai Curry

Chingri Malai Curry is also known as prawns cooked in coconut milk. Ingredients used are prawns, onion paste, garlic paste, ginger paste, chilies, coconut milk, and other spices for taste. Prawns are marinated using turmeric, salt, and other spices and is kept aside for some time. After the making of curry, it is served hot with rice.


2 Shorshe Bata Ilish Maachh

Shorshe Bata Ilish Maachh is also called hilsa cooked with mustard. Ingredients used are hilsa, mustard oil, poppy seeds, chilies, ginger paste, tomato, panchphron i.e. Bengali five spice mix, red chili, and salt. It is served hot with steamed rice.


3 Gondhoraj Maachh

Gondhoraj Maachh is a fish dish of Bengal; it can also be made with kaatla or bhetki. Ingredients used are rohu, coconut milk, cashew nut paste, onion paste, ginger paste, and gondhoraj lime. Gondhoraj lime is squeezed over the fish and is served hot with rice.


4 Macher Muro Diye Moong Dal

Macher Muro Diye Moong Dal is lentils cooked with fish heads. Ingredients used are moong dal, katla, green chilies, ginger paste, and bay leaves. Fish heads are cut into halves and are marinated with turmeric and salt and kept aside before making curry. It is served hot with rice.


5 Rui Posto

Rui Posto is rohu cooked in a poppy seed paste. Its ingredients are rohu, poppy seed paste, garlic paste, mustard paste, chili powder, turmeric powder, and mustard oil. The fish is marinated in turmeric and salt for atleast 15-20 minutes. It is best served with rice.


6 Tok Maachh

Tok Maachh is cooked in tamarind. Its ingredients are rohu, tamarind, paanchphoron and lot more. First fish is marinated well with salt and turmeric, then tamarind pulp is added in water. Fish is fried in mustard oil, and all the other things are added together to cook this Tok Maachh.


7 Daab Chingri

Daab Chingri is prawns cooked in tender coconut. Its special ingredients are tender coconut prawns, onions, garlic cloves, tomato, and mustard paste. The prawns are marinated in salt, turmeric, and mustard oil. Green chilies, garlic, and tomato are blended, and smooth paste is added with the prawns.


8 Ilish Bhape

Ilish bBhape is a steamed mustard hilsa. Its ingredients are hilsa fish, mustard paste, curd, grated coconut, poppy seed paste, and others. Fish is marinated with green chili, mustard paste, and is kept aside. It is also served with hot steamed rice. It is cooked in medium heat till 2-3 whistles.


9 Chital Macher Muitha

Chital Macher Muitha is a boneless fish as bones of the fish are separated from them. Ingredients used are chital fish, vegetable oil, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, ginger, chilies, bay leaves, cumin paste, ghee, and garam masala. Fish is fried like pakoras and are added to the curry.


10 Muri Ghonto

Muri Ghonto dish is made with both fish and rice. Ingredients used are fish head or rohu or katla, rice, turmeric, tomato, potatoes, onions, ginger-garlic, green chilies, garam masala, bay leaves, and cumin seeds. All the ingredients are well cooked, added together, and served hot.


11 Aam Kasundi Chingri

Aam Kasundi Chingri is prawns cooked in a raw mango and mustard gravy. Ingredients used are prawns, grated coconut, mustard paste, raw mango, green chilies, chili powder, and turmeric powder. The raw mango is grated with a pinch of salt. The prawns have thick gravy coated on it.


12 Bhetki Macher Paturi

Bhetki Macher Paturi is a beautiful dish made of bhetki steamed in banana leaf. Its ingredients are bhetki, banana leaves, coconut, mustard paste, turmeric, and green chilies. The bhetki fish is cut in small pieces and bones are removed before cooking. The banana leaves are cut into rectangles, and fish pieces are wrapped inside it.


13 Doi Maach

Doi Maach is a dish of fish cooked in curd gravy.  Ingredients used are rohu fish, turmeric powder, red chili powder, mustard oil, cinnamon, cloves, cardamoms, cumin seeds, ginger garlic paste, onion, and curd. Fish is marinated with turmeric, red chili, salt, and mustard oil. The dish is served hot with lime wedges and rice.


14 Fish Kabiraji

Fish Kabiraji is fish fillets coated in breadcrumbs and beaten eggs fried in pan to get an amazing taste. Ingredients used are green chilies, onions, eggs, garlic, breadcrumbs, ginger, lemon, mint-chopped, and coriander- chopped. The fish is soaked in lemon, salt, lemon juice, and water. The dish can also be made with chicken.


15 Fish Biryani

Fish Biryani is cooked in yogurt and spices and layered with rice. It’s a beautiful dish cooked with love. Ingredients used are fish fillets, oil, onions, ginger paste, garlic paste, cumin seeds, garam masala, yogurt, biryani masala, and coriander powder. All the ingredients are cooked and mixed.


16 Macher Jhol

Macher Jhol is made with turmeric, onion, garlic, ginger, red chilies, turmeric, mustard oil, onion seeds, cinnamon, bay leaves, green chilies, and water. Fish is diagonally cut and added to the curry just before serving.


17 Fish Pulao

Fish Pulao is a great dish with the freshness of fish.  Ingredients used are boiled rice, fish fillets, turmeric, chili, ginger, garlic, onion, garam masala, yogurt, cream, and coriander leaves. All the spices are put together with yogurt to marinate the fish for half an hour. It is served hot with fried onions for garnishing.


18 Bommidayila Pulusu

Bommidayila is a traditional fish curry cooked with a generous number of aromatics and spices. Ingredients used are fish, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, onions, green chilies, curry leaves, tomatoes, chili powder, coriander powder, and tamarind. Fish is added in the last after cooking all the ingredients well.


19 Fish Do Pyaza

Fish Do Pyaza is a beautiful dish not so spicy and easy to prepare. Do Pyaza means two onions that exactly mean that this yummy dish needs double the amount of onions in it than the regular fish curries. The onions are the best and wonderful part of this dish.


20 Tel Koi

Tel Koi is a popular dish of urban legends of Bengali food. Ingredients used are koi maach, ginger paste, tomato paste, green chili, cumin powder, turmeric, red chili, and kalonji or nigella seed.  Cilantro leaves are used for adding flavor.