20 Dishes from Radish You Must Try

20 Dishes from Radish You Must Try

Radish has many nutritional and health benefits. They are low in calories and is a good source of Vitamin C, zinc, and phosphorous. Since it has high water content, it keeps the body hydrated.
Here is a list of 20 recipes that you can make from Radish-

1 Mullangi Poriyal

Many don’t like Radish because of its pungent smell, but you won’t notice in Mullangi Poriyal. This dish is nothing but Radish curry which tastes best with chapatis. You just need to prepare this dish just like how you make a regular dry vegetable at home. Add grated coconut for enhancing the taste.


2 Mooli Parantha

Mooli Parantha is a parantha stuffed with grated radish which is flavored with Indian spices. There are different ways to cook this parantha. You can either cook the radish and then add to the parantha, or you can add raw grated radish. It is a bit tricky as radish tends to secret water. If you don’t drain the water properly, it would tear your parantha. Serve it with raita and top it off with a glass of Lassi.

Mooli Parantha

3 Radish Chutney

Radish Chutney is the best accompaniment with Dosa, Curd Rice, and Idli. Chop radish, tomato, cilantro, and onion. Fry chana dal and urad dal in a pan. Add garlic, tamarind, onion, and dry red chili. Add sliced radish and salt andsauté it. Add tomato, cilantro, and shredded coconut, and stir well. Once it cools down, blend it with water to a fine coarse paste. The chutney is ready.

Radish Chutney

4 Mooli Sambar

Mooli Sambar tastes best when had with idli. A quick method of making this is- Chop the radish into big chunks and add the pre-soaked Toor dal and radish and boil it together in a pressure cooker. Instead of adding tamarind, add tomatoes to give sambar a sour taste. Top it with tadka, and the sambar is ready.

Mooli Sambar

5 Radish Curd

Radish Curd is one of the healthiest raita which can be prepared within minutes. Just grate radish and boil it with salt for five minutes. Once it is boiled, squeeze out the water. Add curd, green chilies, chopped cilantro, and salt to the radish. Prepare Tadka with the traditional tempering items and add them to the raita.

Radish Curd

6 Radish Roll

Radish roll is a delicious roll recipe made from Radish. Make a chilla of radish and potato with gram flour and few spices. Once it is done, roll it and cut into pieces. Serve with your favorite chutney.

Radish Roll

7 Instant Radish Relish

Instant Radish Relish, also known as Mooli ka achaar is an instant fix for an accompaniment. It is prepared within minutes. Just add radish, lemon juice, ginger, chilies, carrom seeds, kalonji, salt, and castor sugar. Mix them and let them settle for ten minutes.

Instant Radish Relish

8 Mooli Corn Saga

Mooli Corn Saga is a delicious dish prepared during winters. It is prepared with radish and its leaves. In a pan, add radish and its leaves. Add corns and other spices. Cook till mooli turns tender. Serve hot with Makkiki Roti.

Mooli Corn Saga

9 Radish Leaves Chutney

We usually toss the leaves when we cook radish. The leaves are edible and full of nutrients. Here, radish leaves chutney is another delicious from Radish. Heat a pan, and add cumin seeds, chilies, and tamarind. Add the leaves and cook well. Cool the mixture. Blend it into a fine paste and serve with steamed rice.

Radish Leaves Chutney

10 Urad Dal with Radish

Adding radish to urad dal gives the basic dal a new twist. Just cut radish into small round pieces. Heat oil and temper the jeera seeds. Add radish and other spices. Add the boiled dal and sugar. Simmer till it boils well.

Urad Dal with Radish

11 Methi MooliMakkikiPuri

Methi Mooli Makki ki Puri is a simple dish that can be made with Radish. Roll a dough of maize flour with methi and grated radish. Make the puris and fry till they turn golden.

Methi MooliMakkikiPuri

12 Mooli Lachcha

Mooli Lachcha acts a salad with your dish. Just grate radish and add the relevant spices, and you are good to go.

Mooli Lachcha

13 Mooli ki Kachori

Give your kachoris a new twist with grated radish. Grate the mooli and cook it with salt for a few minutes. Add cumin seeds, rice flour, coriander leaves, and chili to make a dough. Make small balls and cut with a cookie cutter to make kachoris. Fry them till they turn golden brown.

Mooli ki Kachori

14 Mooli PattaDhokli

Mooli Patta Dhokli is another variant prepared with radish leaves. Make a dough with gram flour and spices. Roll out a thin sheet and cut into small squares. Heat oil in a pan, add oil and cumin seeds. Add the radish leaves and spices. Add the cut-out squares and cook well.

Mooli PattaDhokli

15 Radish Leaves Bhurji

Radish Leaves Bhurji is probably the easiest dish that one can prepare. Heat some oil and add cumin seeds and onions. Add the spices. Add chopped radish and radish leaves. Your dish is ready.

Radish Leaves Bhurji

16 Radish Palyam

Radish Palyam is a mixture of boiled radish and grated coconut. Cook and boil the radish. Add grated coconut and mix the seasoning of urad dal and red chili.

Radish Palyam’

17 Radish and Flax Seed Salad

Give your traditional salad a twist by using radish and flax seeds. Whisk lemon juice and salt in mustard oil. Dry roast radish, and it’s leaves in a pan. Add the dressing and serve.

Radish and Flax Seed Salad

18 Mooli ka Halwa

We might not consider Radish as a sweet dish, but who knew one could make a halwa out of it? Grate the radish and squeeze out the excess water. Cook it in milk until the milk dries up. Add ghee, sugar, dry fruits, and elaichi powder. Cook well.

Mooli ka Halwa

19 Radish Rava Barfi

Radish Rava Barfi is another sweet dish made out of Radish leaves. Boil the leaves. Grind coconut and radish leaves. Fry the Rava in ghee and add cardamom powder, salt, milk, and the mixture of radish and coconut. Add milk powder when it becomes thick. When the mixture becomes hard, cool it down and make barfi.

Radish Rava Barfi

20 Pineapple and MooliKuchumbar

Pineapple and Mooli Kuchumbar is a fuss-free salad with radish, onions, pineapples, cucumber, and coriander leaves. Add spices like pepper, chaat masala, salt, lemon juice, and olive oil and you’re done.