20 Different Types Of Lettuce

20 Different Types Of Lettuce

There is much more to lettuce than just leafy greens. They are great for adding moisture to a dish and are buttery, crispy, and crispy. A plate can become watery, bitter, or just eh. Especially when eating salads. Some varieties of lettuce taste better cooked than raw. Lettuce is seriously underappreciated! And the time has come to alter that. The following is a list of twenty cool lettuce varieties you should try.

1. Romaine lettuce

Because of its excellent crunch and slight bitterness, it is frequently used in Caesar salads. It has a milder flavor than iceberg lettuce, but it has a lot more flavor. So, once more, it’s an excellent foundation for holding flavors. Romain is a superb bread substitute for those who adhere to a low-carb diet. It can be used as a burger bun, taco shell, or wrap.

2. Arugula

It’s delicious, nutritious, and packed with peppery goodness. Arugula is delicious raw to me, but it is delicious cooked. Therefore, incorporate it into salads or pizza. Arugula is easily identified by its small size, bright green color, and oak-like leaves.

3. Frisee

Like endives (more on those later), frisée is a member of the chicory family. This does indicate that it is somewhat bitter. However, it is not a sour bitter! It’s almost refreshing. Herbs, cream, and a hint of sweetness are the best ways to counteract the bitterness. So, if you put this on a salad, use a creamy honey mustard dressing.

4. Iceberg

Because of their high water content, iceberg does not have a lot of flavors. Because it lets other flavors shine, it is an excellent base for many dishes. Additionally, it is pretty refreshing. Lastly, iceberg lettuce is very affordable.

5. Butterhead lettuce

Butterhead lettuce is a free-leafed assortment that will have your tongue singing a sweet tune. This is due to the buttery finish and delicious sweetness of butterhead lettuce. So, it’s a great way to get people who don't like salad to eat it. Additionally, it is pretty healthy and abundant in antioxidants, which is a bonus.

6. Loose leaf lettuce

The wavy and floppy leaves of loose-leaf lettuce are well-known. In contrast to their more rigid relatives, loose-leaf lettuces do not produce an iceberg like head. They’re gentle and rich with a beautiful delicate surface. Use them in everything from salads and burgers to tacos and sandwiches.

7. Watercress

At times considered watercress, this small, delectable green is an individual from the mustard family. This means that it has a lot of intense flavors! They are also delicious. Cress is great for improving the health of your dishes because it contains a lot of nutrients. You should use younger leaves because more mature leaves are pretty bitter.

8. Endives

Endives are extremely crunchy and have a flavor that is a little bit bitter. As a result, when you need a crispy texture, use them in sandwiches or salads. In any case, I believe they are best cooked. They taste great with a lot of cheese when braised, grilled, or baked.

9. Escarole

As a result of its bitter flavor and preference for cooking, it is frequently included in stews and soups. However, it is also effective in raw salads.

10. Bibb lettuce

Because it is a type of butterhead, Bibb lettuce is buttery, smooth, and delicious. I will talk about how Bibb and Boston lettuce is pretty similar. It is very good with vinaigrette because it is light and delicate. Additionally, the leaves make excellent low-carb wraps or taco shells.

11. Coral lettuce

You might think this was taken out of a fish tank at first glance. Instead, it’s a fun coral-like lettuce with lots of pockets for salad dressings and tightly curled curls. This is why it is so effective on salads and sandwiches.

12. Boston lettuce

Boston lettuce is one more sort of butterhead lettuce that is somewhat sweet and astonishingly delicate. It is one of the most widely used varieties of butterhead lettuce. Its size makes it distinct from Bibb lettuce.

13. Batavia lettuce

The Batavia variety of lettuce is a cross between an iceberg and a loose-leaf variety. It is less wavy than loose-leaf lettuce, but it is looser than iceberg lettuce. It is a piece crunchy yet less watery than a chunk of ice lettuce and has a light, sweet flavor.

14. Little Gem lettuce

Little gem lettuce, also known as a baby Romaine, resembles and tastes like Romaine. It is slightly smaller and has beautiful amethyst-colored ends.

15. Lamb’s lettuce

Lamb’s lettuce and mache are very similar. They have comparative flavors and surfaces. Additionally, their uses are very similar. It’s great for side salads and as a garnish because of its bright green color, nutty, tangy flavor, and texture.

Lamb’s lettuce

16. Mache lettuce

Mache lettuce is a delicate leafy green that looks like watercress but has much milder flavors than watercress. Both raw and cooked, it has a nutty flavor. It is also frequently mistaken for spinach. Fortunately, you can involve it in many of the same ways you’d utilize spinach. It tastes fantastic when sautéed in butter.

17. Mignonette

Mignonette is a delicious variety of butterhead lettuce that comes in various colorful options. Like the passion fruit of lettuce, it has a balance of sweetness and tartness. However, compared to the fruit, the lettuce is, um, significantly less passionate.

18. Oakleaf lettuce

While oakleaf lettuce takes the crown, arugula has leaves that look like oaks. It is virtually identical to its namesake from a distance. Naturally, unless you're looking at the red variety. But enough about appearances; what about the flavor of Oakleaf lettuce? It has a buttery, nutty flavor that is delicious.

19. Chrysanthemum Greens

Although they aren’t your typical lettuce, I love chrysanthemum greens! Furthermore, they’re worth an attempt. They are delicious, cooked or raw, but the peppery bite and bright raw flavor are the best. Like spinach, they taste much more robust and work well in a mixed salad.

20. Speckled lettuce

It has the perfect amount of purple and green speckles. Speckled lettuces aren’t their variety in and of themselves. Speckled lettuce can be found in wide types. That simply indicates that they are typically an heirloom variety.