20 Dishes That You Can Make from Methi

20 Dishes That You Can Make from Methi

Fenugreek, also known as Methi is found in almost every Indian household. They provide a unique aroma and delicious flavor, and health benefits.

Here are 20 different dishes that you can make from Methi:

1 Raw Banana Methi Sabzi

The unique recipe changes the raw banana into a delicious recipe. The addition of methi gives the banana a complete makeover. The subzi is easy to make because of the common ingredients available at home. It tastes great when served hot.

Raw Banana Methi Sabzi

2 Methi Paneer Parantha

Paneer Parantha is popular but including methi leaves makes it an exciting version of it. Methi leaves give an amazing flavour and substantial amounts of iron and Vitamin A. Consume this dish with raita or low-fat curd.

Methi Paneer Parantha

3 Methi Papad

Methi Papad provides a clear taste of Gujarati cuisine. Methi Papad is a thin sauce like dish prepared using methi and the traditional tempering, which is topped with shredded papad. Serve the papad before serving, or it may spoil the dish by soaking the liquid.

Methi Papad

4 Methi Pitla

Methi Pitla is a Maharashtra delicacy rich in zinc, folic acid, and iron. Zinc gives a glow to your skin and maintains the immunity. Serve the Pitla immediately otherwise it may become lumpy.

Methi Pitla

5 Palak MethiMuthia

Palak Methi Muthia is a combination of nutrition, flavor, and visual appeal. The flavors of methi and spinach balance each other while the tempering of sesame seeds and mustard give out a boost of aroma. Serve it with green chutney to enhance the taste.

Palak MethiMuthia’

6 Aloo Methi

Aloo Methi is prepared in every household which is easy, awesome, and tasty. The softness of potatoes and the bitterness of methi make a perfect combination. This recipe is made with common ingredients like garlic, ginger, red chilies, and cumin seeds. Cooking the potatoes for long makes them crisp and allows them to imbibe the flavors of the ingredients.

Aloo Methi

7 Methi Matar Malai

Methi Matar Malai is a popular recipe from methi that can be prepared in the microwave oven too. It has a thick gravy in which green peas give a vibrant and a dynamic flavor, and the addition of cream makes it thick. A paste of onions, ginger, poppy seeds, and cashews give an intense taste to the gravy. You can enjoy this dish with any Indian bread.

 Methi Matar Malai

8 Methi Malai Paneer Sabzi

The bitterness of Methi, creaminess of malai, and the succulence of paneer make a delicious dish. The paste of tomatoes, onions, and cashew nuts along with spices contribute to a thick gravy. Adding some spices make a perfect balance of spice and creaminess.

Methi Malai Paneer Sabzi

9 Sprouted Moong and MethiChillas

Chillas are pancakes made with flours, dals, or grains which can be consumed as a breakfast. It can be made easily at any time and without any fuss. It doesn’t require any fermentation as it is made with sprouts. The combination of methi and sprouts make a desirable addition to the menu.

Sprouted Moong and MethiChillas’

10 Methi Chole

Methi Chole is an easy and flavorful chickpea curry. The bitterness of methi and nutty chickpeas, combined with tomato paste, onion paste, and spices give a wonderful taste. The textures, flavor, and aroma make it truly irresistible. Serve with rice to enjoy the taste.

Methi Chole’

11 Corn Methi Pulao

The sweet taste of corn and the bitterness of methi make a perfect combination. Pressure cooking the rice along with some spices give a tasty dish.

Corn Methi Pulao

12 Baked Methi Mathri

The first bite of Baked Methi Mathri is full of flavors. The bitterness of methi and spiciness of red chili powder added to different spices make a perfect combination. Since it is made with whole wheat flour and baked, it is healthy. It is easy to make and handy to munch. You can have it as an evening snack.

Baked Methi Mathri

13 Chana Methi Dal

Chana Methi Dal is a lentil curry made with chana dal and fresh methi. It is rich in proteins, vitamins, and everyday minerals. It tastes best when consumed with hot tawa paranthas.

Chana Methi Dal

14 Methi Mangodi

Mangodi is a dried lentil dumpling from Rajasthani cuisine made using moong dal mangodi and methi. It is easy and made in no time. Curd balances the bitterness of methi. Since mangodi can be stored easily, it is often prepared during lunch and dinner in Rajasthani household. To make it a Jain recipe, avoid using the use of garlic and onions.

 Methi Mangodi’

15 Punjabi Kadhi with Methi

Kadhi is made from yogurt and spices. Addition of methi leaves gives flavor and nutrition to kadhi. The subtle bitterness of methi is balanced out by yogurt. This dish is delicious and healthy at the same time.

Punjabi Kadhi with Methi’

16 Methi Chicken

Methi chicken is a chicken curry with methi leaves. The chicken chunks are cooked in different spices, and methi leaves to give a unique flavor and a refreshing taste.The curry is spicy and gives a perfect blend of bitterness from methi leaves and sourness from the curd.

Methi Chicken’

17 Methi Parantha

Methi Parantha is a favourite across the nation. The dough from wheat flour is rolled out and stuffed with methi leaves and other spices. It tastes best when consumed with pickles, curd, or chutney.

Methi Parantha

18 Methi Machchi

MethiMachchiis a famous Bengali dish loved by all fish lovers. It has an amazing texture and consistency. It is prepared in just 30 minutes with very simple ingredients. The fish has a gravy of tomatoes, spinach, methi, and masala. Silver pomfret fish is used to cook in this dish as it has a minimal number of bones.

Methi Machchi

19 Methi Paneer Pulav

Methi Paneer Pulav is a delicious rice recipe made using methi leaves. The bitterness of methi and soft taste of paneer go together very well. Instead of using water to cook this dish, you can use coconut milk to enhance the taste.

Methi Paneer Pulav

20 Gajar Methi Sabzi

GajarMethi Sabzi is a quick and easy recipe made from Methi. It tastes delicious and is highly nutritious. It tastes savory, subtly sweet, and a tad bitter, but overall it is a delicious dish. Serve this dish with Pudina LacchaParantha for a wholesome meal.

Gajar Methi Sabzi